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25 Great Spots for Brunch In Lisbon

Eating brunch in Lisbon is a tasty way to start any day of the week in Portugal’s capital. But which are the top Lisbon brunch spots? Discover more than 20 contenders for the title of best brunch in Lisbon.

French Toast at Royal Rawness in Lisbon

Many visitors to Portugal want to eat a Pastel de Nata or another Portuguese dessert every morning. We get that and did the same during our first visit to Portugal too.

However, since we’ve lived in Portugal for more than three years, we’ve dug deeper into the Lisbon food scene and have embraced the city’s burgeoning Brunch Lisboa scene. Yes, Lisbon has joined the global brunch movement.

Discover our favorite things to eat and drink in Portugal.

Egg Sandwich at Dedes at The Gladstone in Lisbon
Our Piripiri Scramble at Cafe Dede’s was a beauty with three scrambled eggs, leeks, mushroom, piri piri oil and parmesan cheese.

With menus featuring avocado toast and omelettes, Lisbon cafes serve breakfast and brunch all over the city. Just other European cities like Amsterdam, Hamburg and Paris, Lisbon has dozens of cafes specializing in the best meal of the day.

However, unique brunch options abound for those who dig deep into the brunches Lisboa scene. After all, Lisbon is in Portugal as opposed to the Netherlands or Germany.

Eggs Bennedict at Oui Mai Non in Lisbon
Lisbon restaurants like Oui Mais Non serve breakfast food for lunch and vice versa.

Sure, it would be easy to skip brunch in Lisbon and eat that Pastel de Nata instead. However, Lisboa pastelarias serve fresh Pasteis de Nata all day long. In other words, you can eat brunch or breakfast in Lisbon and enjoy a Pastel de Nata later that same day.

Read our Lisbon Pastel de Nata guide if you’re overwhelmed by the city’s gazillion pastelarias.

Eating Brunch In Lisbon

Pancakes at Flora and Fauna in Lisbon
Brunch is serious business in Lisbon as demonstrated by this epic pile of salty pancakes at Flora and Fauna.

Eating brunch is one of the most popular things to do in Lisbon.

Crowds of locals, ex-pats and food travelers pack cafes throughout the city in order to satiate their brunch fix. While some ‘eat for the insta’, savvy diners care more about eating great food.

Sweet Pancakes at Dear Breakfast in Lisbon
Not all pancakes in Lisbon are salty. These sweet pancakes we ate at Dear Breakfast lived up to their name thanks to the addition of caramel sauce and sliced bananas.

Considering the prevalence of eggs and sugar in the Portuguese cuisine, the city provides a great match for globally popular dishes like Pancakes, Eggs Benedict and French Toast (pain perdu). The key is to know where to eat the best brunch in Lisbon.

Our Favorite Lisbon Brunch Spots

Breakfast Burrito at Cotidiano in Lisbon
Not your typical breakfast burrito, this bulging beauty at Cotidiano came loaded with scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, bacon, mozzarella and black beans.

Not to brag but we’ve eaten a lot of brunches Lisboa (i.e. Lisbon brunches) since we moved to Lisbon in early 2019. How many? Enough that we’re unofficial Lisbon brunch experts.

Our favorite places for brunch in Lisbon run the gamut from cute and cozy to modern and expansive. Some serve crafted specialty coffee drinks while others offer outdoor seating. We typically avoid restaurants that vie for the status of ‘most instagrammable brunch in Lisbon’ since that’s not our thing.

French Omelet and Flat White at Liberty Cafe Lisbon
Some of our favorite Lisbon brunches pair good food and good coffee. We enjoyed this pair at Liberty.

Some of the best Lisbon brunch spots serve familiar brunch favorites. Others specialize in dishes specific to Portugal or its South American brother, Brazil. And, in a surprising turn of events, many serve photogenic plates that also taste great.

When you’re looking to combine breakfast and lunch in Lisbon, we recommend starting at the following brunch-friendly cafes:

1. Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood Lisbon in Lisbo
Neighbourhood has quickly become a fixture in Lisbon’s Santos neighborhood.

We first discovered Neighbourhood when Reuben at The Mill (see below) told us about the newest coffee shop in the neighborhood. How could we resist an Australian-owned cafe where baristas pull expertly executed ristretto espresso shots? We couldn’t.

Breakfast Burrito at Neighbourhood in Lisbon
Eating this Breakfast Burrito at Neighbourhood made us happy.

In those early days (circa November 2019), we didn’t know that Neighbourhood’s outdoor tables would become so desirable during the global pandemic. We also didn’t know that the coffee shop would eventually serve superb Breakfast Burritos that appease our unrequited cravings for good Mexican food in Lisbon.

Since Neighbourhood’s owners are from Australia via London, it only makes sense that the cafe would have avocado toast on the menu. But this cafe’s version takes the brunch staple one step farther by adding jalapeños for an extra kick of heat. Other dishes like Carnitas Benedict and Moroccan Eggs are great too.

Pro Tip
Follow Neighbourhood on social media to find out about the cafe’s pop-up dinners. Past pop-up have featured food from Korea, Mexico and Vietnam.

Neighbourhood is located at Largo do Conde Barão 25, 1200-163 Lisboa, Portugal.

2. Rhodo Bagels

Owner at Rhodo Bagels in Lisbon
Lindy Reid is the heart and soul behind the Rhodo Bagels. She’s also the chief bagel roller.

Rhodo Bagels has filled the hole that we’ve lamented about time and again – the dearth of good bagels in Lisbon. Originally a pop-up for those in the know, Lindy Reid, Rhodo’s owner, is now operating a full-on cafe that specializes in bagel sandwiches, specialty coffee and homemade cookies. And, now, everybody is welcome at her bagel party.

We can’t over-emphasize the joy we felt when we first walked into the cafe and saw its funky decor and a busy kitchen pumping out bagels. And, by pumping bagels, we mean hand rolling slowly fermented dough and baking them on site. Current flavors include cheddar & jalapeno, cinnamon raisin, everything, plain, poppy and sesame seed.

Trout Roe Bagle at Rhodo Bagels in Lisbon
Toppings like trout roe and house-made chili crisp made this bagel sandwich brunch worthy.

Are these authentic New York bagels? No, they are not, and that’s okay. These are Lisbon bagels with the requisite crunch, chew and density that channel the spirit of American bagels. Reid grew up in New Hampshire and, like us, has traveled through more than a few countries including a long stint in Chiang Mai. (She channels her love of Thailand by serving Thai iced tea.)

Rhodo is not cheap – a dozen bagels currently cost 26€ and sandwiches range from 8.50€ to 14€ (prices subject to change). But we think the prices are worth it for bagels in a city known more for bifanas and bacalhau.

Brunch at Rhodo Bagels in Lisbon
Rhodo Bagels is a happy place for bagel lovers in Lisbon. Pictured here are a Lox sandwich and a Ricotta sandwich that we ate at the Lisbon bagel cafe.

Those who choose to eat brunch at Rhodo Bagels are in for a treat. While brunchers on a budget can add a schmear to their bagels, we prefer to splurge on the cafe’s bagel sandwiches. Traditional Lox sandwich aside, Rhodo’s sandwiches (served open face) feature unique ingredients like homemade chili crisp, marinated oyster mushrooms and smokey carrots. Many are vegetarian-friendly.

Adding a specialty coffee crafted with locally roasted Olisipo beans and a freshly baked lemon curd poppy seed cookie turns the bagel sandwich into a meal. Or, as we see it, it becomes brunch, i.e. the best meal of the day.

Pro Tip
Order a glass of natural wine or a Thai iced tea if you’re not a coffee drinker.

Rhodo Bagels is located at Rua da Boavista 178, 1200-177 Lisboa.

3. Monka Café

Manager at Monka Cafe in Lisbon
Seeing Ewelina Kaszuba’s smiling face is a great way to start the day in Lisbon.

Monka Café doesn’t serve pancakes, waffles or breakfast burritos. And, yet, this tiny Estrella cafe soared toward the top of our Lisbon brunch favorites after being open for just a couple months.

While this development might sound quick, it’s no surprise to us. After all, the owners of Monka Café operate our favorite Lisbon bread bakery, Monka Bakery, located just a few blocks from the cafe.

Arthur Kurasawa Resti and Ewelina Kaszuba hail from Brazil and Poland respectively. But, to us, they’re the essence of what’s exciting about the burgeoning Lisbon culinary scene.

Resti’s extreme passion for baking shines through in every artisan boule and morning bun that he bakes. As for Kaszuba, she’s the essence of hospitality and makes us feel welcome every time we walk though Monka’s doors.

And, as a bonus, their passion for specialty coffee parallels our own. They’ve invested in a La Marzocco espresso machine and are currently sourcing beans from Buraca, a local specialty coffee roaster.

Brunch at Monka Cafe in Lisbon
Monka Café serves real food instead of red velvet pancakes. We’re okay with that. In fact, we prefer it this way.

The brunch menu at Monka Café is compact with a focus on Resti’s wonderful baked goods.

Highlight items include the cafe’s tartines served on sourdough bread. Mindi’s favorite tartine comes topped with sliced tomatoes, labneh, olive oil and chives while Daryl keeps ordering the tartine topped with eggs, cured ham, pickles, spicy cream and micro greens.

Egg Sandwich at Monka Cafe in Lisbon
Eating bread topped with bacon and eggs is a good idea when the bread is sourdough and the eggs are poached.

We were ready to add the new Lisbon brunch spot to our guide after our first visit during Monka Café’s soft opening. But we waited until they were ready.

Are they ready now? We certainly hope so. Actually, after returning multiple times, we know so.

Pro Tip
Don’t skip Resti’s pastries when you eat brunch at Monka Café. You can buy one or two to eat later if you’re full from eating brunch.

Monka Café is located at Rua de Buenos Aires 28A, 1200-625 Lisboa, Portugal.

4. Instant Crunch

Patio at Instant Crunch in Lisbon
The terrace at Instant Crunch is an oasis in Lisbon’s Principe Real neighborhood.

Despite its name, don’t expect to gobble granola when you do brunch at Instant Crunch. While Instant Crunch does indeed have granola on its menu, the better plan is to linger on the terrace while eating more substantial dishes.

Owners Yoann Guiraud and Anastasia Leportier channeled their French heritage when they developed the Instant Crunch concept as well as the restaurant’s quirky name. Not only do they serve crêpes but crunch is a play on crêpes + brunch.

Crepe at Instant Crunch in Lisbon
We couldn’t resist ordering this breakfast crêpe at Instant Crunch since it’s a signature brunchdish.

A few of Instant Crunch’s brunch dishes are French. Other dishes have global roots in countries like Belgium and Greece. Some dishes are even vegan.

We went the French route by ordering the signature Instant Crunch dish – a cheesy, eggy, meaty buckwheat crêpe served with roasted potatoes and fruit salad. We also ‘traveled’ to Greece by ordering the YaYa’s Corner that came with Feta Bouyourdi, toasted focaccia, Greek salad, Greek yogurt and the aformentioned granola.

Feta Dish at Instant Crunch in Lisbon
Instant Crunch’s brunch version of Feta Bouyourdi features an organic egg along with a mixture of feta, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, oregano and garlic.

In retrospect we ordered too much food – if there’s such a thing when it comes to brunch. And, to be honest, Daryl’s coffee wasn’t so great.

However, we’ll happily return to Instant Crunch and take advantage of the cafe’s highly shareable brunch menu. We’ll also order two smoothies since, unlike Daryl’s coffee, Mindi’s Exotic Second smoothie blended with mango, pineapple, orange juice and lime was delish.

Pro Tip
Instant Crunch is a lovely spot for sharing tapas dishes with friends in the evening.

Instant Crunch is located at Rua da Mãe de Água 9, 1250-154 Lisboa.

5. Dear Breakfast

Dear Breakfast Alfama - Dining Room with Arched Ceiling
Eating brunch in Lisbon is both trendy and fun as we experienced in Dear Breakfast’s spacious Alfama dining room.

Dear Breakfast serves breakfast and brunch all day, every day, in cafes located in Bica, Chiado and Alfama. The original cafe opened in Bica in 2017 while our favorite in Alfama opened four years later.

Feeling hungry? Dear Breakfast offers a complete brunch menu that includes both coffee and a cocktail. Currently priced at 20€, that brunch should fill you up until dinner. If not, you can stop for a Pastel de Nata break in the afternoon. As for us, we typically opt for Dear Breakfast’s à la carte menu.

Royal Brunch at Dear Breakfast in Lisbon
While Dear Breakfast’s Egg Royal dish didn’t make us feel like royalty, it did make us both full and happy.

While we like Dear Breakfast’s sweet and salty pancakes, our favorite dishes are Dear Breakfast’s Eggs Royal with poached eggs, brioche, salmon and hollandaise sauce and its Healthy Racheros with fried eggs, tortilla, avocado, tomato sauce, black beans and feta cheese.

However, we agree to disagree about the pickled red onions generously added to both of these dishes. Mindi likes them. Daryl would like LESS of them.

Pro Tip
Request a table next to a window when you dine at Dear Breakfast’s Alfama location. You’ll be able to see trams ramble by as you eat your brunch.

Dear Breakfast has multiple restaurants in Lisbon. We usually break bread at the Alfama restaurant located at Largo de Santo António da Sé 16, 1100-499 Lisboa, Portugal.

6. Liberty Cafe

Inside Liberty Cafe Lisbon
Liberty doubles as a brunch spot and coffee shop except when its operating a book shop and natural wine bar.

Despite its status as one of the newer Lisbon brunch spots, Liberty feels like its been its Madragoa neighborhood for a while. Locals stream into the narrow cafe, warmly greeting owner Nikita Pirokgov and his team of capable coffee professionals. Yes, this brunch spot doubles as a specialty coffee shop.

As for us, we were pleased to see Pirokgov and reconnect with Musa Magwaza who we knew from his tenure at Simpli. We were also jazzed to see the cafe’s walls, one which was filled with gorgeous books and another lined with bottles of natural wine.

Syrniki at Liberty Cafe Lisbon
Eating Liberty’s Syrniki dish brought back memories of eating blintzes we ate when we were kids.

Liberty’s brunch menu, while filled with the usual brunch cliches, offers some distinct differences. Yes, it has the obligatory avocado toast, but this kitchen adds edamame and slightly salted cucumber to the iconic open faced brunch sandwich. Order it if you must but give the full menu a peek first.

Some dishes like Syrniki, small Eastern European pancakes made with cottage cheese and served with baked pears and creamy boiled condensed milk, reminded us of cheese blintzes we encountered during our childhood. It’s a sweet dish that doubles as a meal.

Breakfast Burger at Liberty Cafe Lisbon
Liberty’s breakfast burger proves that you don’t need Canadian bacon to make a great breakfast sandwich.

Then there are the cafe’s French omelettes which can be enhanced with add-ons like guacamole, crispy chicken and red caviar. However, doing so is not a required splurge. Daryl declared his plain omelette be better than the ones he cooks at home. A high compliment indeed.

However, the cafe’s most interesting dish may be its Breakfast Burger. Filled with beef, cheddar cheese and a fried egg, it reminded us of Big Macs we’ve previously eaten at American fast food restaurants. Not surprisingly, the kitchen nailed the condiments including a sauce not so different from Russian dressing (no pun intended).

Pro Tip
Don’t hesitate to order a flat white or pour over unless you’re more in the mood for a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Liberty Cafe is located at Rua da Esperança 21, 1200-815 Lisboa, Portugal.

7. Tomorrow At 9 Cafe

Inside Tomorrow at Nine in Lisbon
Tomorrow at 9 Cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating for those who partake in its all-day brunch menu.

We’re not sure who eats brunch at nine in the morning in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital isn’t exactly an ‘early bird gets the worm’ kind of city even during the week. Plus, brunch is typically a meal that we like to eat later like at 11am or even noon.

However, we’d be willing to take a short trek to the Avenida Novas neighborhood to eat an early brunch at Tomorrow at 9 Cafe. Open since May of 2023, the sprawling cafe serves eclectic brunch dishes and specialty coffee all day every day. That coffee is solid – baristas crafted coffee with beans sourced from Berlin‘s The Barn and ParisKawa during our most recent visit.

Brunch at Tomorrow at Nine in Lisbon
We didn’t miss the meat when we unintentionally ordered these two meat-free brunch dishes at Tomorrow at 9 Cafe.

Expect to eat well at Tomorrow at 9 Cafe whether you order a (not so) simple breakfast featuring sourdough bread, boiled eggs, avocado, cheese marmalade and butter or a big breakfast that pairs poached eggs with bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese sauce and hash browns.

We didn’t go simple or big during our most recent brunch. Instead, Daryl ordered a veggie-laden kimchi omelette while Mindi fulfilled her halloumi dreams by ordering a dish featuring scrambled eggs, grilled halloumi, sourdough bread, avocado, salad and hummus. We’re not kidding. Her dish was literally called halloumi dream.

Pro Tip
Don’t feel like you have to eat brunch at Tomorrow at 9 Cafe at 9am on the dot. Despite its name, this brunch-focused cafe opens at 8am every day of the week.

Tomorrow at 9 Cafe is located at Rua Viriato 9B, 1050-227 Lisboa, Portugal.

8. Cotidiano

Cotidiano in Lisbon
Cotidiano’s prime location is convenient for both locals and visitors.

Despite seeing lines forming every day outside Cotidiano, we were reluctant to rush to eat at the Baixa eatery until we moved to the neighborhood in 2021. As it turns out, Cotidiano is one of the best brunch spots in Lisbon and a personal favorite.

Located around the corner from Praça do Comércio and next to one of Lisbon’s most beautiful buildings, Cotidiano is directly across the street from an active 28 tram stop. We must have caught the infamous tram at that stop 100 times before we went inside the cosy brunch spot on a whim.

We quickly realized that Cotidiano gets the concept of American pancakes. Seeing a plate piled high with fluffy hotcakes and served with a generous amount of maple syrup was a shocker since both are rarities in Lisbon. Eating the syrup-soaked pancake stack was a pleasure that we have since repeated.

Beyond pancakes, Cotidiano’s menu features a range of breakfast, brunch and lunch favorites. Popular dishes include pink Eggs Benedict with an optional sided of smoked salmon and a range of Smoothie Bowls.

We’re fans of both the Berry Recovery Smoothie made with almond milk and the Breakfast Burrito loaded with scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, bacon, mozzarella cheese and black beans. But the pancakes win the prize with their range of possible toppings including Nutella, fruit, bacon, eggs and peanut butter.

Contidiano translates to daily. While we wouldn’t want to eat here every day, we’d be happy to eat here once a week. Maybe its name should be Semanal (i.e. weekly) instead.

Pro Tip
Order one of Cotidiano’s multi-course ‘Brunch Addict’ combos if you’re really hungry or want to try more than one dish.

Cotidiano is located at Rua do Crucifixo 2, 1100-183 Lisboa, Portugal.

9. Flat Cafe

Owner of Flat Cafe in Lisbon
Varvara Kroz runs Flat Cafe with a friendly smile and attention to detail.

Flat Cafe isn’t a typical brunch spot in Lisbon and we like that. Instead of serving American-style dishes, this cosy Bica spot serves dishes inspired by Scandinavia and Russia.

Varvara Kroz hails from St. Petersburg which explains the Russian connection. It’s also why trying dishes like Potato Pancakes is a must. Served with house cured beet-cured salmon and herbaceous cream cheese, the jazzed up Belarusian dish is a winner.

Potato Pancakes at Flat Cafe in Lisbon
Our potato pancakes arrived with beet-cured salmon, herb cream cheese and a mixed salad.

But why Scandinavia? Kroz confided in us that she connected to the Nordic region during her travels and has an affinity to open-faced sandwiches like the ones we ate in Copenhagen. During our most recent visit, her menu offered seven different smórrebrod options with varied toppings like gravlax, shrimp, octopus and roast beef.

Discover more Danish food favorites.

For us, though, there was no question of which smórrebrod to order – tuna tartare. This particular smórrebrod called out to Mindi and she’s glad she responded. The well-seasoned sandwich was a joy to eat as was the fresh spinach salad that filled the plate.

Tuna Tartare Smorrebrod at Flat Cafe in Lisbon
Topped with mashed avocado and tuna tartare, this smørrebrod came with a side of spinach salad.

Don’t worry if you’d rather eat traditional brunch food. Flat Cafe’s menu includes dishes like homemade granola and oatmeal as well as Salade Nicoise. On the weekend, the cafe offers a multi-plate brunch combo, a great deal that includes both orange juice and excellent coffee.

Kroz is as obsessed with specialty coffee as we are and currently sources her beans from 80plus in Barcelona. While our flat whites weren’t the most beautiful we’ve imbibed in Lisbon, they met our high coffee standards and daily caffeine needs. We’ll just call it a case of brains over beauty, something we place a higher value on in both coffee and in life.

Pro Tip
Flat Cafe serves both vegetarian and gluten free dishes.

Flat Cafe is located at Tv. do Cabral 36, 1200-075 Lisboa, Portugal.

10. Heim Cafe

Dining Room at Heim Cafe in Lisbon
Heim Cafe is a neighborhood cafe that we wish was in our neighborhood.

Heim Cafe has a colorful menu. Literally.

This cozy Madragoa spot separates its food and drinks by color – green, yellow, red and blue for brunch combos and pink, green and yellow for the smoothies. Natural wine is no exception with options including red, white, green, rose and orange.

Picky eaters or those on a budget can order a la carte dishes instead. Fitting into both of these categories during our visit, we ordered two plates plus glasses of fresh orange juice to wash it all down.

During your visit, expect to eat modern dishes like Quinoa Fritters, ‘Panwiches’ and Avocado Toast. The ‘Something Good’ dish features fried halloumi – something we rarely pass on when we see it on a menu.

Pro Tip
Heim Cafe offers limited outdoor seating if you prefer to eat your brunch in the fresh air.

Heim Cafe is located at Rua Santos-O-Velho 2 e 4, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal.

11. Fauna & Flora

Dining Room at Flora and Fauna in Lisbon
Lisbon’s Fauna & Flora has more than its fair share of greenery (i.e. fauna and flora).

Brunch fans have another happy place in the Madragoa neighborhood – airy, plant-filled Fauna & Flora. Open since late 2017, this lively Lisbon cafe serves a range of sweet and savory options as well as beverages that start with Portuguese coffee and end with global cocktails.

Not near Madragoa and feeling lazy? The popular brunchery has a second Lisbon location in Anjos if that’s more convenient to where you’re staying.

Fauna & Flora’s fun menu features a staggering number of brunch and ‘brinner’ choices ranging from smoothie bowls and pancakes to rice bowls and burgers.

Pro Tip
Order a salmon, bacon or vegan nest with two baked avocado halves and a kataifi nest if you’re feeling adventurous.

Fauna & Flora has two Lisbon locations. We typically eat brunch at the spot located at Rua da Esperança 33, 1200-655 Lisboa, Portugal.

12. Thank You Mama Café

Thank You Mama Exterior in Lisbon
Anna Santos leads the charge at Thank You Mama Café in Lisbon’s Anjos neighborhood.

Open since September of 2020, Thank You Mama Café is a Lisbon cafe that serves two of our favorite things – freshly baked bagels and specialty coffee. In many cities, this wouldn’t be a big deal. However, good bagels don’t exactly grow on trees in Lisbon. (See Rodos above.)

Thank You Mama’s compact menu features a variety of bagel options. Some bagels are simply topped with cream cheese or peanut butter while others feature ingredients like hummus and avocado. We’re partial to the cafe’s Salmon Simon sandwich.

Coffee and Bagels at Thank You Mama in Lisbon
Bagels sandwiches and flat whites are a match made in brunch heaven.

Owner Anna Santos has gone all in with Barcelona-based Nomad as she did when she was a partner at Buna. Her current Lisbon cafe serves crafted espresso drinks as well as refreshing cold brew beverages, all using Nomad beans. This makes us happy too.

Pro Tip
Save room for a slice of babka. The sweet Jewish bread is the cafe’s signature dessert.

Thank You Mama Café is located at Rua do Forno do Tijolo 9A, 1170-132 Lisboa, Portugal.

13. The Mill

Dining Room at The Mill in Lisbon
The Mill is an OG Lisbon brunch spot in the São Bento neighborhood near Bairro Alto.

The Mill is a bit of a hybrid.

Originally from Australia, this cafe’s owners serve an ‘Australian-Portuguese’ menu with a focus on specialty coffee and brunch food. This is a spot where avocados and piri piri peppers co-exist in culinary harmony.

We first ate brunch at The Mill in 2018 when we were thinking about moving to Lisbon, one of the best food cities in Portugal. Once we made the big move a few months later, we proceeded to frequent the São Bento cafe enough times that we knew each staff member by name.

The Mill’s compact menu includes toasties, bowls and plates featuring ingredients like chouriço, goat cheese and kale. The menu has changed a few times over the past couple years, but the food remains consistently good.

Compared to other brunch spots, prices are moderate and flavors are tight. On a recent visit we enjoyed wonderful fritters filled with sweet corn, topped with avocado and served with an optional side of smoked salmon.

True confession – sometimes we go to The Mill just for flat whites. The staff roasts a range of global single sourced beans at a roastery in nearby Santos. These flat whites provide a nice afternoon pick-me-up after traversing the city’s endless, undulating, cobblestone calçadas.

Pro Tip
Buy a bag of beans to brew later. If you don’t have access to a grinder, the barista should be able to grind the beans for you upon request.

The Mill is located at R. do Poço dos Negros 1, 1200-335 Lisboa, Portugal.

14. The Folks

Flat White at The Folks in Lisbon
The coffee program at The Folks is as important as the brunch program. We drank this flat white while sitting next to the cafe’s open window, adjacent to the Lisbon calçada.

When The Folks opened in Baixa in 2022, the cafe had the goal of blending brunch and specialty coffee in a singular concept. Considering the constant flow of folks that continue to visit the original cafe and The Folks’ expansion into other Lisbon neighborhoods, it’s fair to say that the concept is a success.

It probably helped that Baixa didn’t have an overabundance of specialty coffee shops when The Folks opened its doors. While that situation is rapidly changing, The Folks remains popular with folks who don’t want to compromise on coffee quality when they chow down on dishes like overnight oatmeal, eggs Bennedict and sweet pancakes after a night on the town.

Pancakes at The Folks in Lisbon
Move over syrup! The Folks topped our pancakes with whipped mascarpone, fresh orange, pistachio and frozen raspberry drops.

While the original concept hasn’t changed at The Folks, its brunch menu has been edited and refined since the cafe opened. The octopus hot dog is no longer on the menu and the mascarpone pancakes dish no longer includes fresh oranges as a topping. The coffee menu has also evolved to include new drinks like cold brew topped with rose foam.

We’re okay with these changes so long as we can drink well-crafted flat whites when we partake in the cafe’s trendy brunch menu. And that, we’re pleased to report, is something that has not changed.

Pro Tip
Order a taster set with espresso, filtered coffee and a cappuccino if you’re in need of extra caffeine during your brunch at The Folks.

The Folks has multiple locations. We typically visit the cafe located at Rua dos Sapateiros 111, 1100-619 Lisboa, Portugal.


BLOOM Lisbon Dining Room
BLOOM’s compact dining room features a fun design replete with tropical wallpaper, funky light fixtures and velvet banquettes.

When we speak of things blooming in Lisbon, we’re typically referring to the purple jacaranda trees that sprout each spring. Occasionally, we’re referring to globally-inspired brunch at BLOOM instead.

Located in Lisbon’s Alcântara neighborhood, BLOOM offers iconic brunch dishes like eggs benedict and avocado toast. However, the brunchery’s menu expands to include American burgers, Brazilian açaí bowls, Thai tom-yum soup, Japanese ramen and Israeli shakshouka.

Cheesy waffles, the standout dish during our brunch, comes topped with a mishmash of scrambled eggs, avocado, wilted spinach, candied bacon and sun-dried tomatoes. BLOOM also offers savory black waffles topped with cream cheese, cured salmon and arugula as well as sweet churro waffles topped with cinnamon sugar and salted sugar.

Disclosure – We found the texture of the candied bacon to be weird. Then again, we’re spoiled after eating praline bacon in New Orleans.

Pro Tip
Don’t hesitate to order coffee with your brunch. BLOOM was serving a special blend from Roastberry Coffee Lab, one of the city’s best specialty coffee roasters, at the time of our most recent visit.

BLOOM is located at Calçada Pampulha 42, 1200-753 Lisboa, Portugal.

16. Cafe Dede’s

Pao de Queijo at Dedes at The Gladstone in Lisbon
We like to add a few drops of Cafe Dede’s special piri piri sauce to dishes like this Pao de Queio (Brazilian cheese bread). Kapow!

Agne “Dede” Costa and Rhi Pulford hail from Brazil and Austalia respectively. Now that they live in Lisbon, the creative duo serves global dishes prepared with local ingredients at Cafe Dede’s in Lapa.

And not just any local ingredients. This cafe sources bread from Gleba, natural wine from Senhor Uva and specialty coffee beans from 7g Roaster.

Costa and Pulford traveled the world before settling in Lisbon. Dishes like Okonomiyaki and Korean BBQ Jackfruit Burgers showcase flavors they discovered during their culinary travels.

With two locations, including a space in the upscale Gladstone building next to leafy Jardim da Estrela, Cafe Dede’s is a great spot to start your day. The combination of tasty food and quality specialty coffee is a winner.

Pro Tip
Go big and order Dede’s full brunch. The meal comes with a main dish, banana bread, orange juice and coffee or tea.

Cafe Dede’s has two Lisbon locations. The original cafe is located at Rua de Sant’Ana à Lapa 33, 1200-796 Lisboa, Portugal.

17. Brick Cafe

Brick Cafe Lisboa in Lisbon
Brick Cafe’s comfortable setting includes a brick wall and chalkboard menu.

Comfortable Brick Cafe, just down the hill from Graça in Intendente, offers an excellent brunch value.

First time visitors won’t leave hungry after eating the cafe’s all-inclusive brunch menu. Served all day long, this hearty meal includes a croissant, bread, chocolate salami, a trio of cheeses, ham and salad plus two drinks (one hot and one cold). If you think that sounds like a lot of food, you’re correct.

We each ordered the full brunch during our visit and added sides of bacon and smoked salmon. When we return, we’ll be more selective and order a la carte dishes like filled croissants and Greek yogurt unless we’re feeling particularly peckish.

Brunch at Brick Cafe Lisboa in Lisbon
Brick Cafe’s brunch for two fueled us until dinner.

Brick Cafe serves salads and burgers for those not in the mood for traditional brunch food. Be sure to check the menu next to the brick wall to discover the daily soup and dish of the day before you order.

Pro Tip
Order a croissant with lemon curd or nutella for a sweet start to your day. Though not at the level of Parisian pastries, Brick’s French style croissants are the best we’ve found in Lisbon so far.

Brick Cafe is located at Rua de Moçambique 2, 1170-245 Lisboa, Portugal.

18. Nicolau

Drinks at Nicolau in Lisbon
We don’t always drink coffee. Sometimes we drink fruity beverages instead. Pictured here are lemonade with mint and orange juice with beet and ginger.

Located near Lisbon’s main square, Praça do Comércio, Nicolau is a great spot to kick off a day of touring. It’s also a good spot for a leisurely meal with friends on a lazy Lisbon Saturday.

You’ll have a couple big decisions when you eat brunch at Nicolau starting with where to eat. Choices include sitting inside the insta-cute cafe or outside on the cafe’s expansive terrace. Either way, a queue is practically guaranteed at this popular Baixa brunch spot.

The harder decision will be narrowing down the urban cafe’s food choices.

Perhaps you’ll want to go traditional with pancakes or french toast. Or maybe you’ll want to eat healthier with a salad or an açai smoothie

The cafe also offers desserts like carrot cake and brownies which are good options… unless you already ate red velvet pancakes for brunch. This decadent dish doubles as a dessert.

Pro Tip
Turn your brunch plate into a brunch feast. Nicolau’s brunch combo includes fresh orange juice, yogurt with fruit and homemade granola OR pancakes, eggs of your choice and coffee or tea. Potential upgrades include fruit, avocado, smoked salmon, cappuccinos and mimosas.

Nicolau is located at Rua de São Nicolau 17, 1100-547 Lisboa, Portugal. The cafe has a second location in Porto.

19. Marquise

Atrium and patio at Marquise in Lisbon
Marquise offers a stylish spot for brunch and conversation.

Located inside the Mobler concept store in Lisbon’s Principe Real neighborhood, Marquise is a happy place for three types of people…

Shoppers can shop for contemporary art pieces while those with a sweet tooth stock up on pastries at Marquise’s in-house bakery. Then there are brunch fans who just chill out on the patio and eat international dishes.

We fall into all three categories.

Turkish Eggs at Marquise in Lisbon
Marquise served us Turkish Eggs over homemade naan bread and garnished them with poppy seeds.

We can’t say that we love the food or coffee at Marquise.

During our most recent brunch, the cafe’s francesinha-like gimmick of stuffing ‘wurst’ sausage inside our Croque Monsieur overcomplicated the sandwich’s solid base of ingredients. Meanwhile, our Mushroom Ajillo appetizer, with way too thin mushrooms swimming in a watery, soupy sauce, was nothing like the classic Portuguese dish made with shrimp and a whole lot of garlic.

We also didn’t enjoy our cappuccino crafted with ‘old school’ over-roasted coffee beans. We’re just not fans of Flor da Selva despite the the local roaster’s romantic multi-generation coffee operation.

Croque Monsieur with Wurst sausage from Marquise
Playfully called a ‘Croque Marquise’, this stuffed sandwich proves that less is more concept.

However, the cafe’s atmosphere and bakery are solid enough to justify future brunch sessions and bread purchases. The key is to order wisely with a focus on Marquise’s wonderful baked goods which rank among the best in the city.

We’re excited about Lisbon’s rapidly emerging bread baking scene and Marquise’s baked good will have us coming back for more.

Pro Tip
Buy a loaf of bread or a few croissants before you eat brunch at Marquise. The popular bakery, one of the best in Lisbon, could sell out before you finish your meal.

Marquise is located at Rua Nova da Piedade 33, 1200-296 Lisboa, Portugal.

20. Oui Mais Non

Oui Mais Non in Lisbon
The space at Oui Mai Non is a stunner.

Restaurant Oui Mai Non, which enjoyed a previous life as a tearoom for the French macaron house Ladurée, has a nouveaux beaux-arts French decor and pink walls accented by Warhol-esque portraits. Its brunch menu has similar daring touches with its combination of traditional egg dishes as well as a range of cuisine inspired by countries like India and Japan.

But Oui Mai Non doesn’t stop at breakfast. It also serves an afternoon tea that includes breads, cakes and petit fours. And, in a nod to the space’s former tenant, the restaurant also serves colorful macarons and other French pastries.

Baby Dutch Pancake at Oui Mais Non in Lisbon
Oh Baby! Oui Mais Non’s Baby Dutch Pancakes is a show stopper.

Assuming you say ‘oui’ to brunch, Oui Mai Non offers three complete options – Short & Sweet (currently 12€ and similar to a continental breakfast), Brunch Lovers (currently 18€ for a short detox, yogurt or pancake, an egg dish and drinks) and OMN (currently 24€ for the full shebang including an additional fruit plate and a mimosa). As always, prices are subject to change.

Dipping our toes into the menu, we opted for two dishes – Eggs Benedict with bacon and Baby Dutch Pancakes with maple syrup and sliced bananas. Next time, we’ll likely try the restaurant’s Sapporo Pancakes – fluffy soufflé style discs served with a choice of toppings and sauces that include maple syrup, three kinds of chocolate, honey, salted caramel, whipped cream, dulce de leche and jam.

Pro Tip
Don’t order the Baby Dutch Pancakes if you’re in a rush. This kitchen takes 20 minutes to prepare this dish.

Oui Mais Non is located at Tivoli Fórum, Av. da Liberdade 180 Loja 5A, 1250-146 Lisboa, Portugal.

21. Lumi Rooftop

Lumi Rooftop View in Lisbon
This view is the main reason to eat brunch at Lumi Rooftop.

We get Lumi Rooftop’s brunch appeal. Its position on the top floor of the Lumiares Hotel is a prime location that offers sweeping views of the Lisbon skyline. Not only can diners gaze at the Rio Tejo while they eat pancakes and açai bowls, but they can also photograph their Mimosas with a view of terracotta rooftops.

And, yet, while the prix-fixe brunch at Lumi Rooftop is undeniably a hot brunch ticket, it’s basically a gussied up hotel buffet with a lot of food and inattentive customer service. Further, while it’s current price tag of 27€ isn’t the highest in town, its experience is more about the view than the food or the service.

We couldn’t help but notice the many happy tourists during our brunch at Lumi Rooftop. We assume that many of them were entranced by the view. We also assume that they had read and believed the hotel restaurant’s hype in magazines like Food & Wine.

Considering that its weekend brunches book up weeks in advance, Lumi Rooftop is clearly one of the most popular Lisbon brunch spots. You’ll likely love it if you love hotel buffets or if your Lisbon brunch goals include ogling the Rio Tejo and the Castelo São Jorge at the same time.

Pro Tip
Make an online brunch reservation at least two weeks in advance if you’re intent on eating at Lumi Rooftop.

Lumi Rooftop is located on the top floor of the Lumiares Hotel at Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 35, 1250-237 Lisboa, Portugal.

22. Augusto Lisboa

Dining Room at Augusto Lisboa in Lisbon
Think pink when you eat brunch at Augusto Lisboa. The floor is reminiscent of the city’s iconic Pink Street.

We must have passed by Augusto Lisboa’s pink wall a dozen times before we actually entered its doors. We never thought about going inside until friends visiting in early 2020 gave us a good report. Thanks Matt and Marie!

Once we made those extra few steps, we discovered a quirky space filled with kitschy fur chairs and a striking chandelier. Modern tiles and jungle print decorate the walls and the floor is the same shade as as Lisbon’s vivid Pink Street.

Brunch options at Augusto Lisboa skew classic but with a twist. Bowls come topped with yogurt, oat apple pear porridge or fruit. Salads entice with ingredients like Portuguese cheese, green apples and bacalhau (cod).

Avocado Egg Toast at Augusto Lisboa in Lisbon
Augusto Lisboa’s avocado toast is as tasty as it is colorful.

Avo toast goes the extra mile with the addition of scrambled eggs, homemade cream cheese and pickled carrots. It’s a colorful, tasty dish that’s different from other versions we’ve eaten in Lisbon.

We can’t comment on the coffee since we’re not fans of mass marketed beans. However, we enjoyed imbibing glasses of cinnamon-flavored water and fresh orange juice. Maybe next time we’ll opt for a crafted Porto Tonico or Caipirinha to go with our Alfama brunch instead.

Pro Tip
Walk over to the Feira da Ladra flea market after your brunch it it’s a Tuesday or Saturday. The unique Thieves’ Market is just a ten-minute walk from Augusto Lisboa. The cafe is also a short walk from the Miradouro da Graça, one of the city’s most scenic overlooks.

Augusto Lisboa is located at Rua Santa Marinha 26, 1100-491 Lisboa, Portugal.

23. Garden Balthazar Caffe

Garden Balthazar Caffe in Lisbon
No design elements were forgotten at Garden Balthazar Caffe.

The space at Garden Balthazar Caffe is big – so big that we didn’t initially see our friends when we walked into the cafe and put our names down. It turns out that they had made a reservation and were seated in the back of the cafe.

It’s also strategically decorated with a multitude of neon signs. These signs say things like “Eat Better | Be Happier | Live Longer” and “But First, Coffee” and simply demand to be photographed. Yeah, we didn’t do that though another sign saying “Friends with Benedicts” ended up in one of our photos anyway.

Decor isn’t the only reason that this 2022 entry to the Lisbon brunch scene is popular. Despite the cafe’s contrived cuteness, food is actually pretty good here. And, as a bonus, trendy brunch dishes like the Tuna Poke and Avocado Egg Toast that we ordered are served all day long.

Ironically, although Balthazar is best known for its all-day brunch, its daily plates are the best deals on the menu. Served with coffee and a drink, they’re available for both lunch and dinner.

Pro Tip
Order juice if you’re not a fan of Nespresso. If so, you’ll be better off getting a cup of specialty coffee at nearby Milkees either before or after your brunch.

Garden Balthazar Caffe is located at Rua Viriato 11A, 1050-233 Lisboa, Portugal.

24. Amélia

Amelia in Lisbon
There’s no debate that Amélia is one of the most stylish brunch spots in Lisbon.

Popular with expats looking to get their brunch on, Amélia is adorable. Its interior space looks like it could be in a movie or tv show and there’s a secret garden that’s equally picturesque. The team behind Nicolau (see above) clearly had a vision when they designed this all-day brunch spot in Campo de Ourique.

We’re not kidding when we call Amélia popular. Going without a reservation is a recipe for disappointment. The pet-friendly cafe draws a crowd every single day of the week, rain or shine.

Red Velvet Pancakes at Amelia in Lisbon
We’re not sure why Mindi ordered Red Velvet Pancakes. It wasn’t a good move despite the dish’s photogenic plating.

After dining at Amélia, we can’t call ourselves fans of its food. Daryl’s French Toast was a hot mess made with chewy supermarket bread and decorated with pale white, out-of-season strawberries while Mindi’s Red Velvet Pancakes arrived cold. Adding salt to the wound, Mindi’s smoothie was flavorless and Daryl’s flat white was brewed with commodity Delta beans.

We’ve included Amélia in this Lisbon brunch guide because of its popularity as well as its location in one of our favorite Lisbon neighborhoods. However, when it comes to eating brunch in Campo de Ourique, we’d rather eat dim sum at nearby Macau Dim Sum (see below) than food that’s clearly been prepared for instagram photos.

Pro Tip
Make a reservation if you want to eat brunch at Amélia. Otherwise, just walk to nearby Macau Dim Sum where you may bump into us.

Amélia is located at Rua Ferreira Borges 101, 1350-128 Lisboa, Portugal.

25. Zenith

Eggs Benedict with Salmon at Zenith in Lisbon
Zenith serves Eggs Benedict with two Poached eggs, avocado, chives and hollandaise sauce. We added a side of smoked salmon for good measure.

If you believe that brunch shouldn’t be limited by the clock and tastes better with a mojito, then Zenith is the spot for you. This Avenida cafe serves an all-day brunch menu in an industrial space. Plus, cocktails flow as freely as coffee.

Zenith’s menu fully embraces the brunch concept with a full slate of smoothie bowls and egg dishes. Pancake toppings run the gamut from Nutella to francesinha sauce. However, don’t go to Zenith expecting a typical American brunch. If you do, you may be disappointed.

Pancakes and Eggs at Zenith in Lisbon
Bacon and Ovo Pancakes come with cheddar cheese, chives, maple syrup and a fried egg. Other options include peanut butter, oreo and vegan pancakes.

During our Zenith brunch, we kept our pancake stack relatively simple with bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. Oddly, maple syrup was inside the pancakes as opposed to drizzled on top. However, there was nothing odd about our Eggs Benedict dish served with avocado and a side of smoked salmon.

Assuming that you enjoy your Zenith Lisbon brunch, you can repeat the experience at the cafe’s original location in Porto or in Madrid. Yes, the team behind Zenith has jumped the border and is now conquering Spain.

Pro Tip
Go big and order Zenith’s Francesinha Pancakes topped with bacon, chicken, cheddar cheese, fried egg, special francesinha sauce and chives. Yikes!

Zenith is located at Rua do Telhal 4A, 1150-346 Lisboa, Portugal.

Bonus Lisbon Brunch Pick – Dim Sum

Dim Sum and Bubble Tea at Mercado Oriental Martim Moniz in Lisbon
Sometimes we crave Chinese dumping and bubble tea for brunch. Thankfully, this craving doesn’t present a challenge in Lisbon.

As much as we enjoy eating traditional brunch food in Lisbon, sometimes we want something different. And by different, we mean Chinese dumplings (a/k/a dim sum).

Luckily for us, Lisbon has a vibrant Asian community that dates back to the days when Portugal colonized Macau. The city’s central Martim Moniz neighborhood is home to numerous Asian business including Mercado Oriental, a thriving food court that serves popular Asian dishes from countries like Japan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Sure, we could easily eat a proper dim sum brunch at a sit down restaurant in Lisbon. Sometimes, though, we’re simply in the mood to order baskets of dumplings and wash them down with bubble tea, the iconic sweet beverage invented in Taiwan.

Dumplings on Plate at Mercado Oriental Martim Moniz in Lisbon
Dumplings are some of the best cheap eats in Lisbon. We ate this selection at Ravioli House at the Mercado Oriental.

Mercado Oriental’s Ravioli House serves a reasonably-priced, shareable feast of 20 dumplings. If there’s a better dumpling deal in Lisbon, we have yet to find it. As for bubble tea, flavors like pearl milk and taro are available downstairs at Meeting Tea.

Pro Tip
Pick up Asian ingredients at the Amanhecer market just below the food court. This grocery store sells chili crisp, fresh scallions and all of the ingredients we need to cook chicken stir fries and other Asian food favorites at home.

Macau Dim Sum is another great brunch option when you’re looking for a more leisurely dim sum experience. Located in the Campo de Ourique neighborhood, Macau Dim Sum has offers a full range of dumplings plus soups and full size dishes. If you can’t find your favorite dumplings here, then you probably can’t find them anywhere in Lisbon.

Macau Dim Sum is located at Rua Dom João V 31B, 1250-096 Lisboa, Portugal.
Mercado Oriental is located at Rua da Palma 41 A 1o andar, 1100-390 Lisboa, Portugal. This food court is just above the Amanhecer market.

Additional Lisbon Brunch Spots

Healthy Rancheros at Dear Breakfast in Lisbon
You won’t get bored eating brunch in Lisbon thanks to dishes like this Healthy Rancheros we ate at Dear Breakfast.

Did we mention that eating brunch in Lisbon is a popular thing to do? We did and we weren’t exaggerating!

We’ll continue to update this guide as we experience more great Lisbon brunch spots. In the meantime, here are enough options to fuel your mid-day hunger in neighborhoods throughout the city.

Dumpling Feast at Mercado Oriental Martim Monizin Lisbon
Good news! You won’t be far from dumplings and bubble tea if you spend the night in Lisbon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brunch popular in Lisbon?

Yes. Brunch has become one of the most popular things to do in Lisbon.

What is a typical brunch like in Lisbon?

Lisbon brunches run the gamut. Options include classic brunch food like pancakes and avocado toast to traditional Portuguese food and even global cuisine.

What’s the best day to eat brunch in Lisbon?

Brunch is available every day of the week in Lisbon. Weekends tend to be busier which could be a good or bad thing based on your brunch goals.

Where’s the best place to eat brunch in Lisbon?

Since Lisbon has so many brunch options, the best place to eat brunch is likely the one closest to where you’re living or staying.

What do people drink while eating brunch in Lisbon?

Most locals pair brunch with coffee, lemonade and cocktails.

Is it expensive to eat brunch in Lisbon?

No. Expect to spend less than 20€ when you eat brunch in Lisbon.

Is tipping necessary in Lisbon?

No. Tipping is optional in Portugal.

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Thursday 1st of June 2023

Beautiful photos of very pretty food in a stunningly beautiful country.

But NOTHING...literally Portuguese. Do they not eat anything Portuguese in Portugal now? Is brunch now just pretty food from other countries?

Just curious? Has it changed so much since I lasted visited 15 years ago that there's now no reason to return?

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 4th of June 2023

There's loads of Portuguese food in Portugal serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brunch is a different story in cities like Lisbon and Porto. Similar to other urban centers around the world, brunch is the time when trendy cafes serve pancakes and avocado toast to crowds of locals and tourists.


Saturday 21st of January 2023


I'm not sure if I missed it in the article but can you tell me what restaurant the photo at the top of this article was taken at? It appears to be french toast in some sauce.

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Monday 30th of January 2023

We photographed this photo at the Royal Rawness in Lisbon's Marvila neighborhood. They've since moved from their first location and currently focuses on coffee only.

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