Food Travel Guides

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

2foodtrippers food travel guides include a variety of options from street food to fine dining because that's the way we like to eat when we travel. Wondering about markets, cafes and coffee shops? They're here too!

Rest assured that we've eaten at every recommended venue and have photographed all food in our guides unless specifically noted. Unlike other sites, we don't play games.

Instead of stuffing our guides with stock photos and contributions from random sources, we prefer to publish our own photos and share our personal dining experiences. In other words, what you see in our guides is what you can expect in real life.

Cafe Guides

We're obsessed with coffee! And not just any coffee. We like third-wave, hand-crafted coffee. We're talking about cappuccinos, flat whites and pour overs.

We are skilled in finding specialty coffee wherever we travel. As full-time digital nomads, this is our priority one when we arrive in a new city.

Though we have included coffee suggestions in many of our 2foodtrippers Food Travel Guides, the following cities warrant dedicated Cafe Guides because their cafe scenes are outstanding in both quantity and quality.