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25 Best Dublin Restaurants And Pubs

Cod at Etto in Dublin

Three trips proved to be our charm in finding the best places to eat in Dublin.

During our first two trips, we found Dublin a bit overwhelming with crowds of boisterous, bar-crawling American travelers, many on group tours, filling the sidewalks and pubs. This could have turned into a true travel disaster.

Instead of crying into our pints of Guinness, we took it upon ourselves to explore the bustling city. Of course, we hit up top Dublin attractions like Old Jameson Distillery, Guinness Storehouse, the National Museum of Ireland, the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library at Trinity College.

The Long Room at Trinity College in Dublin Ireland
The Long Room at Trinity College is typically filled with crowds of curious of tourists, but it’s still an amazing site to visit.

Not surprisingly, though, we spent a good bit of our time educating ourselves about Dublin food. With some luck and pluck, we discovered a handful of gems sparkling in the emerging Dublin restaurant scene as well as several stellar coffee bars.

In a sense, those first trips were a prelude to our third more food-focused trip. In our experience, the food in Dublin gets better every time we visit.

Dublin Food Guide | Where To Eat In Dublin

Seasonal Hash at Meet Me in the Morning in Dublin
Dublin chefs make old dishes new again like Meet Me in the Morning’s seasonal hash made with McNally potatoes, leeks, roasted red cabbage, carrots, parsley, whipped ricotta, halloumi scormoza, pickles, poached egg and organic greens.

If you think that food in Dublin is all about corned beef and cabbage, you’re living in the past or in the United States since this New York food combination doesn’t really exist in Ireland. Fast forward to the present, and there are some seriously good places to eat in Dublin hiding in plain sight.

Over three trips, we scoured the jewel of the Emerald Isle to find great food and drinks. Based on our tasty research, we reveal the spots where you should eat in Dublin Ireland now.

Notable Dublin Restaurants

Scallops at Etto in Dublin
Dublin restaurants like Etto create exciting dishes using local products and global flavors. This stunning starter combined scallops with cauliflower and pork dashi.

Let’s face it, Dublin has a bad reputation for its food. Other than a handful of upscale restaurants including Chapter One (where we ate) and buzzy new-kid-on-block Variety Jones, the city is filled with restaurants serving boring meat and potatoes. Right? Wrong!

Much like other cities around the world, Dublin is going through a restaurant renaissance with younger chefs opening new restaurants in the city as well as on the outskirts of town. We discovered many of the best restaurants in Dublin Ireland through word of mouth when we asked locals where we should be eating in Dublin.

Pro Tip
It’s always a good thing to talk to strangers when you’re at specialty coffee shops and bars. You never know if your neighbor is a food professional unless you engage in conversations like we did. To those chefs and servers, we say ‘Thank You!’

Chapter One By Mickael Viljanen

Plaice at Chapter One Restaurant in Dublin Ireland
Dishes at Chapter One marry Irish ingredients with international techniques. Pictured here is Plaice served with Autumn Vegetables Cooked en Papillote, Cockles and Maltaise Sauce.

Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen is an ideal spot to start a culinary exploration of Dublin. Located in Parnell Square below the Dublin Writers Museum, this restaurant offers a sophisticated refuge in the city. But the food is the real reason to dine at Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen.

Under the co-leadership of Chefs Ross Lewis and Mickael Vilianen, Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen celebrates Irish ingredients with both respect and creativity. Lewis earned his first Michelin star in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. Meanwhile, Vilianen earned two Michelin stars when he was the head chef at the Greenhouse. The restaurant currently sports two Michelin stars.

We started our initial exploration here with a multi-course lunch on a rainy Dublin afternoon. Starting with Sweet Corn Soup, our leisurely lunch continued with dishes like Salt-Baked Irish Beetroot with Feta Cheese Mousse, Guinee Fowl and Ham Terrine and Anchill Island Black Face Lamb. However, flaky Plaice may have been the most surprising dish of the meal.

Served atop vegetables like beets, potatoes, celery, carrots and mushrooms, the well-plated fish was extra flavorful thanks to the addition of cockles and creamy Maltaise sauce.

Pro Tip
Book your lunch reservation in advance. Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen currently offers lunch service on Thursday – Saturday as well as dinner five nights a week. See the website for specifics.

Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen is located at 18-19 Parnell Square N, Rotunda, Dublin 1, Ireland.


Mussels at Etto in Dublin
Served in an orange broth flavored with nduja, ruby tomatoes and samphire succulents, Etto’s signature mussels were smoky, hot and downright delicious.

In Italy, ‘etto’ is a suffix used to describe something small. In Dublin, Etto (the restaurant) is indeed small with just 38 seats. However, Dublin’s Etto is a mighty food experience.

Popular since Liz Matthews and Simon Barrett opened the restaurant in 2013, reservations are a must at Etto. After missing out on a reservation in 2016, we planned ahead prior to our third trip and snagged two bar spots. Sitting at the bar can be dubious in some restaurants but we felt comfortable while dining in Etto’s intimate space.

Etto’s menu of nibbles, starters, mains, sides and desserts is small (or should we say etto?) enough to fit on one page. The same goes for the restaurant’s outstanding wine selection.

Wine Prunes at Etto in Dublin
This dessert of red wine prunes and vanilla mascarpone rocked our world. It was that good.

Everything we ate at the tiny space was excellent from hunks of Dublin baker Le Levain’s bread served with Irish butter to the dessert we ordered by simply saying “one prunes and two spoons.”

In between, we devoured smokey, gently spicy mussels made with ruby tomatoes, Calabrian nduja and samphire (similar to seaweed) and served in an orange broth good enough to swim in or at least mop up with bread. This mussels dish is so beloved that it’s been on the menu that changes daily since day one.

Silky cod pictured above didn’t disappoint nor did flavorful scallops, crispy potatoes and mustard-topped grilled broccoli; however, the prune dessert is the dish that we’ll try to replicate at home. Not your grandmother’s dried plums, Etto soaks their prunes in wine, cinnamon and vanilla and serves them with creamy-dreamy vanilla mascarpone. The result is nothing short of dessert perfection.

Pro Tip
Dine at Spanish-inspired Uno Mas if you can’t score a reservation at tiny Etto. Not only is Uno Mas bigger than Etto, but it also has the same culinary owners.

Etto is located at 18 Merrion Row, Dublin, D02 A316, Ireland.

Brother Hubbard

Beans and Pulled Pork Special at Brother Hubbard in Dublin Ireland
This Beans and Pulled Pork Special at Brother Hubbard featured cannellini beans in a rich and lightly spiced tomato sauce, overnight roasted pulled pork, a soft fried egg and toast

We loved Brother Hubbard during our first visit to Dublin in 2013. At the time, the new-ish restaurant stood out as a shining light in the Dublin culinary scene by serving modern comfort food and quality coffee in a trendy yet chill setting. All of this was still true during our subsequent visits.

Now, though, the restaurant has become even more contemporary with an expansive dining room and floor-to-ceiling windows. Dinner service is also available five nights a week, as is a no Wi-Fi policy. No longer under the radar, Brother Hubbard was even featured in Somebody Feed Phil‘s Dublin episode and has published a cookbook.

Buy the Brother Hubbard Cookbook: Eat, Enjoy, Feel Good from Amazon.

Brother Hubbard in Dublin
Brother Hubbard’s expanded dining room retains a comfortable atmosphere despite the larger size.

The biggest change is that Brother Hubbard is no longer the new kid on the block. There is now a community of Dublin restaurants making their individual marks on the Ireland food scene. But don’t rule Brother Hubbard out.

The cafe’s food features a hearty blend of Mediterranean meets Irish meets Global Cuisine with dishes like Eggs Baba Biba with poached eggs, baba-ganoush and harissa. Serving what may be the best breakfast in Dublin, the restaurant’s sunlit room has a hip vibe that provides an energizing start for an active day of Dublin exploration.

Pro Tip
Order a cappuccino or flat white with your meal or to take away. Brother Hubbard is now roasting beans on-site and crafting drinks to order.

Brother Hubbard has multiple Dublin locations. We ate at the original restaurant located at 153 Capel St, Dublin 1, Ireland.

The Fumbally

Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Fumbally in Dublin Ireland - Dublin Food Guide
We ate this pulled pork sandwich at The Fumbally in Dublin. It was a winner.

We first heard about The Fumbally from a pair of young chefs sitting next to us at 3fe Coffee in 2016. When we asked about cool restaurants in Dublin, they answered with The Fumbally.

Sure enough, while exploring some of the newer artisan cafes in the city, we asked an in-touch barista about good places to eat and she asked, “Have you been to The Fumbally?”

The Fumbally in Dublin
Big and airy, The Fumbally’s former industrial space is filled with comfortable, vintage furniture. The staff is relaxed and friendly. As an extra bonus, the restaurant has free Wi-Fi.

After two visits, we can safely recommend this casual yet funky restaurant to any Dublin visitor looking for a generally healthy meal or a good cup of coffee or both. We say ‘generally’ due to the outstanding Italian Roast Pork sandwich we ate there on our lunch visit. It ranks as one of the best pork sandwiches we’ve eaten outside of Philadelphia.

We also enjoyed healthier avocado toast during lunch as well as Chinese buns at Fumbally’s Wednesday night dinner service. Since food options are both local and seasonal, check the menu for current offerings.

Pro Tip
Come for lunch but stay for coffee. Fumbally takes its coffee seriously and sources beans from the likes of Copenhagen’s Coffee Collective and Belfast’s Bailies.

The Fumbally is located at Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland.


Starter at Bastible in Dublin Ireland
Bastible shines with dishes like this starter with heritage tomatoes, cured sea-trout and smoked roe.

Bastible was the favorite answer to our question of which one restaurant we should check out during our second visit to Dublin. This is the chef-driven restaurant where Chef Barry FitzGerald, formerly of popular Dublin Italian standout Etto (see above), exercises his culinary chops.

FitzGerald uses fresh ingredients to create dishes like tasty spiced pistachio dip served with raw carrot slices and homemade sour cream as well as tomato salad studded with fresh, bright green spring peas. During our multi-course dinner in Dublin, we enjoyed a dessert of apricot and almond frangipane with white chocolate ice cream.

Pro Tip
The smallish dining space makes reservations a must. Make the extra effort so that you can enjoy the restaurant’s reasonably priced tasting menus. Scoring reservations will only get tougher now that Bastible has earned a Michelin star.

Bastible is located at 111 S Circular Rd, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Locks 1 Windsor Terrace

Dublin Food Favorites at Locks 1 Windsor Terrace in Dublin Ireland
Our lunch at Locks 1 Windsor Terrace was a true value. Pictured here are the Crisp Lamb Belly with Young Carrots and Sheep’s Cheese (middle right), House Made Bread with Smoked Trout Irish Butter (top right), Slow Braised Lamb Neck with Gnocchi, Wild Garlic, Tagglasche Olive and Lamb Sauce (left) and Toasted Oatmeal and Jameson Cranachan with Raspberries and Honeycomb (bottom right).

Located across the street from the Grand Canal, Locks 1 Windsor Terrace serves beautiful, sophisticated food in a sun-drenched neighborhood setting. Although our Dublin lunch looked like it could be served at any Michelin-starred restaurant in France, we dug deeper.

Our reward? We indulged in flavors and ingredients unique to Dublin in dishes like simple homemade rye bread served with smoked trout Irish butter and more sophisticated lamb belly plated with young carrots and local sheep’s cheese.

Pro Tip
Order dry Irish cider with your meal. At least that’s what we did.

Locks 1 Windsor Terrace is located at 1 Windsor Terrace, Portobello, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Da Mimmo

Pasta at Da Mimmo in Dublin
The Penne Da Mimmo provides a great taste of Italy on a plate with its fresh Italian sausage and creamy red bell pepper sauce served over al dente pasta.

Da Mimmo was our personal savior during our second trip to Dublin. Located less than a block from our less-than-fabulous apartment in a previously sketchy area of Dublin, this restaurant became our go-to for pasta, calzones and pizza.

We fell in love with this popular spot in the gentrifying North Strand neighborhood, partly due to the food and partly due to the genuine warmth exuded by owner Tino Fusciardi and his staff. It’s no surprise that Da Mimmo is one of the most popular Italian restaurants in Dublin.

Fusciardi has brought a bit of his hometown of Casalattico, Italy to Dublin. The result is a winner.

Pro Tip
Not in the mood for pasta? Eat a wood-fired pizza instead.

Da Mimmo is located at 148 North Strand Road Dublin 3, Dublin 3, Ireland.

L. Mulligan Grocer

Smoked Ham Kassler at L Mulligan Grocer in Dublin
This Smoked Ham Kassler was topped with a melange of orchard syrup, roasted baby potatoes, roasted carrots, ruby beets, pickled shallots, goat cheese crumbs, coriander and gravy.

Located down the block from popular cafe Love Supreme in Dublin’s Stoneybatter neighborhood, L. Mulligan Grocer is a modern pub with a kitchen that goes beyond typical pub food. Not that there’s anything wrong with typical pub food!

Ordering from a menu slipped into a book called Sweet Cork of Thee, we scratched our Fish & Chips itch after starting our leisurely Dublin lunch with a Scotch Egg made with a free-range egg and rare-breed pork. However, the Smoked Ham Kassler was hands-down the best dish of our meal.

L. Mulligan is a good place to visit if you’re looking for more traditional food made with farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients away from the central tourist zone.

Pro Tip
You can order draught beers at L. Mulligan Grocer but Guinness is not one of those beers. Use this omission as an opportunity to expand your Irish beer repertoire.

L. Mulligan Grocer is located 18 Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, D07 KN77, Ireland.

Breakfast in Dublin

Breakfast Bap at Herbstreet in Dublin
This breakfast bap was a meal on a bun.

Considering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it would be a shame to eat every breakfast in a hotel during your trip to Dublin. For those times when you want to start your morning with a food bang, consider the following Dublin breakfasts:


Full Irish Breakfast at Herbstreet in Dublin
Our Full Irish Breakfast at herbstreet lived up to its name. All the elements were Irish and it made us feel full.

Eating at least one Full Irish Breakfast in Dublin is a must. We satisfied this food travel requirement at herbstreet, a modern restaurant located in the tech-friendly Docklands neighborhood.

You may be wondering what is a Full Irish Breakfast and how is it different from a Full English Breakfast. We wondered the same.

Expect a plate loaded with eggs, bacon, baked beans, black pudding and – here’s the differentiating feature – white pudding. Add fresh bread smeared with Irish butter and this hearty meal is a party on that plate.

Pro Tip
You can order a Little Irish Breakfast without black pudding, tomato and baked beans if you’re so inclined when you eat breakfast at herbstreet.

herbstreet is located at 9 Hanover Quay, Dublin Docklands, Dublin, D02 KP20, Ireland.

The Morning Bakery

Pastries at The Morning Bakery in Dublin
We’re always happy to start our morning with pastries and specialty coffee in Dublin and otherwise.

Formerly called Meet Me in the Morning, The Morning Bakery is a great spot for people who like starting their days with freshly baked pastries and specialty coffee instead of a big plate of meat.

We were delighted to discover the cafe just two blocks from our Camden Street hotel. We agreed that the quirky Dublin cafe would be our neighborhood spot if we actually lived in the neighborhood.

Unless you’re on an epic Dublin food tour like us, plan to linger with cups of specialty coffee and homemade desserts. It’s a great spot whether you live in the neighborhood or are just passing through.

Pro Tip
Be prepared to make tough decisions from an array of pastry options that includes cookies, donuts and cinnamon buns.

The Morning Bakery is located at 50 Pleasants St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8, D08 VN22, Ireland.

Dublin Cheap Eats

Croquettes at Two Pups in Dublin
Potatoes are a cheap eats staple in Dublin. We snacked on these crispy potato-filled globes at Two Pups Coffee during our Dublin coffee mission.

Dublin has oodles of options for travelers on a budget, many conveniently located near Temple Bar.

Those in a rush between sites or sips can stop at the Dollard & Co. food hall for a quick pizza or burger meal. Set in a historic printing house, the market offers a pleasant setting and multiple food options.

As for us, these are our favorite places to eat in Dublin when we’re looking for a quick bite that won’t break the bank:


Double Cheeseburger at Bunsen in Dublin Ireland
The double cheeseburger at Bunsen is a monster. Don’t worry – Daryl ate the whole thing.

Bunsen proves that you can find and eat an awesome hamburger in Dublin. Not counting drinks, Bunsen’s menu is so small that it literally fits on the back of a business card.

This is the place to go to in Dublin for a big, sloppy burger. Go crazy and make it a double and add cheese. You know you want to go big, so just do it.

Discover the world’s best burgers.

Don’t forget to order a side of fries if you want to fully experience what may be the best lunch in Dublin. The fries are on the back of the business card too.

Bunsen has multiple locations in Dublin. We have now eaten at three different Bunsen locations and enjoyed our burgers at each.

147 Deli

Meatball Sub at 147 Deli in Dublin Irleand
Our meatball sub at 147 Deli was loaded with meatballs, sharp provolone, parmesan cheese, homemade marina sauce and dressed rocket.

We discovered lots of food options on busy Parnell Street including its plethora of Asian eateries. Then, after eating at a few Chinese restaurants, we noticed tiny 147 Deli and found a good spot with creative lunch options.

The deli restaurant isn’t fancy, nor should it be. Instead, it’s an ideal spot for an inexpensive lunch with filling sandwiches, hearty soups and fresh salads.

Pro Tip
Eat lunch at 147 Deli. Although the restaurant is open seven days a week, it’s not open for dinner.

147 Deli is located at 1, 147 Parnell St, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Dublin Pizza Company

Buffalo Pizza at Dublin Pizza Company in Dublin Ireland
A pizzaiolo at Dublin Pizza Company prepared this Buffalo pizza for us at the tiny Dublin pizzeria. Toppings included tomato, west cork buffalo mozzarella, dry-cured ham, black olives, 3 year aged coolea cheese shavings and olive oil.

Dublin Pizza Company makes creative pies to order in a custom, wood-fired pizza oven. The staff combines organic Irish ingredients with techniques honed in the Southern Italian pizza mecca of Naples.

At the time of our visit, the restaurant did not have tables or chairs, but customers could eat the hot, made-to-order pizza right there on the sidewalk. That’s what we did. Another option is to eat the pizza on a nearby park bench.

Update: Dublin Pizza Company now has multiple locations in Dublin.

Pro Tip
Dublin Pizza Company is a great food option after a late night at the pubs. You can order a pizza as late as 4 am on weekend nights.

Dublin Pizza Company has multiple Dublin locations. We visited the original location at 32 Aungier St, Dublin Southside, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Dublin Desserts

Hazelnut Rocher Donut at Offbeat Donut Co. in Dublin
Donuts are readily available in Dublin. We ate this Hazelnut Rocher doozy at Offbeat Donut Company.

From old-school favorites like Queen of Tarts and Teddy’s Ice Cream to French imports like Laudurée, Dublin has enough desserts to satisfy a city of sweets loving locals and a never-ending stream of food travelers. But where are the best desserts in Dublin?

First, don’t discount desserts at restaurants highlighted in this guide Hello, wine prunes at Etto! Beyond that, these are our picks for the tastiest sweet treats in Dublin:

Camerino Bakery

Raspberry Brownie at Camerino Bakery in Dublin
Camerino Bakery’s award-winning Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie makes a great afternoon pick-me-up during a day of touring Dublin.

A self-described ‘local bakery, cakery and coffee shop’, Camerino Bakery sells a tempting assortment of cake truffles, cookies and scones at two Dublin locations. However, the Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie is the dessert that won the gold prize at the 2014 Blás na hÉireann Irish Food Awards for owner Caryna Camerino.

Discover more than 100 of the best desserts around the world.

We had to try the Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie based on its accolades, and the slightly salty, not-too-sweet dessert did not disappoint. Our only disappointment was not having room to taste test every other item in the adorable shop. Oh well, there’s always next time.

Pro Tip
In addition to desserts, Camerino Bakery sells savory items like challah sandwiches filled with the likes of turkey, ham, kale and rotisserie chicken.

Camerino Bakery has two locations. We visited the bakery at 158 Capel St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 ND36, Ireland.

Cookie and Milk at Dublin Cookie Co in Dublin
Is there a better combination than milk and cookies? We think not.

Since cookie cravings don’t follow a calendar, The Dublin Cookie Company bakes and sells cookies seven days a week. And not just any cookies.

In the shop’s open kitchen, bakers create cookie concoctions like familiar Chocolate Chip and fancier Sea Salted Caramel & Toasted Pecan using Irish butter and other local ingredients. They even bake dairy-free cookies for Vegans.

Despite the name, owners Jenny Synnot and Elaine Cohalan don’t stop at cookies. The bakery also serves grilled cheese sandwiches, scones and flavored milk.

However, the best thing to order at this shop may be the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich. Let’s face it – it’s tough to beat the experience of eating cold ice cream nestled between two hot cookies.

Pro Tip
You can buy cookie dough to bake later if you’re staying in an apartment with a kitchen.

The Dublin Cookie Company is located at 29 Thomas St, The Liberties, Dublin 8, D08 X3T0, Ireland.

Offbeat Donut Company

Unicorn Donut at Offbeat Donut Co. in Dublin
We ate this unicorn donut at Offbeat Donut Company in the land of leprechauns. The irony is palpable.

It was a dark day when we realized that our favorite Dublin donut shop had closed. Not only had we recommended that shop in this guide, but it was a really good donut shop.

After sampling different donuts in Dublin, we’re pleased to report that Offbeat Donut Company is our new favorite Dublin donut shop. Although Offbeat has multiple locations in Dublin and Prague, each shop bakes donuts on-site all day, every day and the atmosphere is decidedly local.

Discover more great donuts eaten around the world.

Offbeat separates their donuts into three categories – classic, premium and vegan. Flavors include the simple (Classic Glazed) to the sublime (Honeycomb Crunchy). But which of these Dublin donuts do we recommend? Well, that decision is up to you.

As for us, Daryl went gaga for the shop’s premium Hazelnut Rocher donut with an entire crunchy Ferrero Rocher truffle inside the Nutella topped pastry. As for Mindi, she lived out her unicorn dreams by eating a classic Unicorn donut topped with ‘majestic unicorn icing sugar and magical sprinkles’.

Pro Tip
You can buy packs of three, six or a dozen donuts if you can’t narrow the choices to just one.

Offbeat Donut Company has multiple locations in Dublin.

Murphy’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cone at Murphys Ice Cream in Dublin
We temporarily forgot about our love for Italian gelato when we ate this cone topped with delectable Irish ice cream.

Open in Western Ireland since 2000, Murphy’s Ice Cream now has shops in Dublin, Killarney and Galway in addition to its Dingle home. Despite this growth, the Irish ice cream shop continues to churn Irish ice cream using locally sourced Irish ingredients including milk from Kerry cows, a breed only found in Ireland.

In Dublin, popular ice cream flavors include Dingle Sea Salt and Honeycomb Caramel. Those in the mood for something extra can order Rum Raisin or Dingle Gin with alcohol in the mix, while lactose intolerant guests can order dairy-free flavors like Raspberry and Dark Chocolate.

A friend to the environment, Murphy’s serves ice cream in edible, decomposable cups. However, we recommend eating your scoops on a crunchy, tasty sugar cone sourced from Northern Ireland.

Pro Tip
Ramp up your ice cream experience by ordering a sundae. Options include Dreamy Creamy Caramel, Saucy Chocolate Brownie, Berry Orange Delight and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Murphy’s Ice Cream is located at 27 Wicklow St, Dublin 2, D02 WN51, Ireland.

Dublin Food Shops

Inside Fallon and Byrne in Dublin
Farmers grow a lot more than potatoes in Ireland and you can buy it all in Dublin stores.

As much as we love eating at restaurants, we sometimes get tired of eating out when we travel. This is where food shops come into play.

In addition to solving our restaurant burn-out dilemma, food shops serve another function – a peek into the heart of a city. Real people shop for food, and we always enjoy seeing what they buy.

Yes, we love visiting food shops when we travel, and Dublin is no exception to this rule. These are our two favorite food shops in Dublin:

Sheridans Cheesemongers

John Leverrier at Sheridans Cheesemongers in Dublin Ireland
Shop Manager John Leverrier was eager to share his cheese passion with us when we shopped at Sheridans Cheesemongers. We didn’t need lunch after tasting all of the samples.

Visiting the Dublin outpost of Galway-based Sheridans Cheesemongers is like taking a cheese tour of Ireland. The friendly staff is more than willing to give out samples of one or more of the cheeses, many of which are produced in Ireland.

Shop Manager John Leverrier, originally from Brittany, is especially passionate about cheese. During our visit, he guided us through a wide variety of great Irish cheeses along with cheeses from producers in countries like France and Italy.

Pro Tip
Buy a cheese hamper and treat yourself to a picnic in nearby St. Stephen’s Green.

Sheridans Cheesemongers is located at 11 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Fallon & Byrne

Fallon and Byrne in Dublin
Local institution Fallon & Byrne is located right in the heart of Dublin.

If you’re looking for takeaway food in Dublin, the city has its fair share of food shops from corner convenience stores to super-sized grocery stores. The food hall at Fallon & Byrne is our favorite of the lot.

This store has an extensive selection of prepared foods that are easy to heat on a stove or in a microwave. The store also has fresh fish, baked goods and an impressive cheese counter. In other words, you can find a lot of the foods you must eat in Dublin at Fallon & Byrne.

Pro Tip
Go to the wine cellar just below the Fallon & Byrne food hall for a break from the busy city. The wine options are extensive and enticing. If you don’t believe us, then check out the hundreds of bottles lined up like soldiers on the cellar shelves.

Fallon & Byrne is located at 11-17 Exchequer St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Where To Drink in Dublin

Barntender at Ohana Tiki Bar in Dublin
Emmy Knight crafted this creative cocktail for us in Dublin.

Although coffee is our normal drink of choice, sometimes we enjoy imbibing an alcoholic beverage or two. Luckily, Dublin has a few places serving these types of drinks. And by a few, we mean a few on every block.

Dublin Coffee Shops

Flate White by Window at Shoe Lane Coffee in Dublin
Drinking coffee is rarely boring in Dublin. The city has a number of specialty roasters and third wave coffee shops.

Specialty coffee is brewing up a storm in Dublin. You’ll be in coffee heaven if you like flat whites and pour overs as much as we do.

Read our Dublin cafe guide to discover our picks for the best Dublin coffee shops.

Dublin Pubs and Bars

Bartenders at Bar 1661 in Dublin
Bartender Alan McGillivray crafts Belfast Coffee drinks at Bar 1661 while owner Dave Mulligan pulls beer from the bar’s tap.

With so many pubs and bar options, it can be difficult to decide where to drink in Dublin. We checked out several (for research purposes), and these are the Dublin pubs and bars that we like best:

Bar 1661

Belfast Coffees at Bar 1661 in Dublin
Two Belfast Coffees are better than one at Bar 1661.

Owned and operated by Dave Mulligan, Bar 1661 celebrates Poitín but doesn’t discriminate against other potent potables. Bar 1661 has a full bar that features local favorites like Irish whiskey and Guinness beer. Not surprisingly, the bar’s addictive Belfast Coffee cocktail includes Poitín as a key ingredient.

But what is Poitín? As we learned during our drinking session at Bar 1661, Poitín is a traditional Irish moonshine that dates back to the 6th century. Outlawed in its homeland from 1661 to 1997, the distilled alcoholic beverage is now making a resurgence among craft cocktail enthusiasts.

Ham Hock Sandwich at Bar 1661 in Dublin
Bar 1661’s Ham Hock Sandwich comes loaded with FX Buckley Ham Hock, Poached Egg, House Pickles, Crispy Shallots and Mayo.

Two years are pivotal at Dublin’s Bar 1661. The first is 1661, the year that Ireland outlawed Poitín. The second is 2019, the year that Bar 1661 opened and won Irish Craft Cocktails Awards for Best Overall Cocktail Bar, Ireland’s Best New Cocktail Bar, Best Bar Team, Best Cocktail Bar Dublin and Best Bartender. Needless to say, 2019 was the better year of the two.

Pro Tip
Bar 1661 serves an underrated food menu featuring artisan local cheeses, Irish meat, sandwiches and other light bites. We ordered two sandwiches, ham hock and fish finger, and loved them both.

Bar 1661 is located at 1-5 Green St, Rotunda, Dublin, D07 YT6H, Ireland.

Grogan’s Pub

Guinness Pints at Grogan's in Dublin Ireland
It’s mandatory to drink at least one pint of Guinness in Dublin. We fulfilled this requirement at Grogan’s Pub.

Grogan’s is the definition of a classic Irish bar. From its dingy decor to its toastie-filled menu, Grogan’s screams Irish pub from every nook and cranny.

Accordingly, the Central Dublin watering hole is a textbook spot to grab a drink, preferably a pint of Guinness. Don’t be surprised when you get regaled by soused locals who fill your ear with Irish history and colorful tales of Dublin.

Pro Tip
You can sit outside at Grogan’s on a sunny day and watch the city walk by. Better yet, grab a stool at the bar and mingle with colorful locals for the ultimate Dublin pub experience.

Grogans Pub is located at 15 South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

McNeill’s Public House

McNeills Pub in Dublin
McNeills Pub is a great spot to enjoy a night of beer and traditional music in Dublin.

Traditional Irish music is alive and well at McNeill’s Pub in Dublin. Originally a music shop when it opened in 1834, McNeill’s continues its musical heritage by hosting nightly jam sessions in the pub’s narrow space.

More genuine than the scores of pubs in Temple Bar, McNeill’s is a neighborhood spot that welcomes all who enter in search of a pint of beer or live local music or both. Grab a spot at the bar if your timing is right, order a Guinness and enjoy the show. Otherwise do the same thing but at a table.

Pro Tip
Pace yourself. McNeill’s Pub is open daily from 11 am to late.

McNeill’s Public House is located at 140 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 F9R2, Ireland.

Loose Canon

Wine and Cheese at Loose Canon in Dublin
Loose Canon is the premier spot to drink organic wine in Dublin. The modern wine bar also serves a selection of cheese and meat procured from Irish farms.

Reminiscent of our favorite wine bars in Paris, Loose Canon is an intimate urban wine bar that serves organic wine along with a curated selection of locally sourced cheese and meats. We first heard about the wine bar during brunch at now closed Meet Me In the Morning when our server told us about the cheese and wine bar owned by the same folks who owned MMIM.

Not wasting any time, we stopped by Loose Canon that very night for an aperitivo before our Etto dinner. Bustling as expected on a relatively warm and delightfully dry Saturday night in February, Loose Canon intrigued us enough to return a few nights later when the wine bar was slightly less busy.

Loose Canon in Dublin
Loose Canon is a welcome addition to Dublin’s pub scene. The intimate wine bar serves organic wine to an upscale crowd seven nights a week.

Knowing the way of the land during our second visit, we ordered a cheese plate topped with Creeny raw sheep cheese produced by Corleggy Cheeses in Corvan, bread baked at Le Levain in Dublin and pickled courgettes from McNally Family Farm also in Dublin. But first, we sampled the organic wines on offer before settling on orange wine produced by Voodoo Doll in Germany.

We first drank orange wine in Buffalo, of all places, and were delighted to drink the robust wine style again in Dublin. The ancient process of fermenting white grapes into orange wine is having a moment that we are happy to support.

Pro Tip
Wear comfortable shoes. Loose Canon just has a few stools available on a ‘first come, first seated’ basis.

Loose Canon is located at 29 Drury St, Dublin, D02 RX95, Ireland.

The Long Hall

The Long Haul in Dublin Ireland
The bar scene at The Long Haul has it all from a wall of whiskey bottles to Guinness on tap.

The Long Hall is dark and intimate Dublin drinking establishment with a wall of whiskeys to taste. This is the kind of pub that feels both sophisticated and cozy at the same time.

Not a whiskey expert? No worries since the bartenders are full of information and recommendations about the whiskey options at every price point from € to €€€.

Pro Tip
Check out The Long Haul’s walls covered with eclectic memorabilia

The Long Hall is located at 51 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Ohana Tiki Bar

Tiki Cocktail at Ohana in Dublin
Ohana Tiki Bar brings rum and fun to the Dublin drinking landscape.

Open since January 2020, Ohana Tiki Bar specializes in rum cocktails in Dublin, a city more known for whiskey and beer. After drinking in tiki bars in varied cities including Las Vegas and Bologna, we felt compelled to give Ohana a try.

Within moments of bellying up at the stylish Dublin bar, we felt like family among a crowd of local bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs. Ironically, the Hawaiian word ohana translates to family.

Ohana’s menu featured eight rum-based cocktails during our visit including the Mai Tai we ordered. Served in a ceramic tiki mug, the island drink went down easily in Jameson Distillery’s home town.

Pro Tip
Expect to get lei’d at Ohana. Keeping in theme, the bar welcomes each guest with a colorful lei .

Ohana Tiki Bar is located at 17 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin, D02 W963, Ireland.

Things To Do In Dublin

Dublin Pubs
The streets of Dublin are alive with activity and color.

Whether you’re visiting Dublin for the first or fourth time, you’ll want to check out some of the city’s attractions. You should also venture outside the city to see Ireland’s beautiful countryside. Here are some ideas of what you can do in Dublin:

Share Bikes in Dublin
You could just eat in Dublin but you’d be missing out on the city’s fascinating history and culture.

Dublin Planning Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dublin restaurants expensive?

Dublin restaurants range from cheap eats to fine dining. While the best Dublin restaurants may skew expensive, the city has numerous inexpensive pubs that serve good food.

Is tipping necessary in Dublin?

No. Tipping is optional in Ireland.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Dublin?

Anthony Bourdain visited Bear (permanently closed), Celtic Whiskey Shop, The Chophouse, John Kavanagh The Gravediggers, Lolly and Cook’s, The Long Hall, Matt the Thresher, O’Donovan Cafe, The Palace Bar, Roma 2 (permanently closed), Sheridans Cheesemongers and Slattery’s Bar while filming the second season of The Layover.

Where did Phil Rosenthal eat in Dublin?

Phil Rosenthal visited Boxte House, Brother Hubbard, Guinness Storehouse and Murphy’s Ice Cream while filming the first season of Somebody Feed Phil.

What time do people eat dinner in Dublin?

People typically eat dinner between 7pm and 9pm in Dublin.

Are restaurant reservations necessary in Dublin?

Yes. Reservations are necessary at restaurants in Dublin. However, you should be able to walk into some pubs without reservations.

How many Dublin restaurants have Michelin stars?

Dublin currently has five Michelin-starred restaurants including two two-starred restaurants (Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen and Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud) and three one-star restaurants (Bastible, Glovers Alley and Variety Jones).

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About The Authors

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Karen Wain

Sunday 10th of July 2022

Cannot wait to try some of these next month on our trip. Great reviews guys

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 10th of July 2022

Thanks! Enjoy your visit to Dublin.


Friday 1st of April 2022

The address for L. Mulligan Grocer is incorrect.

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Monday 4th of April 2022

Thanks for letting us know. We have corrected the address.

Ana Marques

Sunday 6th of September 2020

This is amazing - I love your approach to food and how open to discovery you folks are! Thank you so much for doing this.

Ms. Morgan

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

While I anticipated this would be an informative article for my upcoming trip, you very quickly lost my interest and respect with your comment,

“To add insult to injury, the city was filled with boisterous, bar-crawling American travelers...”. Rude much?! Did you personally speak with each one to ascertain their nationality or did you encounter a few and passed judgement on all?

If it weren’t for the Americans, you would be speaking German and Ireland’s tourism industry would take a serious hit! Grow up young lady, learn to be less judgmental and respect others even if you disagree with their lifestyle.

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Just to clarify, we are an AMERICAN couple. This was our observation and we stand behind it.


Thursday 20th of December 2018

Extremely Nice Blog post

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