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Food Travel by Country

We’re traveling the world one plate at a time!

Don’t ask us which is our favorite plate or country – we can’t answer that question.

What we can do is provide information on the countries we visit and the food we eat.

Check back often to see what and where we eat next.

Cambodia Plate
Canada Plate

China Plate
Croatia Plate
Czech Plate

Denmark Plate
England Plate
Estonia Plate
Finland Plate
France Plate
Germany Plate
Greece Plate
Hungary Plate
India Plate
Ireland Plate
Italy Plate
Japan Plate
Korea Plate
Latvia Plate
Lithuania Plate
Netherlands Plate
Northern Ireland Plate
Norway Plate
Portugal Plate
Romania Plate
Scotland Plate
Slovenia Plate
South Africa Plate
Spain Plate
Sweden Plate
Thailand Plate
USA Plate
Vietnam Plate