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13 Best Coffee Shops In Dublin

If you’re looking for traditional Irish coffee, you’ve come to the wrong place. This Dublin cafe guide showcases our picks for the best specialty coffee shops in Dublin Ireland. Though we focus on specialty coffee in Dublin, we include one alcoholic coffee option because Dublin’s in Ireland after all.

Reference Coffee in Dublin
Image: ©2foodtrippers

We knew we had a challenge when we identified more than a dozen specialty coffee shops in Dublin during our most recent visit to Ireland’s capital city.

Never ones to pass on the chance to drink copious amounts of great coffee when we travel, finding the best coffee in Dublin was a challenge that we were born to conquer.

Our Favorite Dublin Coffee Shops

Barista at Vice Coffee in Dublin
Dublin baristas take the art of coffee seriously. Vice Coffee’s Elliot Fowler is pictured here preparing our coffee with an Aeropress. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The specialty coffee scene in Dublin has arrived. In addition to its vast selection of places to eat, the city has a wide selection of locally-based specialty coffee shops throughout the city, many of which are featured in the Ireland Independent Coffee Guide.

The best Dublin coffee shops are a lifeline to travelers like us. They provide temporary workspaces and friendly conversation in addition to cups filled with energizing liquid caffeine.

A good number of these shops source their beans from Dublin roasteries while others reach further to European cities like London, Berlin and Copenhagen. In terms of food, good Dublin cafes serve food that runs the gamut from simple pastries to full-on menus.

Read our Dublin restaurant guide.

Coffee Selfie in Dublin
Drinking specialty coffee in Dublin made us smile. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We drank a LOT of coffee in our mission to find the best cafes in Dublin. Whether you love lingering over good coffee or just need a quick caffeine fix, check out our favorite Dublin coffee shops:

1. 3fe (Third Floor Espresso)

Coffee and Scone at 3FE in Dublin
Unless you’re super hungry, the scones at 3fe are big enough to share. Request butter and jam to achieve maximum scone satisfaction. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Barista champion Colin Harmon opened the popular Dublin cafe’s first location in 2009, moved to Grand Canal Street in 2011 and started roasting beans in 2014. 3fe sells its coffee to the public, restaurants and other shops throughout Dublin and in cities like Belfast.

3fe uses top-notch, single origin beans, the pour overs are spot on and the staff is both attentive and friendly. In other words, this is our kind of coffee shop. It doesn’t hurt that 3fe also makes some of the best scones in Dublin.

Pro Tip
3fe’s Grand Canal location serves an all-day breakfast menu during the week and what many consider to be the best brunch in Dublin on weekends.

3fe Dublin has multiple locations. We’ve enjoyed several cups of coffee at 3fe’s flagship location at 32 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Filtered Coffee at The Fumbally in Dublin
Organic whole milk from The Village Dairy goes well with The Fumbally’s filtered coffee. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

2. The Fumbally

More than a typical coffee shop, The Fumbally operates a shabby-chic restaurant in a vaulted space that serves as a community hub in the Dublin 8 neighborhood. Though we’re big fans of its tasty food, we’re focusing on The Fumbally’s excellent coffee in this Dublin guide.

Independent Fumbally sources single origin beans from global specialty roasters like Copenhagen’s The Coffee Collective and Belfast’s Bailies. The cafe also makes its own sunflower milk for the dairy averse.

Pro Tip
You don’t have to order a double shot at The Fumbally. At this cafe, adding two shots is standard operating procedure.

The Fumbally is located at 8 Fumbally Ln, Merchants Quay, Dublin, Ireland.

3. Love Supreme Coffee

Cappuccino at Love Supreme in Dublin
Love and coffee reign supreme at Dublin’s Love Supreme. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Serving beans from Wicklow’s Roasted Brown, Love Supreme is a great spot to enjoy a cuppa in the Stoneybatter neighborhood. You can then enjoy a traditional Dublin lunch, as we did, at nearby L. Mulligan Grocer.

We dug the chill vibe at the small cafe replete with exposed bricks, hanging plants and tunes from the likes of Lyle Lovett filling the airy space. Our only regret was not ordering a sausage roll from the clipboard menu – the golden brown beauties looked and smelled incredible.

Pro Tip
Be aware that Love Supreme sprinkles chocolate on their cappuccinos. Order a flat white instead if that’s not your thing.

Love Supreme Coffee is located at 57 Manor St, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7, Ireland.

4. Shoe Lane Coffee

Flat White at Shoe Lane Coffee in Dublin
We drank this skillfully crafted flat white upstairs at Shoe Lane Coffee in Dublin and used a wooden game board as our coaster. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Not many cafes operate in former 19th century cobbler shops. Shoe Lane Coffee accomplishes this feat by crafting coffee drinks with single-origin Full Circle beans and a La Marzocco KB90 espresso maker in lieu of leather, awls and hammers.

Open since 2016 and just two blocks from the River Liffey, Shoe Lane Coffee honors the past by displaying a vintage sewing machine and other shoe-making equipment by the entrance. Despite these nods to the 1800’s, this coffee shop isn’t stuck in the past. Baristas use modern techniques and equipment to prepare flat whites, cold brews and pour overs.

Digital nomads will be happy to find free internet and a pleasant workspace. Dominated by a long communal table, the upstairs room features a window bar where we enjoyed our coffees while wading through our daily deluge of email.

Pro Tip
Lactose intolerant coffee drinkers can opt for almond, coconut, oat and soy milk in their flat whites and cappuccinos.

Shoe Lane Coffee has two locations. We visited the Dublin location at 7 Tara St, Dublin 2, D02 Y662, Ireland.

5. The Morning Bakery

Coffee and Biscuit at Reference in Dublin
Eating the coffee and sausage roll combo The Morning Bakery provide a great start to our Dublin day. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Owned by Brian O’Keeffe and Kevin Powell, The Morning Cafe sources quality beans from producers like KB Coffee Roasters and crafts coffees that motivate many to return for a repeat performance. We were no exception.

After wandering into the cafe on our first morning in Dublin, we returned the very next day. Not only did we enjoy textbook flat whites and a sausage roll, but the cafe’s super friendly baristas also shared solid Dublin coffee and food suggestions upon our request.

Pro Tip
Later in the day, wander over to Loose Canon. The organic wine bar is part of the Meet Me in the Morning family.

The Morning Bakery is located at 49+50 Pleasants St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8, D08 VN22, Ireland.
Loose Canon is located at 29 Drury St, Dublin, D02 RX95, Ireland.

6. Two Pups Coffee

Croquettes and Coffee at Two Pups in Dublin
Croquettes and cappuccinos are two of the things you can order at Two Pups Coffee. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Two Pups Coffee stands out from the pack by serving fun food and specialty coffee to crowds of locals who crave both. Doubling as a yoga studio, the cozy cafe sources its beans from London’s Square Mile Coffee Roasters as well as from guest roasters from around Europe. Those not in the mood for coffee can order drinks like herbal tea and homemade ginger beer.

Bold enough to top Le Levain toast with crunchy garlic peanut butter and avocado, the Two Pups menu offers Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options. Dishes include house made granola, loaded french toast and seasonal hash.

Pro Tip
Unless you arrive early, be prepared for a wait on weekend afternoons at this popular brunch destination.

Two Pups Coffee is located at 74 Francis St, The Liberties, Dublin 8, D08 KA43, Ireland.

7. Vice Coffee

Coffee at Vice Coffee in Dublin
We admit it. Good coffee is our number one vice. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Embracing the concept of coffee as a vice since 2013, Vice Coffee is located in the back of a bar, serves alcoholic drinks and doesn’t open until 11 am. If coffee truly is a vice, then you can count us in for this type of wicked behavior.

Although the decor reminded us of a hipster discotheque on steroids, our Aeropressed coffee, brewed with Square Mile beans, was solid. The cafe sources its beans from top roasters in Ireland and around the world and serves them with care. Toasties and pastries are also on the menu for those in need of a snack.

Pro Tip
Don’t hesitate to buy a bag of coffee for your apartment if you don’t have access to a grinder. Baristas at Vice Coffee grind beans upon request.

Vice Coffee is located at 54 Middle Abbey St, North City, Dublin, D01 E2X4, Ireland.

8. Brother Hubbard / Farmhand Coffee

Roaster at Brother Hubbard in Dublin
Formerly Brother Hubbard’s Head Barista, Peter Szalóki now runs Farmhand Coffee. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Brother Hubbard took coffee seriously when it opened in 2012 by procuring coffee from local 3fe (see above) and crafting coffee drinks to order. However, the popular Dublin restaurant took its coffee program to the next level in 2018 with the creation of Farmhand Coffee.

Located on-site at Brother Hubbard’s North Capel Street location, Farmhand Coffee ethically sources specialty beans from around the world and roasts them in North Dublin. Peter Szalóki runs the roastery with a passion for coffee and friendly smile.

Pro Tip
You can stock up on beans and coffee equipment before or after your meal at Brother Hubbard. You can also purchase a copy of the restaurant’s cookbook from Amazon.

Brother Hubbard‘s coffee shop is located at 153 Capel St, North City, Dublin, D01 V9V0, Ireland.

9. Clement & Pekoe

Cappuccino at Clement and Pekoe in Dublin Ireland
The cappuccinos at Clement and Pekoe are consistently good. We tried several to prove this point. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We walked into Clement & Pekoe looking for a good cup of coffee and Wi-Fi. We found what we were looking for plus a fine selection of pastries and a cool refuge from the city hubbub.

Serving coffee from independent roasters like Berlin’s The Barn (a favorite from our days drinking coffee in Lyon), Clement & Pekoe is a great spot for a coffee break when you’re shopping in Dublin. The original cafe is just a hop, skip and a jump from Grafton Street.

Pro Tip
Tea drinkers will not be disappointed at Clement & Pekoe. The cafe offers 50+ teas sourced from around the world.

Clement & Pekoe has two Dublin locations. We drank our coffee at the original cafe located at 50 South William St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

10. Joe’s Coffee

Vietnamese Latte at Joes Coffee in Dublin
We drank this Vietnamese latte at Joe’s Coffee in Ireland. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Located near our Dublin hotel, Joe’s Coffee caught our eye with its brick wall and urban vibe. Plus, we were intrigued by the cafe’s menu featuring alcohol-free Irish coffee, cold press juices and smoothies.

How could we resist trying Joe’s Vietnamese Latte? After spending much of 2018 living in Vietnam, we have an affinity for the Vietnamese food favorite made with strong coffee and sweet condensed milk. We certainly couldn’t skip drinking one made with quality beans sourced from Berlin’s The Barn.

Pro Tip
In addition to drinks and food, Joe’s Cafe sells a range of coffee paraphernalia from Aeropress, Chemex, Hario, Kalita and Wilfa.

Joe’s Coffee has multiple Dublin locations. We drank our coffee at the location at 13 Montague St, Dublin 2, D02 R967, Ireland.

11. Kaph

Cappuccino at Kaph in Dublin
Kaph is a great place to enjoy a well-crafted cappuccino like the one pictured here. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We love coffee shops that serve good coffee and provide a good workspace. At first glance, we thought that Kaph only succeeded with the former by crafting cappuccinos and flat whites with 3fe beans.

Once we took our cappuccinos upstairs, we found a sunny room with enough tables and electrical outlets to make us happy. With a central Dublin location, Kaph is great for a quick caffeine break or a longer visit with a computer.

Pro Tip
A friend to the environment, Kaph offers a small discount to customers who bring their own cups.

Kaph is located at 31 Drury St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

12. Proper Order Coffee Company

Breakfast at Proper Order in Dublin
We enjoyed lattes and a huge almond croissant at Proper Order Coffee Company. The top latte needs no color correction. Saffron provided the orange hue as well as excellent flavor. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Most tourists in Dublin will visit the Old Jameson Distillery. Love it or hate it, the world-famous distillery is worth a visit for no other reason than its Smithfield proximity to Proper Order Coffee Company.

Staying true to its 2016 roots, Proper Order serves expertly prepared drinks using beans sourced from coffee roasters around the world. As an added bonus, the cafe’s selection of pastries is well worth the calories.

Pro Tip
Treat yourself to a unique drink like the saffron latte that we enjoyed during one of our multiple visits.

Proper Order Coffee Company is located at 7 Haymarket, Dublin 7, Ireland.

13. Cocobrew

Coffee at Cocobrew in Dublin
The addition of cacao butter creates a creamier coffee option at Dublin’s Cocobrew. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Originally operated out of a van, Cocobrew stands out in the Dublin coffee scene. Not only is the cute cafe located in the Temple Bar neighborhood, but it also serves a unique coffee concoction made with specialty coffee beans, cacao butter and MCT (i.e. Medium-Chain Triglycerides).

Owner Tony Dony Divito combined his passions for Australian-style coffee and CrossFit when he opened Cocobrew in 2015. His Cocoabrew coffee blend promotes better health with purported benefits like energy stimulation, enhanced mental focus and fat burning.

Pro Tip
Although a cup of Cocobrew’s coffee could be a meal in a mug, the cafe also serves healthy juices, smoothies and light cafe fare.

Cocobrew is located at 5 Bedford Row, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 E393, Ireland.

Additional Dublin Coffee Shops

Perch Coffee Kiosk in Dublin
Dublin coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes. Perch Coffee comes in a kiosk. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We totally relate if your coffee needs exceed our 13 personally recommended Dublin cafes. If this is the case, check out one or more of these Dublin coffee shops:

Bonus – Bar 1661

Belfast Coffee at Bar 1661 in Dublin
Bar 1661’s Belfast Coffee is the coolest coffee cocktail in Dublin. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Drinking an Irish Coffee is a cliche that most food travelers want to experience while in Ireland. This rule especially applies to coffee lovers like us.

Check out our Irish Coffee recipe and craft the tasty tipple at home.

Ironically, we didn’t drink the best Irish Coffee during our tour of the best cafes in Dublin Ireland. Instead, we drank it at Bar 1661.

Award-winning Bar 1661 takes Ireland’s famed classic cocktail to new levels. When crafting the bar’s signature Belfast Coffee, mixologists replace whiskey with Bán Poitín and hot coffee with cold brew before topping the tasty tipple with cream and nutmeg. The result is magical.

Pro Tip
End your day with a Belfast Coffee. This coffee cocktail doubles as liquid dessert.

Bar 1661 is located at 1-5 Green St, Rotunda, Dublin, D07 YT6H, Ireland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is coffee popular in Dublin?

Yes. In fact, Dublin has the highest number of coffee shops per capita in Europe.

How much does coffee cost in Dublin?

Expect to spend at least 3€ for a cup of coffee in Dublin.

Does Dublin have specialty coffee shops?

Yes. Dublin has multiple specialty coffee shops in addition to even more traditional cafes.

What are the best specialty coffee shops in Dublin?

Top Dublin specialty coffee shops include 3fe, The Fumbally and Love Supreme, Kaph and Shoe Lane. Try them all plus more to find your favorite.

Is Starbucks in Dublin?

Yes. Dublin’s first Starbucks location opened in 2005. The coffee chain now operates dozens of coffee shops in the Irish capital.

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Thursday 5th of November 2020

Hello There!

What a lovely guide, I have just moved to Dublin for my last year in University and am excited to try all of those cafés!

I am currently doing a research project on one of the coffee places mentioned above: Two Pups Coffee. I would love to get in touch with you to discuss the cafe and listen to your insights. If this is something you would be interested in helping me with please email me! 😊

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