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15 of the Best Strasbourg Restaurants, Cafes and Markets

The Strasbourg food scene is thriving at all price points. We created this food guide as a starting point for where to find the best food at Strasbourg restaurants and cafes.

Strasbourg Cathedral
Don’t skip the cathedral when you visit Strasbourg. The inside is just a stunning as the architecture.

Walking through Strasbourg, in France’s Alsace region, is like walking through a fairytale village. Gingerbread houses line the streets just like in the Hansel and Gretel story.

The Ill river flows through the city, providing numerous spots for romantic interludes, and in the middle of town, the Strasbourg Cathedral perches much like a castle from the middle ages. During the holiday season, people flock to the Strasbourg Christmas Market, one of the best holiday markets in all of Europe.

Pro Tip
Save time and money with a three-day Strasbourg Pass. The pass includes free or half-price entry to 10 key sites and activities, including boat tours, Museum entry as well as access to the cathedral’s terraces.

We soaked it all in during our recent visit to this picturesque city which has been bounced between French and German ownership over the last four centuries. We fell in love with Strasbourg’s charms as highlighted in our Strasbourg photos and we fell even harder for the Strasbourg food and wine.

Choucroute Garnie - Where to Eat in Strasbourg France - A Strasbourg Food Guide
Food in Strasbourg is different from much of the rest of France.

Of all the fun things to do in Strasbourg, eating and drinking were our favorite activities and a wonderful gateway to Strasbourg culture. Eating our way through Strasbourg France was a perfect choice after our fabulous Rhine River Viking River Cruise.

We chose Strasbourg due to its proximity to Basel, the final destination of the river cruise. Although Basel is in Switzerland, the Swiss city is just a short train ride away from Strasbourg.

Pro Tip
Buy your train tickets from the French ticket office in Basel. The prices are considerably lower than at the Swiss ticket office at the same train station.

In other words, it’s a no-brainer to visit Strasbourg after a cruise that ends in Basel. And while you’re there, you might as well eat at some of the best restaurants in Strasbourg France.

Strasbourg Selfie
We fell in love with picturesque Strasbourg. We walked all over the city, which is a good thing since we spent eleven days eating so much great food.

It’s no secret that we love French food. After almost two months of eating in France’s three biggest cities (Paris, Lyon and Marseille), we had high expectations for Strasbourg cuisine.

But we knew that the food in Strasbourg would be unique for France. Strasbourg is an Alsatian city, and traditional Alsace food is different from traditional French food.

Bretzels and Pastry in Strasbourg France
Carb alert! The bretzels and pastries in Strasbourg are plentiful and difficult to refuse. These are two of the best treats we ate in Strasbourg.

We spent eleven glorious days exploring and eating our away around Strasbourg. It was just enough time for us to discover local gems and experience many of the best Strasbourg food favorites.

Strasbourg Food Guide

Wondering where to eat in Strasbourg France? Options for the best restaurants range from casual eateries to Michelin Star rated establishments.

Strasbourg Restaurants

We ate at a variety of Strasbourg restaurants where we experienced both local specialties and global favorites. The following restaurants win our votes for the best places to eat in Strasbourg France:

Au Pont Corbeau

Au Pont Corbeau in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
The food at Au Pont Corbeau is the epitome of Alsatian comfort food. Pictured here are the Tarte Oignon, the Jambonneau Grille and the Choucroute Garnie.

Possibly the best restaurant in Strasbourg France, Christophe Andt’s Au Pont Corbeau is a 30 year stalwart in the Strasbourg France food scene. The rustic Strasbourg restaurant, loved by such luminary chefs as Jean-George Vongerichten, serves the epitome of Alsatian comfort food with its choucroute garnie stealing the show.

This dish is not for the dainty diner with its generous servings of salted bacon, smoked bacon, smoked sausage and knack de Strasbourg. The monstrous dish typifies the hearty cuisine of Alsace and yes, it is a showstopper, but the jambonneau grill separates this homey tavern from many others.

The pork knuckle, with its perfectly braised flesh and crispy, crackly skin, melted in our mouths and stole our hearts with every bite. Paired with a pichet of Sylvaner wine, our meal was like the blue heavens that occupy the sky above the nearby Vosges Mountains.

Au Pont Corbeau is located at 21 Quai Saint-Nicolas, 67000 Strasbourg, France. The restaurant is listed in Le Fooding Guide and has been awarded Michelin’s Bib Gourmand designation.


Flammekueche at Binchstub in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
The flammekueche at Binchstub is crisp and cheesy, but it’s the toppings that really steal the show.

Hip, centrally located Binchstub takes flammekueche, a traditional Alsatian specialty also known as tart flambée, to the next level. If you’re wondering what to eat in Strasbourg, eating a flammekueche should be on the top of your list.

Locals line up for a seat to order two things – flammekueche and wine. Toppings like slabs of Munster cheese, pear and arugula keep these pies fresh and funky. If you love thin crust pizza, then you will adore this version, a definite must eat in Strasbourg.

Binchstub is located at 6 Rue du Tonnelet Rouge, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Esprit Terroir – Permanently Closed with Update

Esprit Terroir in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
The menu at Esprit Terroir is fresh and seasonal. Pictured here are Cubes of Marinated Salmon with Vegetables; Creamy Risotto with Green Asparagus; Pollack with Minestrone and Mussels; and a Cheese Plate featuring Sainte Maure de Touroine, Tête de Moine, Chaorce, Bleu des Rocher and Munster.

** Esprit Terroir has permanently closed and has been replaced by a restaurant called Honesty. **

One of six Michelin starred restaurants in Strasbourg, Esprit Terroir stands out for its cozy location and its wonderful, affordable lunch menu. It’s hard to pass on a seasonal three-course lunch of this quality that cost under €30 (additional for coffee and wine) at the time of our meal. Dinner is a fancier affair with meals priced accordingly.

Esprit Terroir was located at 2 Quai Finkwiller, 67000 Strasbourg, France. The new restaurant in this space is called Honesty.

Le Pied de Mammouth

Double Magistrat Burger at Le Pied de Mammouth in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
This double Magistrat burger is fittingly mammoth in size. It’s also quite tasty thanks to the generous amounts of cumin-flavored Alsatian Munster cheese, smoked bacon, red onions and creamy herb sauce.

Le Pied de Mammouth is serious about burgers. Using nearby Alsatian ingredients, this hamburger joint offers a wide selection of sandwiches like the Kirken with figs, brie, grilled onions and coppa and the Magistrat with cumin Alsatian Munster cheese, smoked bacon, red onions and creamy herb sauce.

The burgers come on buns from local boulangerie Au Pain de mon Grand-Père and are served with fries or a salad. Order a pint of local Bendorf beer to complete your perfect Strasbourg lunch.

Le Pied de Mammouth has two locations in Strasbourg. The restaurant is listed in Le Fooding Guide.

Come a Marco

Pizza at Come a Roma in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Although Come a Roma is in the heart of Strasbourg, the pizza is pure Italian.

As good as French food may be, sometimes you just want a slice of Italian style pizza. Come a Roma solves this problem by serving Roman taglio pizza by the slice. Plus, it’s a great cheap eats Strasbourg meal option if you’re on a budget.

The casual eatery displays a selection of colorful pies that Federico Bartoloni and his staff slice and weigh to order. Although there’s no shame in ordering a classic Margherita slice, consider adding adventurous toppings like zucchini with truffle cream if you really want to experience the best pizza in Strasbourg.

Come a Roma is located at 7 Rue de la Chaîne, 67000 Strasbourg, France. The restaurant is listed in Le Fooding Guide.

Les Frangines

Desserts at Les Frangines in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Desserts like these seasonally inspired rhubarb tarts are baked daily at Les Frangines, an adorable Strasbourg cafe.

Sisters Bernadette and Gorica Urosevic, along with baker Stephanie Gerold, are serving pretty foods in a pretty cafe on a pretty street. Les Frangines serves fresh, flavor-forward food that brought us back for seconds. The team bakes up savory quiches and sweet tarts with local ingredients like strawberries and rhubarb, providing a creative take on traditional Strasbourg food.

Les Frangines is located at 18 Rue des Soeurs, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg Specialty Shops

In addition to the many Strasbourg restaurants, the city has a multitude of to-go shops including boulangeries, patisseries and traiteurs.


Baguettes in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Eating freshly baked baguettes in Strasbourg is part of the daily lifestyle.

It’s hard to throw a stick in Strasbourg without hitting a boulangerie selling fresh baguettes. You can shop at a chain like Au Pain de mon Grand-Père or try a local shop. Our neighborhood go-to was Complicithé. We love their pastries as well as their pointy baguettes. They also sell sandwiches and chocolates at their small shop.

Complicithé is located at 23 Rue des Juifs, 67000 Strasbourg, France.


Cheese in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Like the rest of France, the cheese in Strasbourg is outstanding.

Cheese, glorious cheese, oh how we love thee. In Strasbourg, good cheese is never far away and can be found in specialty fromageries like La Cloche à Fromage, at the markets and even at the grocery stores. The local Alsatian specialty is Munster, but most shops have a variety of raw milk cheeses from all over France.

La Cloche à Fromage has two locations in Strasbourg.

Meats & Prepared Foods

Frick-Lutz in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Traiteurs like Frick-Lutz sell all kinds of meats and prepared foods that can be enjoyed later.

After falling in love with the traiteur concept in other French cities, we were anxious to check out one in Strasbourg. One that caught our eyes and satisfied our bellies is Frick-Lutz.

Founded in 1830, this traiteur serves a wide selection of meats as wells as prepared food like terrines and marinated salmon. They also sell pre-cooked Alsatian and non-Alsatian style sausages.

Frick-Lutz has three locations in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Markets

Market Scenes in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Scenes from our visits at the markets in Strasbourg – note the fresh produce and busy vibe.

French cities excel at markets, and Strasbourg is no exception to this rule. With the exception of Sundays, daily markets spring up all over town giving residents and visitors the ultimate Strasbourg shopping experience of buying buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, meats and more from regional producers. Prices are good at the Strasbourg markets, and selection is plentiful.

Our favorite market was the Marché Cronenbourg at the Place de Haldenbourg. This market, which features Strasbourg food specialties from local producers, happens on Wednesdays and Fridays on the north corner of the Grand Isle at the intersection of Rue de la Nuée Bleue and Rue du Fort.

There’s also a smaller Strasbourg food market on Saturdays adjacent to the Rue du Vieux Marché aux Poissons near the Petite France neighborhood.

Pro Tip
Bring a shopping bag and Euros for your bounty plus Euros since most market vendors don’t supply bags or take credit cards.

Strasbourg Desserts

It’s a wonder how the people Strasbourg can stay so slim with all of the wonderful dessert options available on every block. Perhaps it’s all the walking or just good genes. Either way, pastries are some of the best things to eat in Strasbourg.

Discover the best French desserts and pastries.

Thierry Mulhaupt

Thierry Mulhaupt in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Thierry Mulhaupt sells a variety of pastries and chocolates at his Strasbourg shops with the same name.

Although award-winning pastry chef Thierry Mulhaupt learned his craft at Paris pâtisseries, he returned home to Alsace to practice his craft. Mulhaupt creates beautiful tarts, pastries and chocolates, but don’t discount the more simple croissant and kugelhopf offerings.

The store we visited on Vieux Marché aux Poissons was sleek and modern, but the service we received from Mulhaupt’s wife Corinne was warm and welcoming.

Thierry Mulhaupt has two locations in Strasbourg.

Pain D’Epices

Mireille Oster in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Meeting Mireille Oster was a highlight of our culinary experiences in Strasbourg. Oster travels the world to procure the best spices for her pain d’epices.

Similar to what many would call gingerbread in the United States, pain d’epices is an Alsatian quick bread usually baked with a variety of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Although this bread is easily located in Strasbourg, it’s worth a special visit to Mireille Oster at her eponymous Pain D’Epices store in the Petite France neighborhood.

We first met world traveler and local baker Oster during our Strasbourg Food & City Tour. Oster impressed us with her knowledge of spices as well as the quality of product sold in her quaint shop.

Mireille Oster Pain d’Epices is located at 14 Rue des Dentelles, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Patisserie Kubler

Pastries in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Pastries are so good and so plentiful. Why not eat one every day?

Located in central Strasbourg but away from the tourist zone, Patisserie Kubler is a haven for delicate pastries, colorful marzipan creations and chocolate-covered candied oranges. In addition to take away sales, the shop has a seating area where customers can enjoy a relaxed mid-afternoon break.

Pattisserie Kubler is located at 29 Avenue des Vosges, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Jacques Bockel

Chocolaterie Jacques Brockel in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Chocolate flows freely at Jacques Bockel in Strasbourg.

Fun and inviting, Jacques Bockel is a shop devoted to chocolate in all of its iterations from bars to bon bons. However, it’s the liquid chocolate that stands out. Try some dark chocolate, milk chocolate or hazelnut chocolate from the fountain in the shop before you buy a jar as a gift or for yourself.

Jacques Bockel is located at 10 Rue Vieux Marché aux Poissons, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg Drinks

We must admit we did not go to any bars in Strasbourg, and yet we drank really well. How is this possible? Easy enough – we bought world-class wine and beer to enjoy at our apartment.


Benoit Hecker at Onespere in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Onesphere’s Benoit Hecker is a wealth of knowledge about Alsatian wine.

Oenosphere is part wine shop, part enoteca (wine bar) and 100% recommended. This wine lover’s mecca sells a wide variety of curated local wine from boxed wine to high-quality bottles.

We will long remember the 2009 Riesling Kastelbari from the vineyards of Anna & André Durrmann. After drinking a glass of this funky Riesling, we returned a couple days later to buy a bottle.

When you visit, be sure to chat with Benoit Hecker – he has a wealth of knowledge about Alsatian wines along with surprising insights on the local food scene. Plus, he’s a great resource for things to do in Strasbourg.

Oenosphère is located at 33 Rue de Zurich, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Le Village de la Bière

La Village de la Biere in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
La Village de la Bière is a beer lover’s dream for its varied selection of beers from around the world.

As wonderful as the wine may be in Strasbourg, sometimes you just want a good beer. La Village de la Bière fills this need with its global selection of large and small format bottles.

We found many of our Belgian favorites here, all fairly priced and well displayed. There are some American beer selections here too if you’re homesick. They even have American Budweiser, which we would never think about drinking in Europe OR in the U.S.

Le Village de la Bière is located at 22 Rue des Frères, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Day Trip from Strasbourg

To fully appreciate Alsatian cuisine, not to mention the beauty of the region, it’s important to spend some time exploring the countryside – especially the charming city of Colmar, the stunning Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg and the Alsace Wine Route.

We were fortunate to visit all of these spots with our lovely new friend Isabelle Rederstorff and her equally lovely daughters. Plus, there’s great Alsatian food to be found in the areas surrounding Strasbourg.

Le Brochet in Barr

Le Brochet in Strasbourg France - Strasbourg Food Guide
Local Alsatian food can be found throughout the area at restaurants like Le Brochet in nearby Barr.

Our lunch at Le Brochet in Barr was a leisurely affair. We ate choucroute à l’Alsacienne (pictured at the top of the article) and La Bouchée à la Reine (pictured here). We drank Klevener wine, a local white varietal. Best of all, we finished our meal with a decadent amarena sundae.

Le Brochet is located at 9, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, 67140 Barr, France.

Things To Do in Strasbourg France

Strasbourg City View
Take time to explore Strasbourg. The French city has a lot to offer.

Now that you know about the great Strasbourg food and drink options, you should explore addtional ways to explore the city. You may even one to try one of the following activities:

Planning Checklist

Hungry for More in France?

Check out our food guides for Lyon and Paris.

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Richard Curzi and Nancy McCabe

Friday 20th of December 2019

Our only regret is that we found this post on our last day in Strasbourg. We had a great wine purchasing experience at Oenosphere followed by the truly amazing Tarte Flambee at Binchstub. The staff at both places were wonderful too. Thanks for the recommendations!


Monday 21st of October 2019

Esprit Terroir and Smokey Brothers sound good but google maps says they are now perm closed. Shame!

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Monday 21st of October 2019

Thanks for letting us know. We're making the necessary changes and will update the guide.


Friday 27th of April 2018

Looks like there's a lot of German influence in that region :O I'm more of a fan of the South France cuisine. However, I'd love to try some of these.


Saturday 8th of October 2016

Thanks a lot for this little walk-around. It's a pleasure to see my city's delicatessen trough others eyes. Gona reference your post for my colleagues from Germany and Switzerland. Merci beaucoup et bon voyage.

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 9th of October 2016

Thanks a lot! It was a pleasure to call Strasbourg home for the couple weeks we spent there. The culture of your city is as unique as the food... and the amazing wine!


Monday 18th of July 2016

This is amazing! All of these dishes look absolutely delicious. Glad to see you enjoyed your experience!