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Where To Eat The Best BBQ In Lockhart Texas

Planning an Austin day trip to Lockhart and want to eat some of the best BBQ in Texas? Discover our picks for the top spots to eat Lockhart TX BBQ.

Lockhart City Hall
Image: ©2foodtrippers

Lockhart is one of the best places to eat smoked meat in Central Texas – if not the world. We don’t say this lightly after eating BBQ in Texas cities like Dallas and Houston, around the US and on four continents so far.

Located just 30 minutes from the Texas state capital, Lockhart feels decidedly different from its hi-tech neighbor. It’s a great Austin day trip destination for non-vegetarian travelers. In fact, true BBQ fans (like us) will want to add eating barbecue in Lockhart to their list of things to do whether visiting for a full week or for a shorter Austin weekend getaway.

Discover our Austin food favorites.

Why Visit Lockhart?

Carving Meat at Kreuz Market in Lockhart TX
Who needs modern cuisine when you can eat some of the best barbecue in the world in Lockhart? | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Lockhart BBQ joints don’t just serve the barbecue Holy Trinity (i.e. brisket, ribs and sausage). They revere the meaty threesome.

Walk into some of the great meat markets of Lockhart and you’ll feel like it’s 1950. Much of the best barbecue in Lockhart TX is still made the old-fashioned way in hand-fashioned barbecue pits that have been smoking meat for over a century.

The best Lockhart BBQ places take cooking to its core essence and produce some of the greatest slow-cooked and smoked meat products on the face of the earth. This is a city where old-line markets produce sausages that make you wonder what you’ve been eating your whole life and restaurants serve Brontosaurus sized ribs and fixings born of cooking traditions handed down through the years with love.

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Where To Eat Great BBQ In Lockhart TX

BBQ at Kreuz Market in Lockhart TX
We went to Lockhart with the mission to eat good barbecue. We completed this mission at three different markets. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Approaching Lockhart barbecue was a challenge. Contrary to rumors, we can only eat so much in a day.

So, armed with empty stomachs, we explored the town with as much abandon as our two stomachs could handle. Based on our diligent advance research and on-the-spot eating, these are the best spots to chow down in Lockhart:

Kreuz Market

Kreuz Market - The Best Lockhart TX BBQ
Butchers slice brisket to order at Kreuz Market. At this temple of barbecue in Lockhart Texas, customers place their barbecue orders by the pound. The meat is served with no knives and no sauce. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Kreuz Market is a local institution and must-visit during any Lockhart TX barbecue trip.

The smoky smells transported our olfactory senses straight to BBQ land as we pulled our trusty Nissan Sentra into Kreuz’s large gravel parking lot. Kreuz’s layout is simple. An amply sized eat-in dining room yields to three large ordering counters where customers place their orders by the pound.

There are really no secrets here. As soon as your order is taken, the sales clerk reaches back to one of the large pits behind the counter where prodigious quantities of smoked brisket, ribs and sausage wait in Kreuz’s large brick barbecue pits. On this stop, we ordered ribs, brisket and one link of cheddar jalapeño sausage.

Sign at Kreuz Market in Lockhart TX
This sign at Kreuz Market says it all. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The flavors of the ribs and brisket struck us right away. Texans don’t mess with a lot of complicated spices. There’s even a sign that proudly proclaims the market’s ban on barbecue sauce.

Here in Lockhart, the seasoning mix is basically just salt and pepper. What makes Texas BBQ so great is the art, decades in the making, of low and slow cookery. This approach enables the deep and rich flavors and textures found in the meat to harmonize with a simple spice blend.

Texas BBQ in Lockhart TX
Texas barbecue is all about the meat. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

After tasting the brisket and ribs, we dug into the sausage – which absolutely stole the show and our hearts (no pun intended) with a beautiful snap to each bite yielding to a spicy, juicy center.

At Kreuz Market, meat is basically served on butcher paper with a plastic knife and NO FORKS. It’s really not all that messy due to the ‘no sauce’ thing, so all you have is a knife and your fingers.

With the sausage, we gripped the one end, sliced open the link and watched with awe as the precious porky juices slowly flowed from the center. Once in our mouths, the sausage made a perfect snap upon chewing.

Cheddar Jalapeño Sausage at Kreuz Market - The Best Lockhart TX BBQ
The Cheddar Jalapeño Sausage at Kreuz Market is one of the best sausages we’ve ever tasted. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

And the flavor? It was perfect – the jalapeno was spicy without being overbearing, ending with a cheesy, smoky flavor punch.

We’ve eaten more than our share of great sausages in our lives, but the link at Kreutz Market may be the greatest we’ve tasted so far.

Pro Tip
Go to Kreutz Market on a weekday to avoid long queues and a crowded parking lot.

Kreuz Market is located at 619 N Colorado Street, Lockhart, TX 78644, United States.

Smitty’s Market

Smittys Market in Lockhart TX
Smitty’s Market may be cute but it’s a serious barbecue joint. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

It’s easy to travel around Lockhart’s cute yet walkable center and breeze past the town’s multi-spired 19th-century courthouse building that screams small-town Texas. Lockhart has a few small bars and even a couple of art galleries, but the BBQ joints are the main attractions. With this in mind, Smitty’s Market was our second stop in Lockhart.

Smitty’s Market is nothing fancy, but we don’t need fancy when we eat barbecue. While admiring the market’s primitive smokey pits, we spoke to temporary pitmaster Jim Sells who didn’t hesitate to show off the meaty morsels that were parked over the smoke-filled metal grates.

Jim Sells at Smitty's Market - The Best Lockhart TX BBQ
Jim Sells fills in for pit duty for his wife, Nina Sells, at Smitty’s market. Here, ribs are turned and smoked for hours in large barbecue pits. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

A simple bonfire burned on one end of the brick constructed pits while smoke was drawn through a large simple ceiling fan that looked as ancient as the century-old building that houses the Lockhart institution.

“My wife does all the real work every day. I’m just filling in,” Sells said. To us, that simple reply summed up the family vibe at Smitty’s. The decor is simple with long tables, fluorescent lights and an old-school lunch counter. At Smitty’s, it’s all about food like the market’s popular prime rib, smoked pork chops and moist brisket.

Barbecued Meat in Lockhart TX
We reached brisket nirvana with this brisket at Smitty’s Market. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

How did we like the food? Let’s start with the pork chop. Smitty’s pork chops are lean and don’t lend themselves well to low and slow cookery but the true treasure is in their ends, cooked hours to spicy, carmelized meltiness. Then we tasted the moist brisket…

Smitty’s brisket is nirvana for the meat lover. Once the deeply barked meat is removed from the pit, you can see the juices flow out gently as the knife courses its way through the fatty, bouncy, succulent beef.

We enjoyed every bit of it. Mindi loved the bark-like outside (Real burnt ends – Are you paying attention Kansas City?) while Daryl relished in the fatty meat with its smoky, beefy, melt in your mouth flavors.

Pro Tip
Be sure to explore the rear of Smitty’s Market so that you don’t miss out on seeing where the magic happens.

Smitty’s Market is located at 208 S Commerce Street, Lockhart, TX 78644, United States.

Black’s Barbecue

Blacks Barbecue in Lockhart TX
Blacks’s Barbecue looks like a million barbecue joints but it’s one of the best in Texas. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Black’s Barbecue may be the most conventional dining hall in Lockhart, but what makes Black’s different is the sides… and its Brontosaurus sized beef ribs. Not only is Black’s one of the most popular Lockhart restaurants, it’s one of the best places to eat barbecue in Lockhart Texas.

Instead of being a butcher shop/lunch counter like Smitty’s and Kreuz, Blacks BBQ is more of a family-style restaurant featuring tables lined with plastic gingham and walls covered with nostalgia. Customers line up and pick their choice of sides like peach cobbler, sweet potatoes, green beans and potato salad.

Ribs at Black's Barbecue - The Best Lockhart TX BBQ
Barbecue aficionados may not approve of meat that falls off the bone at Black’s Barbecue. For us, this was no issue. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

During our visit at Black’s BBQ Lockhart, we ordered brisket and the huge beef rib. The brisket was solid with good smoke and nice bark, but the fattiness of the rib conveyed the true essence of great Texas barbecue with its nicely browned bark and juicy meat.

The peach cobbler was especially good – gooey yet not too sweet with a buttery, cinnamon crust. While Kreuz and Smitty’s make for excellent barbecue excursions, Black’s provides a range of food options and a space for a pleasant night out.

Pro Tip
Don’t be scared off by the price of the beef ribs at Black’s Barbecue. They are big, meaty and worth every penny.

Black’s Barbecue is located at 215 N Main Street, Lockhart, TX 78644, United States.

Lockhart Chisolm Trail Bar-B-Que

True confession – we didn’t eat at Chisolm Trail since we were too full after the first three stops. And the worst part? Chisolm Trail was located right next to our motel.

This homestyle barbecue joint, founded by a former Black’s Barbecue employee, serves classic, Texas-style barbecue that’s been slow cooked with oak wood in big pits. Popular items include brisket, chicken, ribs and sausage.

Pro Tip
Don’t be like us. Order some meat to-go if you’re too full to eat at Chisolm Trail and be sure to let us know how it tastes.

Lockhart Chisolm Trail Bar-B-Que is located at 1323 S Colorado Street, Lockhart, TX 78644, United States.

Logistics From Austin To Lockhart

Big Red Groceries Sign in Lockhart TX
Take time to wander around Lockhart. There are surprises in every nook and cranny. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Since public transportation is not a good option from Austin to Lockhart (and also from Lockhart to Austin), we recommend that you rent a car and make the short drive. The drive on I-35 should take about 30 minutes unless it’s rush hour.

Pro Tip
Be prepared to pay a toll despite the relatively short drive.

You can plan your carnivorous journey while waiting in the Franklin BBQ line if you’re into multitasking. It’s a top dining destination and attraction that many consider to be one of the best things to do in Austin.

Austin Planning Checklist

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Original Publication Date: April 14, 2016


Sunday 8th of May 2016

I've been going to "Smitty's" for over fifty years. Until about 10 years ago, it was Kreuz's - for almost 80 years. Then, a dispute over the rent led Nina's brother to move to a new building, taking the name with them.

As much as I love Lockhart, and as big a place as it has in my heart, the truth is that Austin is now the leading city in Texas for barbecue. We have plenty of places awaiting your visit here.

Lara Dunning

Tuesday 19th of April 2016

I'm always in the mood for BBQ ribs. Yum! Not sure I'll make it down that way, but I love seeing all the photos.


Monday 18th of April 2016

These photos are making me soooo hungry!! I love, love BBQ ribs :)


Sunday 17th of April 2016

This is a literal dream! I love barbecue and would love to travel to Texas and do something a bit like this!

Adonis Villanueva

Saturday 16th of April 2016

Ohhh, yummy! I love BBQ. I'll probably never end up in Texas but after seeing those pictures of meaty, juicy, deliciousness I might just change my mind :)

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