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26 Best Graz Restaurants

Deciding where to eat in Graz can be a challenge. We spent a week eating our way through Austria’s ‘City of Culinary Delights’ and share the Graz restaurants, cheap eats, dessert spots, markets and bars that you don’t want to miss during your visit.

Rindsuppe with Frittaten on Spoon at Aiola Upstairs in Graz

Graz has an embarrassment of historic and cultural riches. The same could be said about its food.

Located at the foot of the Austrian Alps, Graz is surrounded by lush countryside where farmers have been growing vegetables, curing meat and producing cheese for centuries. In a nutshell, or perhaps we should we say pumpkin seed shell, the culinary options in the Austrian city are astounding.

Graz Food Guide | Where To Eat In Graz

Vegetables at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Graz
The food in Graz is both local and regional. It’s also fresh and tasty.

While Graz may have lost the letter “t” that was once in its name, the city has won the slow food lottery.

We encountered the city’s passion for local ingredients at restaurants and markets as well as while chatting with locals all over town. We also tasted the passion at the best restaurants in Graz from cheap eats to fine dining and everything in between. The same goes for when we sipped coffee at the best Graz cafes.

Our Favorite Graz Restaurants

Chefs at Geniesserei am Markt in Graz
Graz has an embarrassment of wealth when it comes to food but it’s the chefs who transform local ingredients into cuisine. We spotted these two chefs practicing their craft at Genießerei am Markt during our midday meal at the admirable Graz eatery.

Graz has a wide variety of restaurants that celebrate the Styrian region’s food bounty.

These are our favorite restaurants in Graz and the ones you don’t want to miss:

Der Steirer

Backhendl Platter at Der Steirer in Graz
We ate a lot of great dishes in Graz. This Backehndl platter at Der Steirer was our favorite.

Perhaps we should have saved Der Steirer, our pick for the best restaurant in Graz, for a triumphant eating finale to end our visit. Instead, this restaurant launched our week-long Graz food crawl with small plates and chilled wine along with larger plates topped with Backhendl and Goulash. The restaurant’s fun mix of modern riffs on classic fare proved impossible to top.

Far from a hidden gem or old fashioned beer hall, Der Steirer has a vibe and a menu that pairs Styrian tapas with traditional Austrian dishes. The popular joint was buzzing with locals who filled every table during our dinner service.

Pro Tip
Since not one empty table was to be found during our meal at Der Steirer, we strongly urge you to reserve a table at this restaurant well in advance.

Lachs-Ei Tapas at Der Steirer in Graz
We didn’t just eat Backhandl at Der Steirer. We also ate tapas including this tasty deviled egg served with smoked salmon and salmon roe.

More important, Der Steirer’s food tastes great with one exception – its Backhendl is simply out of this world. The restaurant’s version, a heaping basket of juicy bone-in chicken with a lightly crisp, well-seasoned, herb-tinged crust, is textbook. Thanks to Der Steirer, this Austrian-style fried chicken dish now ranks among our favorites along with spots like Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville.

We also enjoyed a shareable slice of Apfelstrudel served with vanilla ice cream. In other words, try to save room for dessert.

Pro Tip
Multi-task during your meal by buying a bottle of wine or pumpkin seed oil or both at Der Steirer’s food shop.

Der Steirer is located at Belgiergasse 1, 8020 Graz, Austria.

Genießerei Am Markt

Geniesserei am Markt in Graz
Genießerei am Markt isn’t just near the Kaiser-Josef-Platz market. It’s literally located in a market stall.

Eating local is easy to do in Graz but perhaps nowhere more so than at Genießerei am Markt which is conveniently located in a stall at the Kaiser-Josef-Platz market. This prime spot gives Chef Christopher Leitinger proximity to the market’s best ingredients and allows him to fully focus on cooking regional, seasonal cuisine.

Genießerei am Markt isn’t fancy and its menu isn’t extensive. However, the lack of bells and whistles doesn’t take away from the dining experience both inside and outside the stall. Instead, diners can focus on what matters most – the food.

Gnocchi Spergel at Geniesserei am Markt in Graz
Graz chefs love cooking with asparagus during the summer season. During our summertime Graz visit, nobody cooked asparagus better than Chef Christopher Leitinger did when he cooked this gnocchi dish that featured fresh ingredients and a green carrot top garnish.

The hand written menu just had six options including dessert the day of our lunch. We ordered three of them – burrata with pesto, veal with polenta and asparagus gnocchi. Any other time, burrata served with pesto, arugula, radish, pine nuts, sun-dried tomato bits and tomato purée would be the star of the meal. But not this time.

Instead, pillowy gnocchi shined brightest with ingredients like fresh asparagus and local pumpkin seed oil. Daryl couldn’t stop talking about the creative use of green, sharp leaved carrot tops that garnished the dish. In fact, he’s still talking about those greens. Please make him stop!

Pro Tip
Sit outside if the weather permits. Genießerei am Markt’s market location is excellent for people watching.

Genießerei am Markt is located at Kaiser-Josef-Platz 27/29, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Dreizehn By Gauster

Dreizehn by Gauster in Graz
Savvy diners flock to Dreizehn by Gauster during the day to order the restaurant’s three-course lunch special.

Dreizehn by Gauster offers a three-course lunch for 15€ during the week. While the price was previously 13€ and could increase again, we have no complaints about its value.

True confession – We didn’t discover this local favorite during our extensive research. Instead, our spirited server at Der Steirer passed the tip to us and we ran with it.

Duck Breast at Dreizehn by Gauster in Graz
We didn’t complain when learned that Dreizehn by Gauster’s lunch special featured duck during our visit. We also didn’t complain about the zucchini and carrot purée which completed the dish.

Our leisurely lunch at Dreizehn by Gauster included lamb’s lettuce salads, duck breasts and miniature rhubarb cakes. Local ingredients like pumpkin seeds, radishes, carrots and zucchini kept the meal in theme with Graz’s sustainability focus.

In full disclosure, our desserts were quite small but that was okay with us. During this lunch, we were perfectly happy to drink our calories in glasses filled with local beer and wine.

Pro Tip
Order a charcuterie plate if you’re really hungry or simply curious to sample Styrian cured meat.

Dreizehn by Gauster is located at Franziskanerpl. 13, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Landhauskeller in Graz
We chose to dine in Landhauskeller’s courtyard located just around the corner from the historic arched renaissance Landhaus building.

“Don’t miss eating at Landhauskeller.”

With that advice from Sarah and Terry from LiveShareTravel, we squeezed in a last-minute lunch at Landhauskeller, a historic restaurant owned by the same group that operates Aiola Upstairs, Katze Katze, Oh My Dog and Pink Elephant (see all below).

It was a solid recommendation. Not only did we eat traditional Austrian food, but we did so while sitting in a lovely courtyard located next to a historic landmark, the 16th century Landhaus.

Landhauskeller’s food is as traditional as the courtyard the restaurant sits in. We ate Tafelspitz, Austria’s preparation of prime boiled beef served with roasted potatoes and apple-horseradish. Bowing toward deeper traditions, we also enjoyed a tender pan-fried Wiener Schnitzel served with baby potatoes and cranberry sauce.

We supplemented these dishes with a bottle of sparkling water. Other menu options included fried carp and garlic risotto, starters like lamb’s lettuce and potato salad, a variety of seasonal soups like asparagus tomato and a few tempting desserts like apple pie and a ‘sorbet of the day’.

Pro Tip
Sit outside if you’re seeking a chill experience. Sit inside if you’re seeking something more traditional and clubby.

Landhauskeller is located at Schmiedgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Aiola Upstairs

Aiola Upstairs in Graz
It’s impossible to resist the view at Aiola Upstairs. It’s a stunner.

Since ascending Graz’s Schloßberg is a must, it’s practically a no-brainer to eat a meal with a view at Aiola Upstairs while you’re there. This open-air restaurant next to Graz’s iconic clock tower is located at the top (i.e. upstairs) of the ‘castle mountain’.

Part of the fun of dining at Aiola Upstairs is the journey. Options include a three-minute funicular excursion, a 30-second glass elevator ride and a steep hike up the hill. We took the elevator since that’s how we roll these days. Plus, we were in a rush to make our reservation.

Spargelrisotto at Aiola Upstairs in Graz
Graz chefs love cooking with asparagus when it’s in season. This risotto dish was no exception due to its inclusion of both green and white stalks.

While it’s difficult to miss the view while dining at Aiola Upstairs, we had a particularly good view from our terrace table. After toasting our front-row view with local wine, we ordered four dishes that ranged from fair to great.

Tartare-obsessed Mindi wasn’t keen about her beef tartare due to its slimy texture; however, she was more than happy with her lamb’s lettuce salad that was both generously sized and loaded with chunks of bacon. Meanwhile, Daryl had no issue with either his pancake-topped beef soup or his creamy, al dente asparagus risotto served with a generous amount of seasonal white and green asparagus and flavored with chervil and parmesan.

Pro Tip
Arrive early if you don’t have a reservation. Better yet, make one.

Aiola Upstairs is located at Schloßberg 2, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Pizza Oven at Pizzaiolo in Graz
Stefano Sisinni channeled his Italian heritage during our meal at Pizzaiola.

Driving from Graz to Naples would take eleven hours without any stops. That’s a long distance to travel but it’s close enough to attract great pizzaiolos who leap the alps and apply their expert Neapolitan pizza skills at Graz’s Pizzaiola.

These pizza experts ‘walk the walk’ by fermenting dough for 48 hours. They then bake remarkable pies with golden brown edges in a wood-fired Italian pizza oven located in the restaurant’s basement.

Friarielli Pizza at Pizzaiolo in Graz
This friarielli pie was a pizza masterpiece thanks to toppings that included friarelli, sausage, basil, tomatoes and fior di latte mozzarella.

Of course, we didn’t stop with pizza

After scarfing down two pies – friarielli with sausage and a “Napoli” pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms – we somehow found space to share an order of Tiramisu. Served in a bowl, the satisfying traditional Italian dessert featured a bottom layer of light sponge cake, a thick topping of cream and dark, powdery espresso on the surface.

Pro Tip
Order Italian wine to go with your Italian pizza. We ordered Chianti Classico but other options include Barbera d’Alba, Valpollicella and Ribolla Gialla. You can also order an Aperol Spritz or Hugo if you’re more in the mood for a sparkling wine cocktail.

Pizzaiola is located at Dietrichsteinpl. 7, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Open since 2017, Gerüchteküche is a fully vegetarian restaurant that celebrates Graz’s culinary bounty. It’s also an intimate restaurant that embraces gastronomic trends like foraging and fermentation.

Dining without a formal menu, we began our meat-free meal at Gerüchteküche with a melange of carrot textures topped with spherified seaweed meant to imitate caviar. Fermented koji finished the dish. Other dishes contained intriguing elements like chicory kimchee, asparagus ash and celery cream.

Chef at Geruchtekuche in Graz
Chef Michael Wankerl forages and ferments in his quest to serve unique vegetarian dishes in Graz.

Gerüchteküche is a passion project for a chef who pushes the culinary boundaries of Styrian food. Various pickle jars greeted us as we walked through the space’s back hallways before we glimpsed inside Chef Michael Wankerl’s reach-in fridge filled with what seemed a hundred jars of colorful ingredients that the chef was playing with that week.

Wankerl spends much of his free time in the forest and gets his inspiration from nature. Instead of cooking a set menu, he creates each dish in his mind and then cooks it with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The results are magical.

Pro Tip
Expect the unexpected when you dine at Gerüchteküche. The restaurant’s menu changes on a daily basis.

Gerüchteküche is located at Gartengasse 28, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Small Plates at Hummel in Graz
Holy Mezze! Our meal at Hummel included a plethora of tiny plates filled with big flavors.

Vegetarians looking for a casual dining experience will be happy to discover Hummel, a relatively recent addition to the Graz dining scene that offers a range of Levantine dishes prepared both with and without meat.

Some diners seek out Hummel in appreciation for its commitment to sustainability. Others choose to dine here because they want to eat tasty mezze in a communal environment. We fit into both categories.

From seasonal ruby red beets to creamy dips more typically eaten in the Middle East, our meal featured locally sourced food cooked with a variety of spices. And, most important, the food tasted great.

Pro Tip
Order Hummel’s Mezze Table if you’re dining with friends and want to share a bunch of small dishes.

Hummel is located at Mariahilfer Str. 12, 8020 Graz, Austria.

Our Favorite Graz Cheap Eats

Daryl Eats a Wurst at Oh My Dog in Graz
Daryl eyes were as wide as his mouth when he ate this loaded Hot Dog at Oh My Dog in Graz.

While Graz is notable for its commitment to sustainability and local cuisine, these trends equally apply to food eaten without silverware or big price tags. In other words, Graz is an equal opportunity food city.

These are our favorite affordable eateries in Graz:


Belegte Brote Snack at Frankowitch in Graz
Since our Belegte Brote selection was both colorful and satisfying, it’s fair to say that we ordered well at Frankowitsch.

Open since 1932, Frankowitsch is a popular spot for Graz locals seeking a variety of tasty treats.

The cafe is famous for its open-faced sandwiches called Belegte Brote which come topped with a range of proteins like roast beef, salmon and even caviar. Beyond sandwiches, the eatery also serves cakes, pastries and cookies as well as wine, beer and spritzes.

Discover more great global sandwiches.

Belegte Brote Selection at Frankowitch in Graz
We were like kids in a candy shop when we saw Frankowitshch’s extensive sandwich selection.

We loved the tasty trio of Belegte Brote that we ate at Frankowitsch. The miniature sandwiches didn’t just exceed our expectations. They also satisfied our mid-afternoon appetites.

Our show-stopping caviar sandwich had enough of the salty eggs to make us say “wow!” with every popping bite. As a bonus, despite its generous caviar schmear, it didn’t pop our bank account. Winning!

Pro Tip
Order small beers called pfiffs if you want to turn your sandwich snack into an aperitivo experience.

Frankowitsch is located at Stempfergasse 2, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Standl 5

Standl 5 in Graz
Standl 5 is proof that not every top restaurant in Graz has a roof and walls.

All Graz roads figuratively lead to the Hauptplatz, Graz’s main square. Some people follow those roads to see the square’s Rathaus and its Archduke Johann fountain. While those sites are surely worth a look, food travelers go to the square for an entirely different reason.

That reason is to eat a Steirer Hot Dog at Standl 5, a simple food stand located on the city’s central square.

Discover more great hot dogs around the world.

Steirer Hot Dog Close Up at Standl 5 in Graz
Eating this Styrian Hot Dog at Standl 5 was a dream come true thanks to our friend Mr. Bacon and his friend Mrs. Pumpkin Seed Oil Mayo.

Standl 5’s Steirer Hot Dogs come wrapped in bacon and garnished with salad, onions, horseradish and pumpkin seed oil mayonnaise. Customers can optionally add mustard for a finishing touch.

Ordering a Steirer Hot Dog is a must at Standl 5. Sure, the popular food stand also sells simple frankfurters and bratwurst, but you can eat those pork products anywhere and everywhere in Austria. The Steirer Hot Dog is special to Graz and this stand does it best.

Pro Tip
While ordering a Steirer Hot Dog is a must, feel free to order a drink of your choice.

Standl 5 is located at Hauptpl. Stand 5, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Oh My Dog

Wurst in Front of at Oh My Dog in Graz
We thought we had an OMG moment when we ate this Holy Dog at Oh My Dog. In retrospect, it was actually an OMD moment.

Graz may not be the biggest city in Austria. That honor goes to Vienna. However, it’s a city big enough to host multiple gourmet hot dog stands. If you don’t make it to Standl 5, Oh My Dog is the next one to try. We say try them both!

Owned by the same restaurant group that operates Aiola Upstairs and Landhauskeller (see both above) as well as Katze Katze and Pink Elephant (see both below), Oh My Dog serves hot dogs as well as Langos, the popular Budapest fry bread.

We ordered Oh My Dog’s signature Holy Dog topped with homemade ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, sour cream and crispy onions. While it was big enough to share, next time we’re each ordering our own.

Pro Tip
Don’t skip Oh My Dog if you follow a vegan diet. The elevated hot dog stand has multiple meat-free dishes including the Noah’s Arch made with herb chickpea sausage.

Oh My Dog is located at Am Eisernen Tor, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Wilding _ Fett Essen Wurst Stand in Graz
We didn’t have to look far to find this Würstelstand since it was located just down the block from our Graz hotel.

Würstelstands are the answer to the question of where to grab a late night snack in Graz.

Unlike gourmet street food stands like Standl 5 and Oh My Dog, these generic sausage stands sell bratwurst and currywurst to crowds of hungry locals looking to temper their alcohol filled nights with meaty, bread bound snacks.

Some customers skip the late night snacks and continue to drink beer instead. We recommend ordering both since you’ll need something to wash the food down and it might as well be beer.

Pro Tip
Plan to stand while you eat your Würstelstand purchase unless you spot a nearby bench.

Würstelstands are located throughout Graz.

Our Favorite Graz Dessert Spots

Apfelstrudel with Vanilla Ice Cream at Der Steirer in Graz
It’s easy to find great desserts in Graz. We topped this Apfelstrudel with ice cream after we found it at Der Sterier.

Eating dessert in Austria is one of our favorite things to do whether we’re in Vienna or Graz. Not only do Austrian bakers excel at transforming sugar and flour into culinary treats, but Austrian farmers produce milk that makes eating ice cream a not-to-miss pleasure.

These are our favorite dessert spots in Graz:

Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax

Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax in Graz
Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax isn’t just a historic Graz landmark. It’s also a happy place for anybody with a sweet tooth.

Fine baking in Austria runs deep. How deep? Let’s just say at 500 years deep. The French specifically refer to layered pastries as Viennoiseries for a reason. And Graz, which is only a couple hours down the OBB rail lines from Vienna, can proudly claim a stake to that baking tradition.

Graz’s oldest bakery, Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax, traces its history back to 1569 and may have existed even longer than that. It was bought in 1787 by Mathias Tax and moved to its current location in 1880 by Franz Tax III.

Located at the foot of Graz’s Schloßberg hill, this world famous bakery is not to be missed. The Japanese love Edegger-Tax’s pastries so much that the Graz bakery opened a second location in Kyoto.

Inside a Mozartkugel at Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax in Graz
We photographed this Mozartkugel‘s colorful interior before we ate the tasty treat at Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax. True confession – We also ate a Schloßbergkugel and a Linzerrad cookie.

All you have to do is look at the ornately carved storefront to realize that Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax breathes history. You’ll find classics like Croissants and layered Turnovers on the bakery shelves as well as Linzer Bars and little Sissi-Busserl treats named after Empress Elizabeth who was also known as Sissi.

But, like us, you’ll want to order fun new spins on confections like large chocolate Mozart kugeln filled with marzipan and equally large Schloßberg kugeln, also filled with marzipan and surrounded by a crunchy layer of dark chocolate. You’ll understand once you see these sweet beauties in person.

Pro Tip
Bring your camera or smartphone so you can photograph the bakery’s ornate, hand carved wooden facade. There are very few buildings like it in the world.

Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax is located at Hofgasse 6, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Harry’s ICECream

Ice Cream Cone Close Up at Harrys Ice Cream in Graz
Topped with scoops of dark chocolate and salted butter caramel ice cream, this double decker ice cream cone at Harry’s ICECream was twice as good as we expected.

We didn’t find Harry’s ICECream in a Graz guide. Instead, we bumped into the shop after drinking excellent coffee at The Beanery. Once we saw the handwritten white board filled with fresh, seasonal flavors and tasted the creamy, dreamy ice cream, this Lend shop soared to the top of our Graz ice cream list.

Being sufficiently amped up on great coffee, we sated our craving for sweets with a cone topped with scoops of dark chocolate and salted butter caramel. Not only did the spontaneous ice cream cone taste great, but it also provided adequate fuel for a day of intense Graz exploration.

Pro Tip
Splurge and add fresh fruit to your cone unless you’d rather add a chocolate topping.

Harry’s ICECream is located at Zinzendorfgasse 30, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Sax Eis

Ice Cream Cone at Sax Eis in Graz
We paused to photograph our double decker Sax Eis ice cream cone before we quickly devoured both scoops.

Located around the corner from Hofbackerei Edegger-Tax (see above), Sax Eis is a great spot to take an ice cream break while touring Graz. The shop’s location places it within walking distance of many of the city’s best sites. But geography is only one reason to visit Sax Eis. The main reason is the ice cream itself.

Ice Cream flavors include dairy-free options suitable for vegans plus organic flavors made with milk sourced from the nearby Tax Dairy Farm. We chose one scoop of each – vegan Nero and milky Mozart. And here’s the scoop on the scoops – both tasted great.

Pro Tip
Plan ahead if you want to order an ice cream cake. These frozen treats require 48-hour advance notice.

Sax Eis is located at Sporgasse 13, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Das Eissalon

Ice Cream Cone at Das Eissalon in Graz
We topped this double decker Der Eissalon cone with scoops of Mozartkugeln and Amarena Kirsch ice cream. The combination was a winner.

Der Eissalon’s simple name literally translates to the ice cream parlor. While many people (including us) eat ice cream cones at Der Eissalon, the parlor’s sustainable menu also includes bubble waffles, pancakes, waffles, milkshakes and smoothie bowls.

Its extensive menu also features a variety of ice cream flavors. Some are vegan and gluten-free while others like Salty Butter Caramel and Marzipan are more decadent.

Pro Tip
Don’t be disappointed if your favorite flavor isn’t available. Der Eissalon rotates its 100 flavors. Plus, certain flavors are seasonal.

Das Eissalon has multiple Graz locations. We visited the shop located at Stubenberggasse 5, 8010 Graz, Austria.


Cranberry Truffles at Xocolat in Graz
Chocolate lovers rejoice when they visit Xocolat in Graz. We were two of those chocolate lovers when we visited the compact shop

Xocolat may be based in Vienna but don’t count out a visit to its Graz location if you’re a chocolate fan. Instead, focus on what you want to taste during your visit.

An obvious choice would be to buy a milk or dark chocolate bar but that would be boring. A better option would be to choose a Schlossbergkugel since that particular truffle is local to Graz. However, we won’t blame you if you’re dazzled by the shop’s vibrantly red Moosbeere (i.e. cranberry) bonbons since that candy spoke to us too.

Pro Tip
Consider buying a few extra chocolate bars for edible souvenirs or gifts.

Xocolat is located at Herrengasse 11, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Our Favorite Graz Markets And Food Shops

Apple Selection at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Graz
Vendors at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef-Platz sell an encyclopedic selection of local apples.

Food shopping in Graz is a feast for the senses. Local products abound at outdoor markets, local shops and bigger stores. The only challenge is that you’ll want to buy it all.

These are our favorite markets and food shops in Graz:

Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz

Wine at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef-Platz in Graz
We broke from shopping to drink these glasses of sparkling wine at one of the many cafes located on the edge of the Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz.

Shopping at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz is a must even if you don’t have access to a kitchen.

Graz’s main market is a tourist destination due to its vast selection of locally grown products displayed on rows of stalls. But make no mistake – Kaiser-Josef is a thriving market where Graz citizens and restaurants shop for fruits, vegetables, meats and cheese every day of the week except Sunday.

Pro Tip
Don’t dilly dally when you shop at Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz. The bustling market closes at 1pm sharp.

Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz is located at Kaiser-Josef-Platz 8010, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Bauernmarkt Lendplatz

Bauernmarkt Lendplatz in Graz
Seasonal products included strawberries and rhubarb when we shopped at Bauernmarkt Lendplatz.

Located on the ‘other’ side of the Mur River, Bauernmarkt Lendplatz is a great market option in Graz’s Lend neighborhood. Though smaller and newer than Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz, this urban market has everything necessary to create a wonderful meal or picnic.

Expect to shop for fruits and vegetables as well as cured meats and pumpkin oil at Bauernmarkt Lendplatz. Also plan to nibble at one of the many cafes surrounding the market.

Pro Tip
Similar to Bauernmarkt Kaiser-Josef Platz, don’t dilly dally when you shop at Bauernmarkt Lendplatz since its hours are also limited.

Bauernmarkt Lendplatz is located at Lendpl. Stand, 8020It Graz, Austria.


Owner of Fachl in Graz
Markus Groß took a break from managing s’Fachl to introduce us to the unique store’s vast selection of local Styrian products.

Situated in a hidden courtyard, Graz’s original s’Fachl sells an array of local products displayed in crates throughout the shop. Local producers rent these crates to sell items that run the gamut from jams and honeys to liqueurs and wines. However, no products intrigued us more than those made with pumpkin seeds.

It’s fair to say that s’Fachl was our personal ground zero for tasting pumpkin seed oil but we didn’t stop there. During our visit, we also tasted pumpkin seed chips, pumpkin seed pesto, pumpkin seed candy and pumpkin seed eggnog. We later returned to buy a bottle of pumpkin seed oil that we took home as an edible souvenir.

Pro Tip
Bring a canvas tote bag to s’Fachl and plan to fill it with artisan products that you can’t find anywhere else in Graz.

s’Fachl has multiple Graz locations. We shopped at the s’Fachl located at Herrengasse 13, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Gut Schlossberg

Shopping at Gut Schlossberg in Graz
Daryl couldn’t resist checking out the Hirsch Rohschinken for sale at Gut Schlossberg. It makes perfect sense since our last name is Hirsch.

Situated in a building constructed during the 17th century, Gut Schlossberg counts its age in months instead of years. However, this Graz food market makes up for lost time with its curated selection of Austrian specialties. It’s also more than just a market.

Savvy shoppers who head upstairs at Gut Schlossberg find a simple sit down space where many of the market’s products can be tasted. During our visit, we sampled a selection of Austrian cheeses and pastries. We also sipped apple wine as one does in Austria.

Pro Tip
Opt for an outdoor table with a view if the weather is favorable.

Gut Schlossberg is located at Am Fuße des Schlossberges 3, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Das Gramm

Das Gramm in Graz
Shopping isn’t a guilty pleasure at Das Gramm due to the store’s zero-waste philosophy.

Das Gramm offers a guilt-free shopping experience. Not only do shoppers find regional, sustainable products at this zero-waste market, but they also buy the exact quantity (i.e. grams) that they desire.

Beyond items like grains and beans sold by the gram, Das Gramm also sells organic farm products and pastries as well as fruits, vegetables and candy. In other words, plan to leave with kilos of food in your canvas tote bag.

Pro Tip
Order a cup of coffee at Buna. The specialty coffee roaster is located inside the Dekagramm location on Joanneumring.

Das Gramm has two Graz locations. We shopped at both locations.

Manner Shop

Manner in Front of Manner Shop in Graz
This Manner wafer bars looks ginormous but it was just the right size for the two of us to share.

Thinking pink is the way to go for shoppers who visit Graz’s Manner Shop on Hauptplatz.

Many visit the shop specifically to purchase Manner Wafers originally called Neapolitaners. However, the store sells more products including liqueurs, chocolate-coated bananas and hot chocolate mix. Most but not all are sold in pink packages

Pro Tip
Purchase a sampler box if you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of pink packages during your shopping expedition.

Graz’s Manner Shop is located at Hauptplatz 3, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Our Favorite Graz Bars

Happy Hour at Pink Elephant in Graz
We supplemented our cocktails with Nachos and Elote during our Pink Elephant drinking session.

Drinks are accessible to all in Graz who have thirsts that require quenching. While we were in Graz, we whetted our whistles at both restaurants and bars.

These are our favorite Graz bars:

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant in Graz
Pink Elephant is a popular Graz spot that serves Mexican food and global libations.

Forget thinking pink on Eisernen Tor. Instead, since Pink Elephant opened in 2020, drinking pink has been the way to go at the popular Graz bar.

Operated by the Aiola group, the Pink Elephant is a colorful urban oasis with a menu that focuses on Mexican food and creative cocktails. Keeping to the color theme, we ordered two pink cocktails during our visit – a Pink Mary and a Mojito Pink Elephant. Ironically, only one of our drinks was actually pink.

Pro Tip
Don’t be confused when you encounter a pink giraffe at Pink Elephant. You’re at the right place.

Pink Elephant is located at Am Eisernen Tor 1, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Gösser Bräu

Beer at Gosser Brau in Graz
We could have chugged this beer but chose to sip it instead. Both approaches are acceptable at Gösser Bräu.

Open since 1902, Gösser Bräu is far from fancy or gastronomic and that’s okay. Sometimes we just want to drink beer in a friendly setting. And that’s exactly what we did after we found a spot in the tavern’s bucolic beer garden.

To be clear, we didn’t stop with beer. We also ate traditional Austrian dishes like Rindsuppe, Käsepätzle and Wiener Schnitzel. Open on Sunday when many Graz restaurants are closed, Gösser Bräu’s casual setting and simple food fit the bill for our mood and may do the same for you.

Pro Tip
Bring your friends. Gösser Bräu is huge.

Gösser Bräu is located at Neutorgasse 48, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Katze Katze

Wine at Katze Katze in Graz
We said Prost before we drank these glasses of wine at Katze Katze. Perhaps we should have said Meow instead.

Although Katze Katze is named after cats and specializes in cocktails, we didn’t encounter either during our visit. While we were happy to avoid felines since Daryl is allergic to cats, we wish that the bartender would have let us order a cocktail or two during our afternoon visit. He wouldn’t budge so we ordered wine instead.

Drinking Styrian wine wasn’t a hardship nor was chilling in the bar’s cool space. Yet another Aiola operation, Katze Katze has a striking decor and an enticing cocktail menu. Hopefully we’ll be able to sample its cocktails when we return to Graz.

Pro Tip
Leave your cats at home. Despite its name, Katze Katze is for humans only.

Katze Katze is located at Schmiedgasse 9, 8010 Graz, Austria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the top food to eat at Graz restaurants?

Backhendl is the number one thing to eat at Graz restaurants.

Are Graz restaurants expensive?

Restaurants in Graz range from cheap eats to upscale dining. Prices range accordingly.

Is tipping mandatory at Graz restaurants?

No. Tipping is optional in Austria.

What time do people eat dinner in Graz?

People typically eat dinner between 7pm and 9pm in Graz.

Are restaurant reservations necessary in Graz?

Yes. Reservations are recommended if you want to dine at Graz’s better restaurants.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Graz?

Anthony Bourdain never filmed a TV show in Graz.

How many Graz restaurants have Michelin stars?

Graz does not currently have any Michelin-starred restaurants.

Room at Hotel Gollner in Graz
Our room at Hotel Gollner provided a pleasant respite between busy days of food tripping in Graz.

Graz Planning Checklist

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About The Authors

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Original Publication Date: September 10, 2022

François Lavoie

Sunday 27th of August 2023

Many thanks for your great list of foody suggestions for Graz. I'll be in Austria next fall and you make my planning really easy. Please continue your excellent work. It is really appreciated.

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