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9 Great Spots For Brunch In Amsterdam

Brunch time is the best time in Amsterdam! Discover our favorite Amsterdam brunches that range from traditional breakfasts to more unique meals.

Eggs Benedict at Gartine in Amsterdam
Image: ©2foodtrippers

Amsterdam may be the best city in the world for brunch. And not just on Sunday mornings. This is a city where brunch is available every day of the week, often from dawn until dusk.

Finding brunch options in the Netherlands is the opposite of a challenge. Dating back centuries, Dutch pancakes known as Pannenkoeken have been on Amsterdam menus since Holland’s early days of trading and exploration.

Pannenkoeken at Eetcafe Roserijn in Amsterdam
Topped with apples and bacon, this Pannenkoeken at Eetcafe Roserijn would make an ideal brunch. Ironically, we ate it in the afternoon. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We both ate Pannenkoeken 20 years ago when we separately visited Amsterdam for the first time as independent travelers. Now that we’ve visited the orange city a combined total of seven times, we still enjoy eating Amsterdam food favorites but also look for new things to eat around town.

Discover our Amsterdam food favorites.

Today’s Amsterdam has a bounty of brunch choices both inside and outside the city’s canal ring. The best brunches in Amsterdam range from classic breakfast fare like omelets to more unique dishes like dim sum.

Whether you’re recovering after a night on the town or in need of a break after an early morning museum visit, there’s no reason to skip brunch in the DAM.

Amsterdam Brunch Guide

Smoothie Bowl Spoon at CT Coffee and Coconuts
A healthy brunch is a great way to kickstart a day of museum hopping in Amsterdam. We ate this nutritious smoothie bowl at CT Coffee & Coconuts. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Let’s face it – most food travelers burn the candle on both ends when they visit Amsterdam. The city’s nightlife transcends the seedy red light district with a plethora of festive beer gardens and classic cocktail bars.

Some people party hard and frequent the city’s many coffee shops, some of which actually serve coffee. Others run themselves ragged while touring Amsterdam with kids.

It’s all good until it’s time to wake up the next morning for another day of exploring sites like the Rijksmuseum, Nemo Science Center and Van Gogh Museum.

Don’t worry – we have you covered with the best Amsterdam brunches to energize a busy day of touring with or without kids. We’ve taste-tested many of the city’s brunch spots and can attest to Amsterdam’s amazing late morning dining options.

Pro Tip
Expect to spend €15 – €20 for a typical Amsterdam brunch. This estimated cost includes one specialty coffee drink but no alcoholic beverages. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can check online menus for specific and current restaurant prices.

Top Amsterdam Brunch Spots

Pancakes at The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam
Fresh fruit added a healthy touch during our pancake brunch at The Breakfast Club. The dish provided a buttery and rich burst of energy to start our day. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Thanks to our friends Mr. Bacon and Mrs. Syrup, we’ve rarely experienced a brunch we haven’t liked. But some mid-morning meals are better than others.

After eating our way through Amsterdam’s thriving brunch scene, the following bruncheries get our highest recommendations:

1. Gartine

Brunch at Gartine in Amsterdam
This brunch at Gartine ranks as our favorite in Amsterdam. Pictured here are plates of Sugar Bread French Toast and Eggs Benedict. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Hiding on a quiet alley in the Centrum since 2007, brunch gem Gartine proves that great family-run restaurants still exist in the heart of Amsterdam. Though the cozy restaurant has just 10 tables, Gartine’s menu is filled with numerous tempting dishes, many prepared with fruits and vegetables plucked from the restaurant’s kitchen garden.

Owners Willem and Kirsten Hendriks run Gartine with a hospitable passion that permeates throughout the restaurant. We enjoyed chatting with them almost as much as we enjoyed eating their food. We were even tempted to buy their gorgeous cookbook until we found out that it’s only available in Dutch.

Owners of Gartine in Amsterdam
Willem and Kirsten Hendriks welcomed us to their homey Amsterdam restaurant and fed us well during our visit. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

During our meal, we ate scrumptious Sugar Bread French Toast topped with caramel syrup, dairy butter, crunchy bananas and nuts as well as a wonderfully prepared Eggs Benedict with delicate soft boiled organic eggs, a slice of crisp lettuce, baked ham and a tasty bérnaise sauce that wasn’t too thick.

Daryl declared his Amsterdam breakfast plate to be the best Eggs Benedict he’d ever eaten anywhere in the world. Mindi liked her French Toast too.

Beyond brunch, Gartine serves a reasonably priced high tea for those in need of an afternoon pick-me-up. Be sure to plan ahead whether you want to try the brunch or high tea or both – this hidden Amsterdam treasure is only open four days a week.

Pro Tip
Make advance reservations for your meal at this small but mighty Amsterdam brunch spot.

Gartine is located at Taksteeg 7, 1012 PB Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2. Little Collins

Little Collins De Pijp in Amsterdam
Little Collins delivers big flavors with an internationally-influenced menu. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Located in De Pijp near the Albert Cuyp market and named after a popular Melbourne street, the original Little Collins is a great Amsterdam brunch spot for food travelers craving flavorful dishes and quality coffee. However, those looking for hair of the dog to cure a lingering hangover will find drinks too.

Kimchi and Gruyere ScrambleLittle Collins De Pijp in Amsterdam
Think again if you think that all Dutch food is bland. Little Collins’ Kimchi and Gruyere Scramble bursts with flavor thanks to a healthy dose of Korean BBQ sauce. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Don’t miss the restaurant’s outstanding vegetarian Kimchi and Gruyere Scramble with oh na mi kimchi, cauliflower, gruyere scrambled eggs, Korean barbecue sauce, spring onions, sesame and sourdough toast. Even better, pair it with a Smokey Bloody Mary, one of the restaurant’s three signature ‘Mary’s’. Creative and spicy, the cocktail was a welcome addition to our excellent Amsterdam brunch.

Smokey Bloody Mary at Little Collins De Pijp in Amsterdam
This Smokey Bloody Mary woke up our taste buds. Chorizo slices made them sing. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Keeping with the Australian theme, baristas at Little Collins expertly prepare coffee drinks with locally procured beans from White Label. We’re not saying you should get coffee instead of a cocktail. We say order both for a complete Amsterdam brunch experience.

Pro Tip
Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the De Pijp Little Collins for brunch. The popular Amsterdam eatery also serves dinner four nights a week.

Little Collins has two Amsterdam locations. We ate at the De Pijp location at Eerste Sweelinckstraat 19F, 1073 CL Amsterdam, Netherlands.

3. Dignita

Dignita Hoftuin in Amsterdam
Dignita Hoftuin brings the outside inside with its sun-drenched dining room. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Dignita lives up to its motto of eat well, do good. Open since 2015, the restaurant creates healthy dishes with seasonal, local products. Taking the motto to a higher lever, Dignita uses its profits to support the Not For Sale social enterprise.

The Hoftuin restaurant’s bucolic setting just behind the city’s Hermitage Museum is both kid-friendly and serene – two features that don’t always go together. Even better, diners choose between great indoor dining in a glasshouse or outdoor dining on a patio adjacent to an on-site garden.

Forest Dwellers at Dignita Hoftuin in Amsterdam
Four mushrooms are better than one when it comes to the Forest Dwellers dish at Dignita. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We recommend ordering the Forest Dwellers if you love mushrooms. This dish combines four sauteed mushroom varietals (enoki, portabello, brown beech and button) with truffled crème fraiche, serves them over whole wheat bread and adds a crispy sage garnish. Adding a poached egg is optional but recommended.

Raspberry Almond Friand at Dignita Hoftuin in Amsterdam
We couldn’t resist sharing this Raspberry and Almond Friand during our Dignita brunch. We blame the pastry’s ornate decoration for tempting us but don’t regret our decision. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Consider ending your meal with something sweet. We ended ours with a colorful Raspberry & Almond Friand, a pastry more typical in Australia and New Zealand than in the Netherlands.

Pro Tip
Don’t hesitate to order coffee at Dignita. We wholeheartedly approve of their coffee prepared with locally procured beans from Rum Baba.

Dignita has two Amsterdam locations. We ate at the Hoftuin location at Nieuwe Herengracht 18a, 1018 DP Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Traditional Amsterdam Brunch Spots

Eggs and Avocado at Bakers and Roasters in Amsterdam
Trend Alert – Avocado appears to be the current ‘it food’ at Amsterdam brunches. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Combining breakfast and lunch into brunch allegedly started in England and was later perfected in New York City. However, the best brunch places in Amsterdam excel at serving classic mid-morning dishes.

If you’re jonesing for a great omelet or a pile of pancakes after a late Amsterdam night, check out one of the following spots:

4. Bakers & Roasters

Bakers and Roasters in Amsterdam
Seats are a hot commodity at Bakers & Roasters. The popular brunch spot attracts crowds during the week as well as on the weekends. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Bakers & Roasters may be the most eclectically international restaurant in the city. With owners from Brazil and New Zealand, the popular Amsterdam brunch spot serves a classic Amsterdam brunch menu along with boozy milkshakes and coffee brewed with beans roasted by London’s Ozone Coffee Roasters.

Veggie Brekkie at Bakers and Roasters in Amsterdam
Who needs bacon when halloumi is an option? This vegetarian Veggie Brekkie included enough tasty proteins and carbs to satisfy these two hungry carnivores. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Bakers & Roasters’ Veggie Brekkie comes loaded with two free-range eggs, grilled halloumi, avocado, breakfast potatoes, creamy mushrooms, homemade chili jam and hot buttered toast. Beyond egg dishes, brunch options include breakfast bowls, cakes and seasonal specialties.

Pro Tip
Feel free to wander around the trendy neighborhood after you give your phone number to the host or hostess. You’ll get a text as soon as your table is ready.

Bakers & Roasters has two Amsterdam locations. We ate at the De Pijp location at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54, 1072 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands.

5. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam
Despite having multiple locations, crowds still wait to eat at the hot Amsterdam brunch spot known as The Breakfast Club. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Not to be confused by the 1980’s movie with the same name, Amsterdam’s Breakfast Club offers brunch options without any teenage angst. And who needs drama when you can eat some of the best pancakes in Amsterdam instead?

Pancake Stack at The Breakfast Club in Amsterdam
This stack of pancakes was perfect to share during our brunch at The Breakfast Club. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Hungry brunchers can eat international-themed breakfasts inspired by Mexico City, London and New York when they dine at The Breakfast Club, though buttermilk pancakes topped with banana slices and fresh berries are more than big enough to share. Keeping to its global theme, the restaurant serves British sugar syrup with its fluffy American-style pancakes.

Pro Tip
Add a colorful smoothie to your brunch at The Breakfast Club. Options include yellow, red and green.

The Breakfast Club has multiple Amsterdam locations. We ate at the Bellamystraat location at Bellamystraat 2-h, 1053 BL Amsterdam, Netherlands.

6. Betty Blue

Chicken Waffle at Betty Blue
Eating Chicken & Waffles at Betty Blue made us feel far from blue. The combination of sweet and savory flavors was a winner. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

With an atmosphere that skews more industrial than cozy, Betty Blue offers an all-day brunch experience in the center of Amsterdam. Just a two-minute walk from the Rembrandt House Museum, this a great spot to rejuvenate with comfort food, sweet treats and coffee.

We went big and ordered the Chicken & Waffles Supreme – a crunchy liege waffle loaded with marinated chicken, bacon, cheddar, fried egg and whiskey caramel sauce. Big enough to share, the sweet waffle provided a pleasing contrast to the dish’s savory, thick bacon.

Other brunch options range from pancakes to burgers. Sweets lovers have more than a dozen choices including pasteis de natas, the popular Portuguese pastries. As for coffee fanatics, they’ll be more than satisfied with drinks crafted with beans locally procured from the likes of Boca Coffee Roasters.

Pro Tip
Eat a burger here if you’re looking for an Amsterdam lunch break while touring museums.

Betty Blue is located at Snoekjessteeg 1-3, 1011 HA Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Unique Amsterdam Brunch Spots

Dim Sum in Chop Sticks at Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam
Dim Sum is a popular brunch option in Amsterdam. Pictured here is pork Siu Mai (steamed pork dumpling) at Sea Palace. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

If you’re like us, sometimes you’re not in the mood for a cute cafe that serves eggs and pancakes. For those days, we recommend the following restaurants that push the Amsterdam brunch envelope:

7. CT Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee and Coconuts in Amsterdam
Locals lounge on all three levels at CT Coffee & Coconuts. Considering the beautiful decor, who could blame them? | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Located in an airy multi-story space that reminded us of our favorite cafes in Da Nang, CT Coffee & Coconuts is an oasis in Amsterdam’s bustling De Pijp’s neighborhood. The building may have been an art deco cinema in the 1920’s, but today it houses a chill cafe with nods to both Bali and Hawaii.

Smoothie Bowl at CT Coffee & Coconuts in Amsterdam
Would you believe us if we told you that we ate this smoothie bowl in Bali instead of Amsterdam? The healthy Amsterdam brunch option was filled with raspberries, white peach, raw cocoa, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The Bali cafe inspiration goes beyond the relaxed vibe and heathy menu – the owners are in the process of opening a new cafe in Bali. Embracing the island theme, the restaurant serves Coconut Pancakes as well as Scrambled Eggs Avo and Vegan Smoothie Bowls.

Cappuccino at CT Coffee and Coconuts in Amsterdam
CT Coffee & Coconuts makes top-notch coffees in Amsterdam as evident in their latte art. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Not surprisingly based on its name, CT Coffee and Coconuts serves a variety of coffee and coconut drinks. Though the house Coconut Coffee artfully blends the two in a highly-caffeinated brew with two espresso shots, coconut milk, agave and ice, we prefer their cappuccinos made with local White Label beans.

Pro Tip
Feel free to kick off your shoes and relax. This cafe welcomes barefoot customers.

CT Coffee and Coconuts is located at Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK Amsterdam, Netherlands.

8. The Avocado Show

Salvocado at The Avocado Show in Amsterdam
Pescatarians won’t be able to resist the Salvocado poke bowl at The Avocado Show. We couldn’t resist it either. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The Avocado Show is a mecca for Instagrammers looking to take adorable shots of fun food served in a charming setting. We typically avoid these places like the plague but were intrigued by the chance to eat a ‘pretty healthy’ menu filled with a ‘good avocado vibe’.

Giving in to our curiosity and sense of FOMO (i.e. fear of missing out), we popped into The Avocado Show to share a mid-morning poke bowl as one does in Amsterdam. Our worst fears came true when we realized that the two diners next to us were solely there to take photos of themselves and their strategically plated food.

However, the quality of the food made up for The Avocado Show’s arguably pretentious atmosphere. Our Salvocado, a colorful, Insta-worthy avocado poke bowl with sushi rice, raw salmon, wakame, edamame, masago eggs and soy sauce was nothing short of avolicious.

Pro Tip
Plan to wait for a table unless you arrive early. The Avocado Show is popular with both Instagrammers and avocado fans.

The Avocado Show has multiple locations in Amsterdam. We ate at the De Pijp location at Daniël Stalpertstraat 61, 1072 XB Amsterdam, Netherlands.

9. Sea Palace

Sea Palace Restaurant Dining Room in Amsterdam
Crowds of locals and food travelers flock to Sea Palace for the restaurant’s daily dim sum brunch. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Located near the Amsterdam Centraal Train Station, Sea Palace stands out as the only pagoda ‘floating’ on Lake IJ. Beyond the wow factor of its building, Sea Palace has been impressing diners with its food since it opened in 1984.

True confession: We primarily dined at Sea Palace to experience epic views both inside and outside the three-story restaurant. Before our Sunday brunch, we didn’t have high expectations for the food itself. Based on its location and pagoda-shaped building, Sea Palace looked like it might be a tourist trap.

View from Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam
The views don’t stop at Sea Palace. The dining room has expansive windows overlooking Lake IJ. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Our opinion changed as soon as we walked inside and saw hundreds of diners including numerous families of Chinese descent. The menu looked quite promising as well, with pages filled with tempting dim sum choices.

The high ceilinged, Buddhist temple-esque space is one of the grandest Chinese restaurant spaces we’ve ever eaten in and a testament to the international flavor of one of the most picturesque cities in the world. While the red walls and golden dragons may seem cliche, the beautiful sunlit space with a view of Amsterdam’s Lake IJ docks is nothing short of stunning.

But what about the food? We can confidently state that the dim sum at Sea Palace rivals dim sum we’ve previously eaten in Hong Kong.

Dim Sum at Sea Palace Restaurant in Amsterdam
These seemingly simple Taai Chi Kau dumplings were filled with a scallop and salty egg filling. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Since we literally ate at Sea Palace mere hours before we boarded the MS Nieuw Statendam for a week-long cruise to Norway, we were frugal with our ordering. After eating small baskets of Taai Chi Kau (dumplings filled with scallops and eggs), Siu Mai (steamed pork dumplings) and Ha Kau (prawn dumplings), we wished that our stomachs had unlimited space so we could order more. On the upside, our food frugality resulted in a check for under €20.

We loved our meal at Sea Palace so much that we plan on exploring more of the city’s dim sum culture during our next swing through Amsterdam.

Pro Tip
Go with friends and order Peking Duck. Then again, you can’t go wrong with Sea Palace’s Dim Sum if you’re dining solo or crave dumplings.

Sea Palace is located at Oosterdokskade 8, 1011 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Additional Amsterdam Brunch Spots

Sugar Bread French Toast at Gartine in Amsterdam
Have we convinced you to eat brunch in Amsterdam yet? If not, this photo from our brunch at Gartine should do the trick. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

If nine of the best Amsterdam brunches aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth or heal your hangover, check out the following spots for a full week of mid-morning meals:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is brunch popular in Amsterdam?

Yes. Eating brunch is one of the most popular things to do in Amsterdam.

What is a typical brunch like in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam brunches run the gamut. Options include classic brunch food like pancakes and avocado toast to traditional Dutch food and global cuisine.

What’s the best day to eat brunch in Amsterdam?

Brunch is available every day of the week in Amsterdam. Weekends tend to be busier which could be a good or bad thing based on your brunch goals.

Where’s the best place to eat brunch in Amsterdam?

Since Amsterdam has so many great brunch options, the best place to eat brunch is likely at a cafe close to where you’re living or staying.

What do people drink while eating brunch in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam locals typically pair brunch with coffee, lemonade or cocktails.

Is it expensive to eat brunch in Amsterdam?

No. Expect to spend less than 20€ when you eat brunch in Amsterdam. The cost will be higher if you order cocktails.

Is tipping necessary in Amsterdam?

No. Tipping is optional in the Netherland.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

I Amsterdam Cards
Savvy travelers won’t want to miss out on I Amsterdam cards. These handy cards provide access to many of the best Amsterdam attractions. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We highly recommend purchasing an I Amsterdam card when you explore the city. This powerful card will give you access to 70+ museums, public transportation and a canal cruise. Depending on the length of your visit, you can buy a card valid for 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours.

Although the I Amsterdam card includes access to many of the best Amsterdam attractions (though not the Anne Frank House), you can take your exploration further with one or more of the following experiences:

Pro Tip
Make advance reservations to visit the haunting Anne Frank House. This living memorial is a must for first-time visitors to Amsterdam.

Where To Stay In Amsterdam

Canal Bridge in Amsterdam
You’ll want to stay overnight in Amsterdam. The charming city has much to offer food travelers. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We stayed at two four-star Accor hotels during our most recent visit. We recommend the Mercure Hotel Amsterdam City just south of the city center for its value. We also recommend the Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre for its proximity to the Amsterdam Cruise Ship Terminal.

Amsterdam Planning Checklist

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Original Publication Date: August 6, 2019


Wednesday 7th of April 2021

My Dutch husband Henk and I (married 5 years, living in North-Holland) are going on the same cruise, the Nieuw Statendam to Norway, in July!

I look forward to trying some of these brunch spots in the 'Dam when I'm there next. Breakfast culture outside the big cities in greater Nederland is a sad experience. Why pay for breakfast at a restaurant when you can eat the same foods at home? This translates as: Dutch people eat bread with whatever you like to smear or spread on it for breakfast, sometimes adding a boiled egg. Hotels? Same. Restaurants in many smaller cities?...don't open for breakfast. So you understand that as an American who used to enjoy a massive breakfast on a Saturday once in a while, or a celebration brunch at the country club, I MISS BREAKFAST.

I just heard the great news that as of 21 April, we can go to restaurants again but outdoors on the terraces only. That works for me! Still waiting for our covid vaccines....sigh.

Nancy Hann

Sunday 11th of August 2019

Wow! They all look delicious. I hope I get back to Amsterdam soon so I can try at least some of them. What would you say are your top 3?

Andrea Peacock

Saturday 10th of August 2019

You found so many amazing brunch places! I was actually so surprised how incredible the food was in Amsterdam. If I could have Pannenkoeken all day every day I think I would haha. This has totally inspired me to go back and try out all these different places though! That smoothie bowl looks especially good and photo-worthy!


Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 11th of August 2019

We loved Amsterdam and, like you, totally enjoyed the food. In today's Amsterdam it only figures that brunch is so popular. Also it's such a beautiful city and a great place to photograph.


Saturday 10th of August 2019

This would have been Soooo helpful on my last trip to Amsterdam! Thankfully I found Coffee & Coconuts (isn't it adorable!) - but now I basically have to plan a trip back to Amsterdam to try more of these places you've shared about! Brunch is by far my favourite meal!

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Saturday 10th of August 2019

In a place like Amsterdam, brunch hits the spot. Places like CTs are fairly common in SE Asia. We used to work at a similar cafe during our time in Da Nang. We hope all is well in Ohio.


Wednesday 7th of August 2019

These look like such great brunch places in Amsterdam. I would like to check out Sea Palace if I am ever there.

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