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18 Gin Cocktails You Will Love

Discover 18 gin cocktails that are easy to craft at home and even easier to sip.

Gin and Tonic Birds Eye View

Gin is a distilled alcohol flavored with juniper berries and botanicals. With roots in both the Netherlands and the UK, the fragrant spirit is now produced around the world from Africa to Asia as well as in the United States.

We’ve traveled to both Amsterdam and England to drink gin drinks at the source. Now we craft craft gin cocktails at home.

These are our favorites gin cocktail recipes:

18 of the Best Gin Cocktails

Gin FAQs

What kind of alcohol is gin?

Gin is a clear distilled spirit that’s flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals.

How is gin different from vodka?

While gin and vodka start as clear spirits, gin is enhanced with the addition of juniper berries and other botanicals.

What’s the most popular gin cocktail?

The Gin + Tonic is the world’s most popular gin cocktail. It’s also one of the easiest gin cocktails to craft at home.

Is it okay to drink gin straight out of the bottle?

While it’s perfectly acceptable to drink gin without any mixers, we recommend drinking the spirit from a glass. We also recommend adding a few ice cubes to the glass and garnishing the glass with a citrus wedge.

Is gin very alcoholic?

Gin ABVs vary by bottle. With most gins ABVs clocking in under 50%, gin is moderately alcoholic. Accordingly, it’s important to pace yourself and not drive while under gin’s influence.

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About the Authors

About the Authors

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Original Publication Date: February 26, 2023