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13 Rum Cocktails You Will Love

Discover 13 rum cocktails that turn simple home mixology sessions into virtual island getaways.

Pouring Bacardi Rum into Daiquiri
Crafting rum cocktails is fun. Drinking rum cocktails is more fun.

Distilled with sugarcane and aged in casks made of wood and steel, rum is one of the most popular liquors around the world. And, while the spirit can be produced almost anywhere, the islands of Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico produce much of the world’s best rum using locally grown sugarcane.

Crafted Cuba Libre with Rum Bottle
We felt special when we drank this Cuba Libre crafted with coca cola and Havana Club Especial Cuban rum.

Rums vary from drink to drink. Some rum drinks call for light rum, while others call for rums that are gold, dark, or aged. Heck, some rum drinks include more than one type of rum. And that’s not even counting flavored and spiced rums.

Jungle Bird Cocktail with Rum Bottle
We crafted this Jungle Bird with rum we had purchased to craft Dark & Stormy cocktails. That’s what we call clever multi-purposing!

We’ve acquired a variety of rums since we love crafting rum cocktails at home and, as a true confession, sometimes we sip them over ice. However, there’s nothing like sipping a rum cocktail.

These are our favorite rum cocktail recipes:

13 Of The Best Rum Cocktails

Rum FAQs

What is rum?

Rum is alcohol distilled with sugarcane.

What’s the most popular rum cocktail?

The Daiquiri isn’t just the most popular rum cocktail. It’s also one of the most popular cocktails period.

What is good to mix with rum?

Rum mixes well with both juices and sodas. However, there’s nothing like drinking good rum on the rocks.

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About The Authors

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Original Publication Date: February 28, 2023