The Best Las Vegas Restaurants Off The Strip

Sound the alarms! The Las Vegas food and drink scene is thriving Off the Strip.

Las Vegas has evolved into a culinary destination with a variety of great places to eat and drink that don’t involve buffets, valet parking, or slot machines.

Check out our favorite Las Vegas restaurants away from the casinos and crowds. We include affordable places to eat Off the Strip in Vegas as well as some upscale options.

Kitchen Table


Diners can order simple fares like pancakes and waffles, but the more adventurous will want to ramp their dishes up with a seared foie gras topping.

Island Sushi and Grill

Island Sushi and Grill is a fun spot to enjoy fresh sushi and eat like you’re back in Hawaii. This means that you can get some spam-fried eggs to eat with your chunky tuna poke.



Though Partage offers multi-course meals and tasting menus, casual diners can order small plates and drinks at the bar. These small plates aren’t typical bar food.


The Stove

Airy and open, The Stove is an ideal brunch spot for Las Vegas locals as well as travelers sick of casino buffets.


Lotus of Siam

Lotus of Siam is far from a hidden gem, but it’s still worth a visit to this OG Thai restaurant for classic Northern Thai food and stellar wines.


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