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12 Spring Cocktails You Will Love

Discover a dozen delightful spring cocktails that you’ll love sipping throughout the spring season and beyond. Some are sweet. Some are floral. They all taste great.

Hemingway Daiquiri Next to Pink Flowers

Spring is special.

It’s the season when we say goodbye to cold, dark winter days and hello to sunshine and daffodils. We love this season’s longer days and warmer weather along with the sun-assisted Vitamin D we receive during long, leisurely walks.

We also love spring cocktails.

What Are Spring Cocktails?

Gin Gimlet on Grass
We sipped this classic Gimlet outside amid spring greenery.

Spring cocktails are cocktails that taste great on hotel verandahs and at graduation parties. Many feature gin in their ingredient list while others incorporate bourbon, rum and vodka.

And, not surprisingly, many burst in colorful pastel colors.

Crafting Spring Cocktails at Home

Crafted Absinthe Frappe with Mint Leaves
Fresh mint is a key ingredient is many of our favorite spring cocktails.

We love crafting cocktails in the spring months when we can sip them with the windows wide open. Sometimes we serve our spring drink creations at Kentucky Derby parties and sometimes we sip them in the pleasure of our own company.

These are our favorite spring cocktail recipes:

12 Of The Best Spring Cocktails

Spring Cocktail FAQs

What are spring cocktails?

Spring cocktails are cocktails that are especially enjoyable to drink during the spring season.

What are the best spring cocktail?

While numerous cocktails are popular during the spring season, our favorites include the Bee’s Knees, Mint Julep and Pink Lady cocktails.

When is the best time to drink spring cocktails?

Spring cocktails taste best during the months of March, April, May and June.

Where is the best place to drink spring cocktails?

You can drink cocktails anywhere but the best places are outside on a porch, verandah or patio.

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About The Authors

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Original Publication Date: April 22, 2023