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7 Grenadine Cocktails You Will Love

Grenadine isn’t a liquor and yet it’s a key cocktail ingredient. Check out seven recipes that feature the ruby-red syrup and see which grenadine cocktail will be your favorite.

Dirty Shirley Cocktail with Black Background

You’ve probably tasted grenadine – after all, its a key ingredient in several popular cocktails and mocktails. Perhaps you’ve bought a bottle at your local liquor store. Or, if you’re an over-achiever, maybe you whipped up a batch at home.

Either way, if you’re like most people, you don’t truly understand grenadine. Maybe you assume it’s a liquor or perhaps you think it’s a berry beverage. Spoiler alert – it’s neither.

Read on to find out what grenadine actually is and learn how to craft our favorite grenadine cocktails. But first, get in the grenadine mood by checking out this Grateful Dead song about brown eyed women and red grenadine.

What Is Grenadine?

Pouring Grenadine for Clover Club Cocktail
This Clover Club was the first cocktail we crafted with grenadine but it certainly wasn’t the last.

Essentially, grenadine is a non-alcoholic syrup that’s notable for both its deep red color and its sweet yet tart flavor. Grenadine’s zero ABV should be no surprise if you drank Shirley Temples or Roy Rogers’ when you were a kid. And, while grenadine is traditionally made with pomegranates, it can be made with other fruit too.

While grenadine cocktail syrup is relatively easy to make at home with just three ingredients (pomegranate juice, sugar and orange flower water), it’s even easier to buy a bottle of pre-made grenadine. Just be careful and read labels when you buy bottled grenadine.

Brands like Rose’s produce grenadine syrup with corn syrup as well as artificial colors and flavors. We prefer Monin grenadine since it’s made with actual fruit and other natural ingredients.

Buy a bottle of Monin grenadine from Amazon.

Grenadine Cocktails

Straining Mary Pickford Cocktail
We always keep grenadine on hand since it’s a key ingredient in cocktails like the Mary Pickford.

Grenadine cocktails run the gamut and span the globe. Some are classic while others are modern. Typically in colors like pink and ruby red, their liquors include gin, rum, tequila and vodka.

Despite this diversity, the best grenadine cocktails have one important similarity. They taste as good as they look.

These are our favorites:

7 Of The Best Grenadine Cocktails

Grenadine FAQs

What is grenadine?

Grenadine is a non-alcoholic syrup used to craft popular cocktails like the Hurricane and the Tequila Sunrise. It’s notable for both its deep red color and its sweet yet tart flavor. Traditionally made with pomegranate, grenadine can also be made with other fruits.

What kind of alcohol is grenadine?

Grenadine isn’t an alcohol. Instead, it’s a non-alcoholic syrup that’s used to craft a number of popular cocktails and mocktails.

What’s the most popular grenadine cocktail?

The Tequila Sunrise is the most popular grenadine cocktail. Its other ingredients include tequila and orange juice.

What’s the most popular grenadine mocktail.

The Shirley Temple is the most popular grenadine mocktail. Its other ingredients include ginger ale and lemon-lime soda.

The Best Grenadine Cocktails

The Best Grenadine Cocktails

Learn how to make tasty grenadine cocktails at home.


  • Clover Club
  • Dirty Shirley
  • Hurricane
  • Mary Pickford
  • Pink Lady
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Tomate


  1. Choose a grenadine cocktail to craft.
  2. Gather the necessary ingredients and bar tools.
  3. Craft the cocktail in just a few minutes.
  4. Sip and enjoy!

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