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5 Dry Vermouth Cocktails You Will Love

Dry vermouth may be sweet vermouth’s less popular cousin but don’t rule out this integral ingredient in some of the world’s most classic cocktails.

Brooklyn Cocktail with Brooklyn Bridge View at Manhatta

Dry vermouth is easy to forget about until that crucial moment when you want to craft a Martini garnished with olives or a Gibson with pearl onions. Or perhaps you’re craving Campari and want to serve Old Pal cocktails to new friends.

That’s when it’s time to open your liquor cabinet (or better yet, your refrigerator) and pull out that dusty bottle of dry vermouth. Otherwise, you’ll need to run to the liquor store and buy a bottle ASAP.

Fun Fact
Dry vermouth has various names around the world. They include French vermouth, vermouth bianco, vermouth blanc and white vermouth.

What Is Dry Vermouth?

Noilly Prat White Vermouth Bottle
We bought this bottle of Noilly Prat white vermouth to craft classic cocktails at home.

Dry vermouth is a cocktail staple that spans the centuries.

Joseph Noilly, a French herbalist, created the original version in 1813 by adding a secret blend of herbs and spices to fortified white wine. And, while sweet vermouth debuted 27 years earlier in Italy, France’s version immediately stood on its own.

Fun Fact
Noilly’s white vermouth is still produced in France today. However, its company, Noilly Prat & Co., was purchased by Italian competitor Martini & Rossi in 1971 which later merged with Bacardi in 1993.

Pouring a Gibson Cocktail
Martini & Rossi produces a prodigious amount of dry vermouth. We used this bottle to craft Gibson cocktails.

It’s easy to confuse the two vermouth varietals (dry and sweet) until you sip them. Although they both contain white wine that’s been fortified with liquor and aromatized with herbs and spices, their colors and flavor profiles differ dramatically.

Unlike sweet vermouth which is caramel-colored, dry vermouth has a neutral color best described as clear or white. It’s also drier than sweet vermouth with a bright taste that’s enhanced by botanical ingredients like juniper, saffron, sage and wormwood.

Pro Tip
You can use dry vermouth as a substitute for white wine when you make pan sauces at home.

Dry Vermouth Cocktails

Brooklyn Cocktail on Counter
Despite its European heritage, dry vermouth is a key ingredient in American cocktails like the Bronx and the Brooklyn.

Dry vermouth may make you think about little old ladies with a penchant for arsenic and old lace. It may also evoke images of international spies sipping cocktails that are shaken, not stirred. Or perhaps you rather drink than think.

While dry vermouth doesn’t get the star billing that liquors like bourbon, gin or vodka command, there’s no denying that it’s a key ingredient is some of the world’s most classic cocktail recipes. These are our favorite dry vermouth cocktails to craft at home:

5 Of The Best Dry Dry Cocktails

Dry Vermouth FAQs

What is dry vermouth?

Dry vermouth is aromatized fortified wine that derives its complex flavor from various herbs and spices

What is the best way to drink dry vermouth?

While some people sip dry vermouth as an aperitif, the best way to drink dry vermouth is in crafted cocktails.

What is the most iconic dry vermouth cocktail?

The Martini is the most iconic dry vermouth cocktails. Other popular dry vermouth cocktails include the Brooklyn, Bronx, Diplomat, Gibson and Old Pal.

What’s the best way to store dry vermouth?

Dry vermouth slowly loses its flavor after the bottle is opened. Storing dry vermouth in the refrigerator extends its shelf life.

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