25 of the Best Verona Restaurants, Cafes and Pizzerias

Wondering what and where to eat in Verona Italy? We spent a week eating our way through the classic Italian city and returned a few weeks later to eat more.

Verona attracts a lot of travelers, especially during the summer. And yes, some of the city’s restaurants are gussied up tourist traps.

Pescheria I Masenini offers an exciting, fish-focused menu at Piazzetta Pescheria, a square that once operated as an ancient Roman fish market.

Pescheria I Masenini

Sitting at the bar was a sneak preview of the meal we would soon enjoy in an impressive dining room lined with empty wine bottles and filled with history…

Antica Bottega del Vino

This northern Italian rendition of mixed meats, is so legendary that there are secret societies built around the enjoyment of the legendary carnivorous extravaganza.


Open since 2000, this is a restaurant that offers a full menu of Verona food classics like pasta and salumi in addition to housemade bread and an extensive wine selection.

Trattoria Pane e Vino

Not only did we get the chance to dine in a busy restaurant filled with fellow food lovers, but we also got a front-row view to walls lined with epic murals and filled with memorabilia.

La Taverna di Via Stella

Located on a secluded street just a few blocks from Juliet’s Balcony, Osteria da Ugo is a great spot to enjoy dinner with friends.

Osteria da Ugo

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