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Verona Pizza Guide – 4 Pizzerias Not To Miss

Wondering where to eat the best pizza in Verona? Our Verona pizza guide showcases a selection of pizzerias and pies that would have made Romeo and Juliet swoon with gluttonous glee.

La Pizza Tonda with Burrata and Speck at Sapore Downtown in Verona

Although Verona doesn’t rival Italian cities like Naples or Rome in terms of pizza fame and glory, the city holds its own. The city’s pizza is an Italian food favorite worth eating at least once and maybe twice.

Discover our favorite Verona restaurants and gelato shops.

This is a good thing since most visitors, including us, can’t resist eating pizza when they travel to cities within the boot. And, as a bonus, pizza pairs well with Veneto wines like Amarone and Ripasso.

Our Favorite Verona Pizza Shops

Pizza at Berbere in Verona
This pie at Verona’s Berberè was a top contender in our search for the best pizza in Verona.

We’re ready to declare our never ending love for Verona’s pizza game. The following Verona pizza shops are our favorites and the ones you shouldn’t miss:

Saporè DownTown

Sapore Downtown in Verona
Saporè DownTown may be the most upscale pizzeria in Verona. It’s also one of the best pizzerias in Verona.

Pizzaiolo Renato Bosco takes pizza in new directions at Saporè DownTown, a modern Verona pizzeria located just blocks from Juliet’s balcony. While it’s questionable if Juliet actually existed beyond Shakespeare’s imagination, there’s no debate that Bosco’s pizza is for real.

Mushroom Pizza at Sapore Downtown in Verona
Renato Bosco takes an innovative approach to pizza at Saporé DownTown. Pictured here is his Aria di Pane Pie generously topped with prosciutto and mushrooms.

Written exclusively in Italian, Saporé DownTown’s menu is eclectic. Pizza styles include Mozzarella di Pane (Steamed Soft Bread Roll), Pizza Crunch (Roman Style), Pizza Doppio Crunch (Double Crunch), La Pizza Tonda (Round), Aria al Vapore (Bagel Pizza) and Aria di Pane (Soft and Airy Crust).

We sampled two different pies during our mid-day Verona pizza fest. Wanting to optimize our experience, we ordered different styles – La Pizza Tunda with tomato sauce, burrata and speck and Aria de Pane with prosciutto and mushrooms.

Pizza at Sapore Downtown in Verona
This La Pizza Tonda with Burrata and Speck we ate at Saporè DownTown was the hands-down winner.

Although we appreciated the Aria de Pane pie’s creativity, we found its dough more like bread than pizza crust. However, the La Pizza Tonda was just right with a crunchy base and excellent toppings. Next time, we’ll cut to the chase and order two of these pies.

Pro Tip
Pair your pizza with Italian craft beer. Saporè DownTown has a varied selection available both on tap and in bottles.

Saporé DownTown is located at Via Amanti, 6, 37121 Verona VR, Italy.

Pizzeria Da Salvatore

Pizza Oven at Pizzeria da Salvatore in Verona
Pizzaiolo Ivano Salvagno expertly practiced his pizza craft during our meal at Pizzeria da Salvatore.

Opened in 1961 by the Rasulo family who moved to Verona from Napoli, Pizzeria da Salvatore is reputed to be the city’s oldest pizzeria. However, despite its age and history, there’s nothing stodgy about this popular pizzeria.

We shared a classic pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and spicy salami during our mid-afternoon visit. With a generous amount of spicy meat added to the classically crispy, thin pie, the pizza did not disappoint these two diavola fans.

Pizza at Pizzeria da Salvatore in Verona
This classic pie wasn’t the prettiest pizza we ate in Verona but its looks didn’t take away from its taste. Pie toppings included tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and spicy salami.

If you’re looking for an Instagram-ready round pie, then eat pizza somewhere else. However, if you’re looking for tasty pizza served for a good price away from the tourist throng, then this may be the best Verona pizzeria for you.

Pro Tip
Try a special pie from the menu’s extensive menu. Potential toppings include smoked burrata, friarielli and chanterelle mushrooms.

Pizzeria da Salvatore is located at Piazza S. Tomaso, 6, 37129 Verona VR, Italy.


Pizza Oven at Berbere in Verona
Berberè’s friendly pizzaiolas slice meat and cook pizzas to order.

Our Verona pizza research led us to Berberè, the Verona outpost of a well-regarded pizza operation started by two Calabrian brothers in Bologna back in 2010. We simply couldn’t resist the restaurant’s modern website and tempting menu filled with artisanal pizzas and craft beer.

Berberè prides itself in using organic ingredients and traditional pizza techniques. However, our expectations dipped when we approached the pizzeria situated just off touristic Piazza delle Erbe. Talk about an inauspicious location for good food, or so we initially thought.

Anchovy Pizza at Berbere in Verona Italy
This artfully prepared anchovy pizza at Berberè surprised us with the quality of its ingredients and excellent dough.

Despite our initial trepidations, we’re pleased to report that both of our pizzas were excellent. We adored our pie with Cetara anchovies, Salina capers, marinated red onion and fiordilatte mozzarella for its strong flavors and satisfying mouth bite. We equally appreciated our pie topped with Prosciutto crudo, burrata, fiodilatte mozzarella and orange-infused oil.

In case you’re wondering, our beers were good too.

Pro Tip
Request hot oil if you like spicy flavors. Berberè uses peppers from Calabria to create a potent yet tasty condiment.

Berberè is located at Via Pellicciai, 2, 37121 Verona VR, Italy.

Du De Cope

Pizza with Utensils at Pizzeria Du De Cope in Verona
We couldn’t resist this Guanciale di Sauris pizza when we dined at Due de Cope in Verona.

Du de Cope holds a special place in our heart for being the very first stop on our week-long Verona food tour. Not wanting to miss a bite, we met a friend for pizza and wine less than an hour after our arrival in Italy’s fair city. Yes, we literally dropped off our bags and dashed to the center of town for dinner at the popular pizzeria.

We immediately got a good vibe from the colorful dining room filled with couples and families alike but we wondered how the pies would taste. After all, the pizza quality trumps atmosphere.

Loaded Pizza at Pizzeria Du De Cope in Verona
Toppings like mushrooms, artichokes and olives turned this Capricciosa pizza into a meal.

Our Guanciale di Sauris pie was the winning pizza of the night. Starting with a cereal flour dough, the pie was topped with guanciale, tomato sauce, burrata, fresh tomatoes, basil, and olives and parmesan cheese. We also enjoyed our Capricciosa pie prepared with generous amounts of tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, anchovies, black olives, capers, oregano and parmesan cheese.

The restaurant’s team clearly thought of every detail when they opened Due de Cope in 2004. Though it wasn’t our favorite Verona pizzeria, we recommend it for those who appreciate eating creative pizzas in a boisterous atmosphere.

Pro Tip
Skip wine and stick to beer at this pizzeria where a range of craft beer options don’t bust the wallet.

Du De Cope is located at Galleria Pellicciai, 10, 37121 Verona VR, Italy.

Additional Verona Pizzerias

Pizza Slices at Pizzeria da Salvatore in Verona
The best Verona pizzerias slice meat and cook pizzas to order.

Four pizza meals may not be enough to satisfy your pizza cravings in Verona. If this is the case, consider checking out the following additional Verona pizzerias:

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