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Pad Thai at Aroy Dee in Chiang Mai

Delicious Thai Food in Chiang Mai

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We stumbled into Aroy Dee on our very first night in Chiang Mai. See why this nondescript neighborhood shack became our go-to Chiang Mai spot for delicious Thai food.

Delicious Thai Food - Pad Thai at Aroy Dee in Chiang Mai

Pad Thai at Aroy Dee in Chiang Mai

We ate a lot of delicious Thai food in Chiang Mai. This is no surprise since food is one of the top reasons to visit Chiang Mai – if not the top reason.

In just a month, we found our favorite spots for khao soi, khao kha moo, roast chicken and other local specialties. We ate at cool venues like night markets, a cooking school and a fancy farm dinner. And we drank a lot of amazing smoothies and coffee. Sometimes, though, we just wanted some good, cheap comfort food. That’s when we would take the short walk over broken sidewalks and below unwieldy wires to Aroy Dee.

Located in a shack literally built under a tree, Aroy Dee serves some of the best food we’ve ever eaten for under a dollar. The joint is always crowded and for good reason. At Aroy Dee, a simple plate of pad thai has an extra zing. Tom Yum soup is loaded with shrimp plus a deep flavor that western chefs can only dream of creating. And the omelets – let’s just say that we will dream about the crispy Khai Jiao for many moons.

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Delicious Thai Food Video

Want to see the food in action? No worries – we filmed a video, which is almost as good as being there in person.

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Aroy Dee is located “under the tree” on Sirimangkalajarn in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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See why nondescript Aroy Dee became our go-to Chiang Mai spot for delicious Thai food like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Khai Jiao omelets.

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  1. What a lovely experience. And I love your video of your favourite place, all the food looks delicious but I do love the look of that omelette!

  2. I love eating like a local and these place sounds great.Though I must admit I worry about the hygiene factor.

    1. Author

      In general, we had very few issues with the street food in Thailand. Their kitchens are on public view and you can always opt not to eat in a restaurant or food stall if you don’t like what you see.

  3. With so many budget eateries in a place such as Chang Mai it’s great to have a recommendation for a good one.

  4. It’s amazing what good food can be cooked up from a street stand. My friend who grew up in thailand told me that pad thai is a western invention – it just means thai noodles…apparently 40 years back it didn’t exist and you could order bespoke noodles cooked with whatever other ingredients you fancied ! It’s still good though!

  5. During my visit to Thailand I found out that you could find many budget-friendly eateries in Chang Ma but with the valuable recommendations provided above you could easily choose the most cost-effective one.

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