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5 Best Coffee Shops In Strasbourg

We went on a mission to find the best coffee in Strasbourg. Discover our picks for the best Strasbourg coffee shops serving flat whites, cappuccinos and pour overs.

Flat White at Coffee Stub in Strasbourg
Image: ©2foodtrippers

Strasbourg is so adorable that it would be easy to assume that specialty coffee would be impossible to find in the Alsatian fairytale city. We’re pleased to report that this assumption is NOT the case. But it wasn’t always this way.

France’s ninth biggest city has come a long way since we first visited in 2016. Back then, we resigned ourselves to drinking little cups of over-roasted commodity coffee at Strasbourg cafes. On the upside, many of those cafes also sold delightful French pastries. Although Café Bretelles opened before our first visit, it never appeared on our coffee radar. Quel dommage!

Times have changed. Fast forward to the present and Strasbourg doesn’t just have one specialty coffee shop. It has several and they’re easier to find now if you know where to look. We found and visited several during our caffein-fueled return visit. We even took an ill-fated walk through the city’s industrial district to visit a roaster but that’s a different story.

Discover our favorite Strasbourg restaurants and our favorite Strasbourg bars.

Our Favorite Strasbourg Coffee Shops

Brewing Coffee Flat White at LEscabeau dOmnino in Strasbourg
Serving flat whites in vintage coffee cups is par for the course at L’Escabeau d’Omnino in Strasbourg. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Strasbourg, formerly a third wave desert, has morphed into a city that embraces the concept of specialty coffee. Not only does MOKXA operate a roastery on the edge of the city’s limits, but Strasbourg now has multiple coffee shops that specialize in crafting coffee using single origin beans sourced from fair trade producers.

After visiting several Strasbourg coffee shops, these are our favorites:

L’Escabeau d’Omnino

Owner of Flat White at LEscabeau dOmnino in Strasbourg
Meeting Francois Lesage, one of Omnino’s founding partners, was a highlight of our visit to L’Escabeau d’Omnino. The other highlight was drinking the Strasbourg cafe’s excellent coffee. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Everybody has to start somewhere. While we started our multi-day Strasbourg coffee crawl at L’Escabeau d’Omnino, a trio of coffee enthusiasts started Strasbourg’s Omnino coffee operation in a 1972 Citroën van back in 2017. Within a year, they opened their first cafe inside a former flower shop and haven’t looked back since.

L’Escabeau d’Omnino represents the first rung on the Omnino stepladder and was an early entrant in Strasbourg’s specialty coffee scene when it opened in 2018. Filled with vintage coffee cups and modern coffee extraction equipment, this cute and compact cafe is where many locals first tasted the micro-roastery’s coffee product.

Fun Fact
Omnino translates to stepladder.

Flat White and Water Flat White at LEscabeau dOmnino in Strasbourg
Is it just us or does coffee taste better when it’s served in a pretty cup? | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We sat outside while we drank flat whites crafted with washed Panche Siquila coffee beans from Colombia during our visit. Other options ‘of the moment’ included cold brew coffee brewed with Colombian geisha beans and filtered coffee brewed with Kenyan beans.

Not only did these flat whites fuel us for a day of food tripping, but they also motivated us to try the cafe’s cold brew. However, we saved that experience for another day at another Omnino location. Yes, Omnino has expanded to include multiple cafes in Strasbourg and Mulhouse.

Pro Tip
Purchase a bag of locally roasted coffee beans to enjoy at home. Color-coded bags include beans sourced from countries Guatemala, Peru and Ethiopia.

L’Escabeau d’Omnino is located at 17 Rue des Drapiers, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Café Bretelles

Cafe Bretelles in Strasbourg
Café Bretelles is a welcome addition to Strasbourg’s Petit France neighborhood. Locals and tourists frequent the cafe every day of the week regardless of the season or weather. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Open since 2014, Café Bretelles isn’t just one of Strasbourg’s best specialty coffee shops. It’s also the city’s original specialty coffee shop. We’re not sure how we missed the original Krutenau cafe in 2016 – apparently we needed a guide like the one we’re producing here.

Though we’ve changed over the years, Café Bretelles has remained true to its original model of serving specialty coffee with a nod toward sustainability. The cafe continues to source its global beans from France’s Mokxa. It also sources many of its food products from local farms and producers.

Flat White in Hand at Cafe Bretelles in Strasbourg
We were struck by the juxtaposition of this modern flat white next to one of Strasbourg’s old cobblestone streets in Petite France. Then we drank it. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

One thing that has changed is that Café Bretelles now has a second location in Strasbourg’s Petite France neighborhood. This is the location where we drank two drinks – a text book flat white and filtered coffee brewed with Ethiopian beans.

Needing a break from the city’s maddening Christmas crowds, we snagged one of seven upstairs tables and caught up on emails during our visit. Next time, we may bring our laptops and we’re definitely ordering a homemade Twix bar. Not ordering that chocolate caramel bar is our sole regret regarding Café Bretelles but it’s one that we can easily rectify.

Pro Tip
Although its breakfast menu and homemade cakes are available seven days a week, Café Bretelles only serves lunch on weekdays.

Café Bretelles has two locations. We visited the Petit France café located at 36 Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Coffee Stub

Coffee Stub in Strasbourg
Coffee Stub’s counter is where its magic happens. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Located on the edge of the Ill River, Coffee Stub is the Strasbourg coffee shop that most reminded us of coffee shops we’ve visited in Berlin, Copenhagen and Hamburg. Natch, the Coffee Stub serves great coffee but that wasn’t the only reason…

For starters, the tiny shop has a global vibe and decor that reminded us more of Scandinavia than Alsace. Next was the coffee made with beans roasted by Berlin’s Five Elephant. Finally, the beanie-topped barista (Fred) had a passion that reminded us of German hipsters we’ve encountered during our travels.

Barista at Coffee Stub in Strasbourg
Fred crafted our flat white with both precision and an artistic flair. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Coffee Stub features a different specialty roaster each month. During our visit, that roaster was the aforementioned Five Elephant. The independent coffee shop also started roasted Brazilian beans during the pandemic.

Pro Tip
Despite its name, Coffee Stub serves more than just coffee. Breakfast options include baguettes, baked eggs and granola. If you’re hungry, the cafe’s ‘everyday’ brunch option includes all of these things and more.

Coffee Stub is located at 12 Quai des Pêcheurs, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Oh My Goodness Café

Oh my Goodness Cafe in Strasbourg
Although Oh My Goodness Café looks and feels like a typical coffee shop, serving great coffee is just one of the cafe’s missions. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Oh My Goodness Café looks like a typical specialty coffee shop with its sleek bar, cosy furniture and colorful mugs. Seriously, we’ve seen these same mugs at coffee shops on four different continents. But the story behind this two-story cafe may make you say “OMG.”

Unlike most coffee shops which are commercial businesses, Oh My Goodness Café operates as ‘associative’ cafe with both employees and volunteers. In addition to serving great coffee, its missions include supporting homeless people, encouraging people to ‘pay forward’ cups of coffee, building community through board game nights and educating during language workshops.

Two Flat Whites at Oh my Goodness Cafe in Strasbourg
We didn’t read any of these books since they were in French. However, we had no issue with enjoying the flat whites. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Not knowing about Oh My Goodness Café’s multiple missions prior to our visit, we focused on ordering and drinking flat whites crafted with Ethiopian beans roasted by Renart in nearby Hohengoeft, approximately 30 kilometers northwest of Strasbourg.

But wait, there’s more. Oh My Goodness Café has a food menu to go with its coffee menu. Sweet options include pastries, cakes and cookies. Hungrier customers can order breakfast or lunch depending on the time of day.

Pro Tip
Oh My Goodness Café serves brunch on Saturdays. The brunch menu changes monthly.

Oh My Goodness Café is located at 13 Rue de la 1ère Armée, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Le Kiosque d’Omnino

Le Kiosque dOmnino in Strasbourg
Le Kiosque d’Omnino is one of the most unusual cafes we’ve ever visited thanks to its unique architecture. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

L’Escabeau d’Omnino may have been the first Omnino cafe but it’s not Omnino’s most interesting cafe. That honor goes to Le Kiosque d’Omnino.

As its name suggests, Le Kiosque d’Omnino is located inside a kiosk but not just any kiosk. This kiosk, desiged by Jean-Luc Vilmouth and located in the Place Saint-Pierre-le-Vieu, is shaped like a birdcage.

Filtered Coffees at Le Kiosque dOmnino in Strasbourg
Call us crazy but we were perfectly happy to drink these cold brews on a chilly Strasbourg afternoon. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The tiny kiosk impressed us with its full slate of coffee offerings that included flat whites, cappuccinos and filtered coffee. However, we didn’t order any of those drinks. We instead chose to sip cold brews made with the micro-roastery’s championship beans.

As the barista explained to us, Omnino refrigerates its cold brew for 24 hours and filters it a few times before it’s ready to serve. However, we didn’t need an explanation to appreciate the cold brew’s sweet and delicate flavors. That we figured out on our own.

Pro Tip
Don’t forget to look up when you order a coffee at Le Kiosque d’Omnino.

Le Kiosque d’Omnino is located at 1 Pl. Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, 67000 Strasbourg, France.

Strasbourg Planning Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coffee popular in Strasbourg?

Yes. Coffee is popular all over France and Strasbourg is no exception.

How much does coffee cost in Strasbourg?

Expect to pay 3€ to 4€ for flat whites and cappuccinos at specialty coffee shops in Strasbourg and half that for coffee at traditional cafes.

Does Strasbourg have specialty coffee shops?

Yes. Strasbourg has several specialty coffee shops in addition to traditional French cafes.

What are the best specialty coffee shops in Strasbourg?

Top Strasbourg specialty coffee shops include L’Escabeau d’Omnino, Café Bretelles and Coffee Stub. Try them all plus more to find your favorite.

Is Starbucks in Strasbourg?

Yes. Starbucks opened its first Strasbourg cafe in 2016 and now has multiple cafes in the French city.

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Monday 8th of August 2022

You missed one. Nomad Cafe in the Neudorf neighborhood is a cute cafe with great drink and food choices. Hope you get to visit Nomad next time.

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Thursday 18th of August 2022

Thanks for the tip. We'll check this cafe out when we return to Strasbourg although it appears to be more of a restaurant than a coffee shop.

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