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Lyon Coffee Guide | The Best Lyon Cafes for Drinking Specialty Coffee

We drank a lot of specialty coffee when we lived like locals in Lyon. Discover our favorite Lyon cafes serving cappuccinos and flat whites.

Cappuccino at Puzzle Cafe in Lyon France
Lyon has jumped into coffee’s third wave movement with cafes like Puzzle Cafe.

Important Update
Cafes may have revised their hours and menus due to COVID-19. Some may close, either temporarily or permanently, without notice. Be sure to check cafe websites for updated information.

We love to linger at traditional French cafés during a busy day of touring. However, there’s nothing like a classic specialty coffee shop to satisfy our thirst for great coffee while providing us with a space to work and mingle.

Spending a month in Lyon gave us the motivation to find the city’s best specialty coffee shops. While living like Lyon locals, we were pleasantly surprised to find a few central Lyon cafes that met our caffeine needs.

And guess what? We found even more when we returned a few years later.

Our Favorite Lyon Cafes

Lyon is famous for its traditional cafes and restaurants However, modern coffee shops are sprouting up all over the city, making visits to Starbucks and other commodity coffeeshops in France unnecessary.

In our opinion, the following cafés are the cream of the crop when it comes to the best Lyon coffee shops:

Puzzle Cafe

Barista at Puzzle Cafe in Lyon France
Thomas Audebert sources the best available beans for Puzzle Cafe. He runs his Lyon coffee establishment with a ready smile and high level of customer service.

Centrally located Puzzle Cafe quickly became our spot of choice to enjoy excellent cappuccinos while working on our computers. We loved the atmosphere at the compact cafe as much as we enjoyed the crafted coffee drinks.

Puzzle’s beans arrive from the best roasters in Europe, with the cafe changing roasters every two weeks. During multiple visits at Puzzle, we enjoyed beans from cities like Dublin and Berlin as well as cheesecake sourced from Lyon’s own Piece of Cake.

Pro Tip

Lift your coffee love to new levels by taking a workshop at Puzzle Cafe. Options include latte art, coffee preparation and tasting techniques.

Puzzle Cafe has two locations. We frequented the original location at 4 Rue de la Poulaillerie, 69002 Lyon, France.


Slake Coffee Shop in Lyon France
Don’t forget your computer when you drink coffee at Slake Coffee House. All the cool kids will likely have theirs in tow.

One of Lyon’s original specialty coffee shops dating back to 2014, Slake Coffee Shop continues its reign as a happy place for lovers of good coffee and tasty treats. The stylish cafe attracts a young crowd of digitally connected customers, many of whom convene in the back of the cafe with their laptops.

Crack baristas brew coffee sourced from local roasters Mokxa and Placid, ensuring fresh beans and tasty drinks. Beyond coffee, Slake serves homemade pastries and savory cafe fare.

Pro Tip

Serious coffee drinkers can purchase beans to prepare later in their personal V60, Aeropress, Chemex or French Press coffee makers.

Slake Coffee House is located at 9 Rue de l’Ancienne Préfecture, 69002 Lyon, France.


Charcoal Latte at Diploid in Lyon France
Black is back at Diploid when it comes to the cafe’s detoxifying charcoal latte.

Not willing to rest on their coffee laurels, the team behind Slake Coffee House opened Diploid in 2017. Though its coffee program is similar to the concept at big brother Slake, the newer cafe attracts an eclectic clientele thanks to its airy atmosphere and funky design.

Diploid is a popular Lyon brunch spot, serving classic dishes like brioche French Toast and Salmon Pancakes. However, we were most intrigued by Diploid’s Charcoal Latte made with organic vegetable charcoal, black sesame and foamy milk. We found the starkly black brew unique for both its black color and savory taste.

Pro Tip

Feel free to wander into Diploid during the week. However, you’ll want to make a reservation for the cafe’s all-inclusive Sunday brunch.

Diploid is located at 18 Rue de la Platière, 69001 Lyon, France.

La Boîte à Café

Flat Whites at La Boite a Cafe in Lyon France
Two flat whites are better than one at La Boite a Cafe in Lyon.

Tiny La Boîte a Café proves that good things often come in small packages, or, in this case, small coffee boxes. With a name that literally translates to coffee box, La Boîte à Café exclusively serves locally roasted Mokxa Coffee along with breakfast, brunch, lunch and cakes.

Pro Tip

Don’t be misled by La Boîte a Café’s size. This small but mighty cafe serves a full range of specialty coffee drinks as well thoughtfully prepared brunch items.

La Boîte a Café is located at 3 Rue de l’Abbé Rozier, 69001 Lyon, France.

Additional Lyon Coffee Shops

Daryl at A La Piscine in Lyon FranceDaryl at A La Piscine in Lyon France
Good coffee makes us happy both at home and when we travel.

Four specialty coffee shops may be enough to satisfy your coffee cravings when you visit Lyon. If not, you can continue your Lyon coffee tour at the following worthy destinations:

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