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7 Tasty Mykonos Food Experiences

Mykonos is a honeymooner’s dream with fabulous beaches, iconic windmills and white-washed buildings. However, food travelers have plenty of reasons to visit the Greek island too. Discover seven Mykonos food experiences that you won’t want to miss during your big fat Greek food trip.

Mykonos Scenery
Mykonos is an island for dreamers.

Ask ten people where they want to visit in Greece and several will surely say Mykonos. We get it. Mykonos is a gorgeous island romanticized in movies like Shirley Valentine. We dreamed of visiting Mykonos ourselves.

This dream became a reality after we booked an apartment in Athens. That’s when we planned a trip to Greece’s Island of the Winds.

When our dream came to fruition, we joined the crowds at top Mykonos attractions. We photographed the island’s famous windmills and strolled around its winding cobblestone streets. We also watched an epic sunset on a Mykonos beach, a truly magical experience.

Mykonos Windmills with Blue Sky
The windmills in Mykonos are an iconic symbol of the popular Greek island.

We’re not exaggerating about the crowds. Like other hot European destinations, Mykonos has an overtourism challenge with travelers arriving daily on planes, ferries and huge cruise ships.

When considering the quaint size of the island’s central town, seeing large ships come to port looks like the Empire State Building being plopped onto Laramie in Wyoming.

Cruise Ship in Mykonos
Big cruise ships drop off passengers in Mykonos every day.

Although we visited Mykonos during the shoulder season, the compact island temporarily swarmed with tourists when cruises docked their ships in Mykonos for the afternoon. We can only imagine with horror how crowded the island must get during the height of the summer season when more of the crowd lingers into the night.

Pro Tip
Book your Mykonos trip in the spring or autumn when you can enjoy pleasant weather without big crowds.

Food In Mykonos

When we weren’t busy checking off our list of the most popular things to do in Mykonos, we spent our time exploring the Aegean island’s culinary charms. Since we adore Greek food, eating well in Mykonos was our number one priority.

Discover the best food to eat in Greece.

Mykonos Food - Calamari
Seafood rules the sea in Mykonos. Pictured here is a plate of grilled and sauced calamari.

As we quickly discovered, the people in Mykonos eat very well. Artisans produce local specialties like louza (spicy cured pork) and kopanisti (spicy soft cheese). Add a bottle or two of local Assyrtiko wine and it’s a party.

The best places to eat in Mykonos serve octopus and squid plucked from the sea that day. This same crystal-clear water provides access to spiny lobster, red mullet, prawns and other fruits de mer. In Mykonos, the seafood choices are amazing.

Mykonos Food - Baklava
Save room for dessert in Mykonos if you like baklava and other sweet pastries.

Holiday goers have the difficult choice of deciding where to eat in Mykonos. Choices include modern restaurants and casual seaside tavernas. Menu prices skew high on the island, which is to be expected in this Greek oasis.

Cruisers will likely be satisfied to eat at a Mykonos restaurant and return to the ship. However, adventurous food travelers will want to dig deeper. At least that’s what we did when we visited Mykonos for our first time.

Top Mykonos Food Experiences

Drinks at Vioma Organic Farm in Mykonos
Dimitra Asimomyti is one of the many locals who welcomed us to Mykonos. She’s pictured here carrying dessert wine at her family’s Mykonos winery.

Although our first visit was brief, we packed a lot of food tripping into our Mykonos itinerary. If you’re like us and only have two or three days in Mykonos, we recommend you do the following fun food activities:

1. Eat Greek Food

Greek Salad in Mykonos
The best Greek food in Mykonos is simple fare filled with fresh ingredients and feta cheese.

Since Mykonos is in Greece, expect to eat a lot of the national cuisine. Blessed by its location, cooks prepare food with ingredients like fresh vegetables and feta cheese. Oh, how we love feta cheese.

However, some Greek food is better than others. In Mykonos, you should eat as many classic Greek dishes as possible including gooey eggplant-laden moussaka and cheesy pan-fried saganaki.

Mykonos Food - Gyros
If you visit Greece and don’t eat souvlaki, did you really visit Greece? We ate this souvlaki at Kalamaki Mykonos.

Lunchtime is a great time to check out Mykonos cheap eats options. We recommend eating souvlaki and gyros – the ultimate Greek fast food.

During our stay in Mykonos, we ate Greek souvlaki at Kalamaki Mykonos. Filled with charred meat and creamy tzatziki, these souvlaki sandwiches were winners, stuffed with thick, starchy french fries. Daryl was so filled with Greek bliss that he did a dance to pay the bill.

Read our Athens souvlaki guide.

2. Stay At A Mykonos Villa With A Private Chef

Breakfast at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
Breakfasts at Villa Humuses were our version of a Greek fantasy.

Mykonos is the perfect destination for fulfilling the fantasy of staying at a luxury villa with all the requisite bells and whistles. Not only do numerous Mykonos villas offer spectacular views and luxurious accommodations, but many come with special perks.

During our visit, we stayed at Villa Hurmuses. This accommodation provides a private chef for guests who stay at the five-apartment luxury villa. In our opinion, a private is an ideal perk for food travelers.

Private Chef at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
Ann Marie Roblas cooked for us at Villa Humuses. She’s pictured here preparing octopus our dinner.

Located on a rocky cliff, Villa Hurmuses offers amazing views of both the Aegean Sea and Mykonos Town. However, much of the villa’s magic happens in the kitchen where a private chef prepares traditional Greek food for guests each morning.

During our stay, we started our mornings with spinach pie, eggs, juice and yogurt. Fresh coffee with milk completed these morning meals.

Lunch at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
Eating a home-cooked meal is one of the perks of staying at a luxury villa in Mykonos.

For an additional charge, the chef can also prepare lunch and dinner. Not only are these meals more intimate than dining at Mykonos restaurants, but the food options are appealingly well-prepared.

Our hungry group of seven feasted on octopus, calamari and chicken as well enough side dishes to fill the spacious dining room table. We washed it all down with as much Greek wine as we wanted, happy to know that we didn’t have to find transportation back to our villa.

Pool at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
The serene, stylish pool at Villa Humuses provides an alternative to Mykonos’ busy beaches.

The private chef is just one part of the Villa Hurmuses experience. The villa offers other additional perks like a private pool, cocktail bar and outdoor barbecue.

Balcony at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
We found a little corner of heaven at Villa Humuses and an epic balcony view of the nearby Greek isle of Tinos.

The villa has numerous private spaces where guests can relax and enjoy the Mykonos views alone or with a special person. For busy food travelers, these quiet moments may be the most memorable of the entire trip.

3. Shop For Edible Mykonos Souvenirs

Mykonos Souvenirs
Shopping is a competitive sport in Mykonos.

Shoppers will find plenty to buy in Mykonos from colorful scarves to cat magnets. While some visitors choose to buy small replicas of the island’s famous windmills as Mykonos souvenirs, we prefer to shop for edible souvenirs when we travel.

Food travelers like us will find plenty to buy in Mykonos. Items like honey, olive oil and dried oregano travel well assuming they’re well-wrapped prior to packing. These edible souvenirs make great gifts too.

Pro Tip
Be careful with Mykonos food like louza if you’re returning to a country that doesn’t allow you to bring back meat or produce.

4. Visit A Mykonos Winery

 Vioma Organic Farm in Mykonoa
Mykonos Vioma produces organic wine in Mykonos.

The best place to drink wine produced in Mykonos is on the island itself. Although wineries on the Greek island produce wine with grape varietals like Agiannitis, Asyrtiko, Athiri and Mandilari, most Mykonos wine never exits the island’s port.

Visiting a winery like Mykonos Vioma offers the ultimate Mykonos wine experience. Established in 1994, this progressive winery produces organic wine without pesticides or herbicides. These winemakers cultivate grapes that don’t require much water and harvest them from mid-August until early September.

Mykonos Food at Vioma Organic Farm
We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon wine and food experience at Mykonos Vioma.

During our visit at Mykonos Vioma, Dimitra Asimomyti graciously served us tastes of her family’s organic wine along with a feast of local Mykonos products like louza (cured meat), kopanisti (spicy cheese) and olives. We also nibbled on horiatiki (Greek salad) and mostra (large crouton-like barley rusks topped with tomato and feta cheese) while we sipped both red and white wine.

The idyllic vineyard was an ideal spot to learn about Mykonos wine and eat local food specialties. We ended the experience with dessert wine that the winery produces by drying grapes in the sun for 20 days before crushing them into sweet liquid gold.

Pro Tip
Make an advance appointment to visit Mykonos Vioma. You don’t want to miss out on this unique Mykonos food experience.

5. Burn Off Calories During A Bike Tour

Mykonos Bike Tour
Touring Mykonos by bike made Daryl happy.

Contrary to popular belief, food travel isn’t just about eating. Exploration is an important component of any successful food trip.

While in Mykonos, we spent a fun afternoon on a Fokos tour with Yummy Pedals. Designed for beginners and average bike riders, this fun bike tour took us on a scenic route filled with Mykonian churches and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

Although we stopped for a sweet treat at the beach, we still got in some great exercise while viewing the Mykonos countryside.

Rusks at Vioma Organic Farm in Mykonos
These crunchy barley rusks tasted extra good after our scenic bike tour with Yummy Pedals.

And the best part? We ended the 10k bike ride at Mykonos Vioma (see above). As it turns out, our tour guide was none other than Dimitra Asimomyti, a member of the family that owns the winery. She’s quite the multi-tasker!

Pro Tip
Advanced cyclists can schedule more adventurous bike tours including a wind turbine tour that offers spectacular views of the island’s northern coastline.

6. Enjoy A Picnic On A Chartered Yacht

Mykonos on Board
Captain Artemios Zaranis helmed our yacht ride in Mykonos.

Taking a private cruise may be the ultimate activity for food travelers in Mykonos – if not all of Greece. There aren’t many better things in life than sailing on the Aegean Sea while eating a mini-feast and drinking Greek wine.

Daryl on Mykonos Boat Tour
Daryl’s shirt is almost as blue as the Aegean Sea.

The views didn’t stop during our half-day cruise with Mykonos on Board. Captain Artemios Zaranis met us at Agios Ioannis before expertly navigating the spacious yacht past the archaeologically-rich Delos island.

We later stopped at picturesque Rhenia island where those brave enough to dip into the chilly turquoise sea could take a quick swim. Disclosure – we were not among the brave swimmers.

Mindi on Mykonos Boat Tour
It was wine o’clock during our tour with Mykonos On Board.

Believing that Greek history is like a fairy tale, Zaaranis wove fascinating tales during our leisurely afternoon on the Aegean. He also served us a smorgasbord of smoked fish, grilled chicken, cured ham and fresh cheese. In other words, he was a wonderful host.

We literally had to pinch ourselves multiple times throughout the day. Sipping wine while sailing on the Aegean sea is bucket list-worthy, and this cruise did not disappoint.

7. Toast The Sunset With Greek Wine

Mykonos Windmills
Is it just us or do the Mykonos windmills shine during the sunset?

Ironically, one of the most special things to do in Mykonos doesn’t cost a thing.

Everybody can and should watch the sun kiss the sea in a nightly performance that requires no reservations. Sunset seekers head to Mykonos’ Little Venice and fill beaches in their quest to find the perfect viewing spot. However, savvy travelers take the sunset experience one step further…

Sunset over the Sea in Mykonos
Mykonos Sunset

As it turns out, sipping wine while watching a Mykonos sunset heightens the enjoyment by a factor of a million. This rule applies in Mykonos whether you watch the sunset on the beach or at the windmills.

We recommend opening a bottle of crisp Greek wine and toasting the sunset with a hearty “Yamas” while clinking glasses. Doing this multiple times will result in more smiles than clinks.

Mykonos Sunset
The night is just starting when the sun sets in Mykonos. However, it may be the best moment of the entire night.

Be sure to make the toast with a bottle of wine produced in Mykonos, Greece’s remarkable paradise. Despite its crowds and hype, the island retains world-class magic that doesn’t disappoint.

How To Get To Mykonos

Mykonos at Dusk
Unless you arrive by cruise, plan to take a ferry or plane to Mykonos

Ferries sail to Mykonos from Athens as well as from islands like Santorini, Crete and Paros. Since taking a ferry from Athens to Mykonos takes up to five hours, many people including us choose to fly instead. Fights to Mykonos from Athens take 35 minutes.

We recommend using a transfer service like Golden Transfer to travel longer distances on the island. Depending on your hotel’s location, you should be able to walk to most Mykonos restaurants and shops.

Plan Your Mykonos Trip

Bedroom at Villa Hurmuses in Mykonos
The rooms at Villa Hurmuses do not disappoint.

Be sure to plan ahead since Mykonos is popular during the summer months. Plus, the more you plan in advance, the more time you’ll have to enjoy paradise.

Mykonos Planning Checklist

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