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Shakshuka Breakfast at Honey and Co in London England

London Breakfast at Honey and Co

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After four months in Asia, we headed to Honey and Co for our first London breakfast. Watch our video to find out why we love this Middle Eastern cafe in the heart of London.

Shakshuka Breakfast at Honey and Co in London England

We first heard about Honey and Co while we were eating breakfast in Western, Ireland. The chef had staged at the Middle Eastern cafe years ago and waxed poetically on the desserts created by the Israeli owners, Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich.

Butler’s recommendation motivated us to eat our first London breakfast at Honey and Co back in June. Creatures of habit, we chose to return last month (November) when we arrived in London for a more extended visit.

Honey and Co is a cute cafe in London’s Fitzrovia neighborhood, not far from the St. Pancras rail station. We lugged our luggage to the cafe for our meal, which made us memorable enough for the manager to remember us five months later.

Or maybe that’s a sign of a cafe that focuses on the personal experience of its customers. We choose to believe the later.

At the end of the day, the food is what brought us back to Honey and Co. As much as we loved eating Pho and Bun Bo Hue for breakfast in Vietnam, we didn’t forget about the restaurant’s wonderful shakshuka, an egg dish with a flavorful spiced tomato sauce that’s popular among Israelis.

Although it’s origins are in North Africa, shakshuka is the dish we crave when we eat Israeli food. We ordered a shakshuka for our recent London breakfast, but it’s the other dishes that surprised us and left us wanting to plan a third London breakfast at Honey and Co the next time we’re in London.

Honey and Co is located at 25 Warren St, Kings Cross, London W1T 5LZ, UK.

London Breakfast at Honey and Co Video

Wondering what else we ate? Watch our video to see what we ate and how the meal went down.

London Breakfast at Honey and Co

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  1. Oh you two are gorgeous and I did…. I enjoyed the food and ambiance of Honey & Co with you guys. Aubergine (aka Eggplant) dish…. Oh YUM. Love the way you guys love your food, kindred spirits.
    Wanting to go to this place “stat”.

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