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Macarons at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

The Christmas Village in Philadelphia

In North America, USA by Daryl & Mindi Hirsch47 Comments

Christmas Village in Philadelphia has it all – food, shopping and sparkly lights.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village in Philadelphia

In a perfect world, we would be in Europe right now where we could easily enjoy the best of the holiday season. Due to current geographical limitations, we are satisfying our European holiday craving in the city of brotherly love.

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Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Christmas Village is an oasis in LOVE Park, right in the heart of center city Philadelphia. It’s just almost like being at a German Christmas market without the long plane ride.

The village sprouts at Thanksgiving and stays rooted until the end of the holiday season. Like clockwork every year, little shacks temporarily house over sixty local and international vendors, and sparkly lights abound.

Sparkly and Festive Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village – Sparkly and Festive

Stands at Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village is an oasis in LOVE Park, right in the heart of center city Philadelphia.

Shopping at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Shopping at the Christmas Village

Of course, there’s great shopping at the Christmas Village. Santa is there to meet, greet and take photos with kids of all ages. Musicians play festive holiday songs for everybody to enjoy. That’s all well and good, but it’s no surprise that we went for the food.

Food at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

When you go to any Christmas market, you can’t help but expect seasonal European food. Philadelphia’s Christmas Village doesn’t disappoint, with plenty of European foods, both sweet and savory.

It’s all here from raclette cheese from Switzerland to Döner Kebaps from Germany (via Turkey) to crepes from France and even to strudel from Austria. The different foods happily co-exist at the market, and their tempting aromas pleasantly drift through the chilly air.

Berlin Doner Kebap at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Berlin Doner Kebap from Germany (via Turkey) at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Helmut's Original Austrian Strudel at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Helmut’s Original Austrian Strudel at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Based on the queues, we’re not the only people who are enjoying the food at the Christmas market in Philadelphia. Although its fun to sample different things from around the world, the options at this market aren’t just European. Local vendors are well represented with treats like eggnog macarons, bacon jam, artisan chocolate and mulled wine to feed the hungry crowds.

Macarons at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Local Holiday Macarons Baked by Tiffany at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Bacon Jam at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Bacon Jam at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Ladybug Chocolates at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Local Ladybug Chocolates from John & Kiras at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Mulled Wine at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Mulled Wine from Local Chaddsford Winery at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Over 550,000 people are expected to visit the Philadelphia’s Christmas Village before it closes for the year on December 28th. In our opinion, it’s worth a visit. Go for the shopping. Stay for the food and drinks.

Mug of Gluhwein at the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Cheers to the Christmas Village in Philadelphia with a Warm Mug of Gluhwein

Disclosure:  We visited the Christmas Village in Philadelphia as guests of the market. As always, all opinions are our own.

The Christmas Village in Philadelphia is located at LOVE Park – 15th Street and JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19102, United States.  Check out the official website for hours of operation, vendors and special food events. 

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  1. I visited the Christmas Village on Monday and absolutely loved it. Such a great alternative if you can’t fly to Germany for the markets there. Interesting, I was talking to the manager of the market, who is from Germany, and he told me that doner was actually invented by in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant. That’s why it’s a staple at the markets, though in a slightly different form.

  2. I love this market! Just the John & Kira chocolates are a total draw!!! Everything else is a bonus. Thanks for writing about this.

  3. This is my kind of fun. The Food, the Lights, the Music and the way you describe the experience makes me want to travel to Philadelphia.

  4. Wow, that looks like so much fun! This is the first year that my city (Minneapolis) has done a holiday market, so ours is much smaller. Hopefully we will get doners in the future–I fell in love with them when I studied in Berlin and eating one always takes me right back to Germany.

  5. I love Christmas markets they’re so festive and the food delightful! I just went to one in Toronto and had a blast!

  6. My husband goes to Philly all the time and says how wonderful it is there. I am going to have to talk him into taking me there soon!

    1. Author

      You should definitely tag along soon. You will really enjoy the city and all the great food here.

  7. Oh my gosh, all that food is making me so hungry! Which is impressive because I have a cold and nothing sounds good, lol. I love events like that at Christmas!

  8. YUM! never knew there was a such thing as bacon spread. I wonder if they sell that here in WPB FL? I love all the foods you posted.

  9. We miss out on all these fun Christmas festivals and markets here in the Southern Hemisphere. Makes me miss my days in the UK where I could visit any of Europes markets for a weekend. Will have to add markets in the US to my list from someday as this one looks like great fun!

  10. I love Christmas and discovering what our city (Austin) has to offer for the holiday celebrations. Looks like ya’ll had a blast.

  11. You take great pictures, that food is making me SO HUNGRY! 🙂 What a fun event!!

  12. Wow! That sounds like so much fun and the sandwich you showed looks so incredibly yummy!! I wish we had something like that here.

  13. Oh wow!! How awesome!! I’m a sucker for Christmas stuff like this!! I have to keep this in mind for the future!

  14. Haven’t made it to a European Christmas Market yet but I like your idea of taking that longing local. Great pictures.

  15. Awww how beautiful and festive!! I would love to go to a market like this! The food looks awesome, love the variety.

  16. I really need to get down to Philly soon to visit you guys – this market looks wonderful. Christmas season truly is the most wonderful time of the year 😀

  17. I would have expected a Christmas Market in the US to look so different from those of Europe, but strangely, they arent all that far apart! The essential bit being, both capture the spirit!

    1. Author

      Philadelphia’s Christmas Village was modeled after the German Christmas markets, and the planners have really captured the look and spirit.

  18. First of all– LOVE the name LOVE Park! I’ve only visited Philadelphia once, but really did enjoy every moment. This Christmas market looks fantastic, and the food looks yummy. Definitely has that Christmas magic!

  19. This christmas village looks like great fun! I am really getting hungry here looking at all your beautiful food pictures! Those Macarons….mmm..look delicious!

  20. Ah, we all love a good Christmas market. Nothing can get us in the mood more than this.

    It looks as though Philly has a great one on offer here. Is that real snow too?

    I must admit that I’ve yet to visit a Christmas market in the US but have tasted a fabulous one in Hamburg, Germany.

  21. The most famous Christmas village we have in Portugal is in Obidos (a medieval city a couple of hours from Lisbon, on the west coast) and it’s all about chocolate and Ginjinha and of course kids and lights and all. But I haven’t seen many other more though. I have my eye on those egg nog macarons though 😀

  22. The market looks great and the food tasty! If only Christmas markets weren´t that crowded….

  23. I love Christmas markets! There is always this warm and cosy feeling to them isnt there.

    1. Author

      You would love the Christmas Village in Philadelphia. It has that warm and cosy feeling that you love.

  24. I would love to visit this market! And, for some reason, now I am hungry and thirsty! 😉 Thanks for the info; this gives me another reason to want to visit Philadelphia.

  25. As an Austrian I can tell that the Christmas village in Philadelphia looks kind of the Christmas markets here in Austria. So you don´t have to but should/could visit ours in Europe too.
    It´s interesting how many European food they offer here. Even Döner. 😀
    If you like real Austrian apple strudel I´ll have a recipe for you from my granny:
    It´s delicious.

    1. Author

      We love authentic apple strudel. Thanks for sharing your family recipe!

  26. As with most everyone (except for the random scrooges out there) I have an obsession with Christmas markets. The food is always so good and I love the Christmas cheer! I wish I had time for a trip to Philly to check it out!

  27. How cute are those Philly Love mugs! Love how so many cities in the USA are upping their Christmas market game!

  28. It love Christmas markets, this one looks great! That mug is super cute, did you buy it? 😀

  29. I have always wanted to go to Europe during the Christmas holidays but it looks like this could be one of the next best things if I couldn’t make it to Europe during the holidays.

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