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Pizzeria Beddia In Philadelphia

Dubiously dubbed America’s best pizza place in 2015, Pizzeria Beddia is still one of the premier spots for eating pizza in Philadelphia today. But does it live up to the hype?

Pepper Pizza at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia
Image: ©2foodtrippers

Joe Beddia made his first mark on the Philadelphia pizza scene when he opened the original Pizzeria Beddia on Girard Avenue back in 2013. With a limited production of just 40 pies per night and no proper tables, the pizzeria quickly became a cult favorite for serving what Bon Appetit dubbed the best pizza in America in 2015.

Five years after it opened, it closed.

Pizzeria Beddia Dining Room in Philadelphia
Skillful serves keep things moving in Pizzeria Beddia’s stark yet chic dining room. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Philadelphia pizza lovers had some dark days until Beddia opened the 2.0 version of Pizzeria Beddia just a few blocks north of the original in 2019. But what a difference a few blocks make.

Pizzeria Beddia is now located in a modern space that can accommodate over 100 people both at the swanky bar and in the pizzeria’s dining rooms, plus more on the outside patio. Crowds fill the spacious restaurant each night, many with coveted reservations and others who arrive early and add their name to the waiting list.

Having been disappointed by other restaurants that lost their luster after expanding, we made our dinner reservation a month in advance with trepidation. Would Beddia’s pizza live up to its reputation? And would the pizza justify prices exceeding $20 per pie at the time of our visit?

Our Dinner At Pizzeria Beddia

Pepperoni Pizza at Pizzeria Beddia in Philaelphia
Not your average pepperoni pizza, this one was topped with tomato, whole milk mozzarella cheese and Galen’s Good Old cheese in addition to pepperoni. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Upping the game, we brought Daryl’s picky parents to our Pizzeria Beddia dinner. Suburban pizza lovers with a disdain for hipsters, they were initially skeptical of the urban pizzeria’s charms.

Friendly service and excellent pizza quickly lulled the elder Hirsch’s into submission. Daryl’s father, a vegetable purist (i.e., he only ate string beans, cold peas and iceberg lettuce), even liked the restaurant’s deconstructed roasted vegetable Caesar Salad with purple potatoes, caramelized leeks and roasted brussels sprouts.

It’s a happy memory that we now treasure and think of often.

Food At Pizzeria Beddia

Roast Vegetable Salad at Pizza Beddia in Philadelphia
With ingredients like purple potatoes, caramelized leeks and roasted brussels sprouts, this deconstructed roasted vegetable salad pushed the Caesar envelope. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

We ordered two pies – one with tomato, whole milk mozzarella cheese, Galen’s Good Old cheese and pepperoni and one with spicy arrabbiata cheese, hot peppers and Royer Mountain cheese. The pizzas’ thin crust reminded us of pies we’d previously eaten at NYC pizzerias like Di Fara in Brooklyn, but the combination of toppings was their own beautiful thing.

Beyond pizza, Pizzeria Beddia’s limited menu includes a surprisingly varied natural wine selection and two flavors of soft serve ice cream. Served with an optional shot of amari, or in our case three shots, the creamy ice cream provides a satisfying way to follow great pizza.

Pro Tip
Book Pizzeria Beddia’s Hoagie Room if you want to chow down on pizza, hoagies and soft serve ice cream with five of your besties in a private space.

Ice Cream at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia
Dessert at Pizzeria Beddia means soft serve ice cream. We sampled two flavors, espresso and sweet cream, during our meal. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Is this really the best pizza in America? That would be a dubious claim and, if you wish to make it, we won’t stop you. As for us, we’re happy to focus on Pizzeria Beddia’s wonderful world-class pizza experience instead.

Pizzeria Beddia is located at 1313 N Lee Street, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to secure a reservation at Pizzeria Beddia?

Making an online reservation is the easiest option and can be done via the restaurant’s website or Resy. You can do this up to 30 days in advance. Be aware that Pizzeria Beddia charges a fee for cancellations made without 24 hours notice.

How much does a meal at Pizzeria Beddia cost?

Pizzeria Beddia’s pizzas currently range in price from $24 -$26. Starters range from $5 to $17 and soft serve ice cream cups (without amari) are $6. As always, prices are subject to change.

Is tipping necessary at Pizzeria Beddia?

Yes. Tipping is necessary at Philadelphia restaurants including Pizzeria Beddia. We recommend leaving a 20% tip for good service and up to 25% for excellent service.

What’s the dress code at Pizzeria Beddia?

Pizzeria Beddia doesn’t have a dress code. We recommend smart casual attire.

What’s the best way to get to Pizzeria Beddia?

Taking a SEPTA train to the Berks station is the easiest option since parking is challenging in Fishtown. You can also drive or take an Uber to Pizzeria Beddia. If you decide to drive, the Fishtown neighborhood has free street parking. However, be sure to check street signs for potential parking restrictions. You can alternatively pay to park at a lot on N. Front Street between Thompson and Master if you can’t find a spot on the street.

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