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Lisbon Gelato Guide | The Best Ice Cream in Lisbon

Are you wondering where to eat the best ice cream in Lisbon? We provide the scoop on our favorite Lisbon gelaterias in this spoon-worthy Lisbon Eats ice cream guide.

Ice Cream Cone at Nannarella in Lisbon

Our unrelenting obsession for creamy gelato has fueled our travel around the globe. We’re not exaggerating. Thanks to this sweet obsession, we’ve licked luscious ice cream cones in cities like Cincinnati, Girona and Cape Town as well as in Bologna, gelato’s motherland.

But what about Lisbon? Before we moved to Portugal’s capital city in 2019, we weren’t sure if we’d find great ice cream in our new home city. After all, the pastel de nata is this city’s number one Portuguese dessert.

Spoiler Alert – Our worries were unfounded. Lisbon has great ice cream if you know where to find it.

Eating Ice Cream in Lisbon

Lisbon View from Graca Overlook
Lisbon’s scenic streets are filled with ice cream shops. These shops provide a welcome respite from the city’s seven hills.

After more than a year and many scoops eaten for ‘research’ purposes, we’re happy to report that Lisbon’s ice cream and gelato scene is booming. Locals and tourists queue for sweet treats both on weekends and during the week after eating brunch at Lisbon cafes, pizza for lunch or dinner at one of Lisbon’s best restaurants.

When we think about it, this popularity makes sense. Not only does an ice cream cone make an ideal treat after a day of walking up and down Lisbon’s hilly streets, but it also serves as a cooling antidote to warm Lisbon temperatures.

Fun Fact
The Portuguese translation for gelato is gelados. This translation is as easy to remember as it is to pronounce.

The Best Lisbon Ice Cream Shops

Nannarella in Lisbon
In Lisbon, everybody screams (and lines up) for ice cream.

While the city has more pastelarias (bakeries) than gelaterias (gelato shops), finding ice cream in Lisbon is the opposite of a challenge. The key is knowing where to achieve gelato bliss while avoiding wasted calories.

Many tourists flock to global chains like Grom and Amorino. However, as Lisbon locals, we prefer eating ice cream at locally-based ice cream parlors.

Read on to find our picks for the best ice cream in Lisbon:

1. Gelato Daverro

Two Ice Cream Cones at Gelato Davvero in Lisbon
Two cones are better than one at Gelato Davvero. The cone on the left is topped with cassata and chocolate gelato while the cone on the right has basil, melon and strawberry ice cream. Each has a generous dollop of whipped cream for good measure.

Gelato Davvero lives up to a name that directly translates to really gelato. This gelateria squeaks its way to our number one spot thanks to the quality of its traditional Italian-style gelato served with a spatula into crunchy cones. Free whipped cream and a comfortable dining room seal the deal in this unofficial contest.

Expect to choose from dozens of flavors ranging from the traditional (chocolate, pistachio and stracciatella) to the sublime (basil, cassata and ricotta with walnuts and fig). Since Davvero sources fresh fruit at the nearby Mercado Ribeira, fruit flavors like strawberry, melon and avocado are also worth a try.

Davvero Gelato at Time Out Market Lisbon
We ate this pistachio, strawberry and ricotta walnut honey gelato cup at Davvero’s Time Out Market location.

Filippo Licitra, an original partner of Nannarella (see below) opened the original Davvero with partner Riccardo Farabegoli in 2015. The duo now has several locations in Lisbon (including one at the Time Out Market) and beyond.

Pro Tip
Not sure what to order? No problem. This gelateria doesn’t limit the number of flavors regardless of the size of your cup or cone.

Gelato Davvero has multiple Lisbon locations. Our favorite gelateria is located at Rua Ribeira Nova 36, 1200-377 Lisboa, Portugal.

2. Nannarella

Gelato at Nannarella in Lisbon
We ate this cone at Nannarella in Lisbon, topped with chocolate and banana gelato as well as fresh whipped cream, before it melted.

Popular with locals since it opened in Lisbon’s São Bento neighborhood in 2013, Nannarella achieved international fame when Phil Rosenthal filmed a segment of Somebody Feed Phil at the gelateria in 2018. The opposite of a hidden gem, crowds queue all day, every day to eat this popular gelateria’s Italian-style gelato

The gelato here rivals the scoops served at Gelato Daverro (see above), which isn’t surprising since Constanza Ventura opened the shop with former partner Riccardo Farabegoli who now co-owns Daverro. The two shops are similar in many ways including their natural flavors, spatula serving techniques and complimentary puffs of panna montata (Italian whipped cream).

Nannarella Cone with Blueberry and Chocolate Gelato at Nannarella in Lisbon
We also ate this cone at Nannarella in Lisbon. It was topped with scoops of chocolate and blueberry gelato.

We’ve never eaten a bad flavor at Nannarella whether we’ve ordered Italian classics or seasonal flavors. During our most recent visit, seasonal flavors included chocolate sorbet, cheesecake, banana, blueberry and fig. Not surprisingly, many locals consider Nannarella’s ice cream to be the best gelato in Lisbon.

Pro Tip
Although Nannarella has a small dining room, you can enjoy your gelato on a bench at nearby Praça da Constituição de 1976.

Nannarella is located at Rua Nova da Piedade 64A, 1200-299 Lisboa, Portugal.

3. Pascoalini

Ice Cream Cup at Pascoalini in Lisbon
Inspired by Portugal’s Ovos Moles de Aveiro pastry , Pascoalini’s Ovos Moles gelato is as sweet as it is orange.

** Important Update – Pascoalini’s Lisbon location is now permanently closed. **

Pascoalini is another gelateria that combines Portuguese ice cream flavors with Italian gelato techniques. Rui Pascoalinho trained in Bologna before opening the original Pascoalini in Santarém in 2013. He opened the Lisbon location four years later.

Food travelers who ascend Lisbon’s steep hills to reach Pascoalini’s Príncipe Real shop will be rewarded with a tempting array of creamy ice cream flavors including fresh fruit varieties fit for vegans. Highlight flavors include ovos moles and pampilho inspired by Ribatejo pastries popular in Central Portugal.

Pro Tip
Try a new-to-you flavor from Pascoalini’s rotating gelato menu. You can eat chocolate, strawberry and vanilla back home.

Pascoalini was located at Rua da Palmeira 28B, 1200-165 Lisbon, Portugal. This Lisbon location is now permanently closed.

4. Gelados Conchanata

Ice Cream Cone at Gelados Conchanata in Lisbon
This old school cone topped with chocolate and tangerine ice cream tasted just fine in Lisbon’s Alvalade neighborhood.

Summertime is a happy time in Lisbon’s Alvalade neighborhood because this is the season when Conchanata is open for business. It’s true. The popular Lisbon ice cream shop takes an annual winter break every year.

Quintilio and Alfo Tarlattini (a father and son duo of Italian descent) opened the Italian-style gelateria more than 70 years ago. Still in the same family, Michele Tarlattini runs the shop today.

Conchanata’s flavors skew traditional compared to flavors found at other Lisbon gelato shops. Guests can choose from wholesome varieties like chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut as well lactose-free varieties like strawberry, pineapple and mango.

Pro Tip
Splurge and order a Conchanata cup. A party in a bowl with four ice cream scoops and lots of strawberry syrup, this dish is Conchanata’s signature sundae. If you don’t like strawberry syrup, splurge on a banana split instead.

Gelados Conchanata is located at Avenida da Igreja 28A, 1700-237 Lisboa, Portugal.

5. Santini

Ice Cream Cone at Santini in Lisbon
This Santini cone topped with scoops of raspberry and salted caramel peanut is a match made in gelato heaven.

Known for its red and white striped decor, Gelados Santini has been a local ice cream favorite since Atillio Santini channeled his Italian heritage and opened the original Estoril location in 1948. Yes, Santini is yet another Portuguese ice cream operation with Italian roots.

Today, Santini has multiple Portuguese locations in the Lisbon metropolitan area and as far north as Porto. Each shop serves a dizzying number of artisanal flavors, all of them 100% natural and prepared without preservatives.

Pulled like a magnet by the shop’s distinctive red and white stripes, we first tried Santini’s ice cream in Cascais and have since returned multiple times to the Chiado shop in Lisbon. Our nephew Max gave Santini a big thumbs up during his inaugural visit last year, validating Santini’s inclusion in this list.

Pro Tip
Sample a few flavors before you decide what to order. Word on the street is that strawberry is Santini’s most popular flavor, though raspberry and salted caramel peanut rarely disappoint.

Santini has multiple gelaterias. Our favorite is the shop at Rua do Carmo 88, 1100-581, Lisboa, Portugal.

Bonus – Alba Gelato in Sintra

Ice Cream Cone at Alba Gelato in Sintra
Alba Gelato serves the best ice cream in Sintra.

Most visitors to Lisbon eventually take a day trip to Sintra to see sites like the Pena Palace (Palácio Nacional de Pena) and the Moorish Castle (Castelo dos Mouros). We did the same during our first visit to Lisbon. However, during that Lisbon trip in 2007, we didn’t eat ice cream in Sintra.

Now we know to take an ice cream break at Alba Gelato when we visit Sintra. Owner Maria Borga learned traditional gelato skills at Bologna’s Carpigiani Gelato University before opening her Sintra gelateria in 2018.

Popular flavors include cinnamon, salted caramel and pistachio as well as white coffee and dark chocolate. Try two or three flavors in a cone, cup or crêpe if you’re overwhelmed by the options.

Pro Tip
End your Sintra day trip with ice cream at Alba Gelato. The ice cream shop is a short walk from the train station.

Alba Gelato is located at Alameda Combatentes da Grande Guerra 4, 2710-246 Sintra, Portugal.

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Important Update
Ice cream shops may revise their hours and menus due to COVID-19. Some may close, either temporarily or permanently, without notice. Be sure to check websites for updated information.

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Friday 11th of December 2020

Good review! Though you left out one of the best ice cream shops in Lisbon, Mú gelato italiano, in Campo Mártires da Pátria. The creaminess and fresh flavour of their sorbets is the best you can find in town, and the chocolate flavour probably in entire Portugal!

PS: Pascoalini by the way has closed down :(

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Friday 11th of December 2020

Thanks for the info. It does indeed look like Pascoalini's Lisbon location has closed. Bummer!