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Ten 2-Ingredient Cocktails Worth Sipping

Discover ten 2-ingredient cocktails that are as easy to sip as they are to craft. Some are familiar favorites while others may be new to you. They all taste great!

French Connection Cocktail on Ledge
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Sometimes we pull out the blender and craft complicated cocktails but usually our mixology mission involves five ingredients or fewer – and we’re not alone with this preference.

Some of the world’s most popular cocktails, like the Old Fashioned and Negroni, involve just a few ingredients and are surprisingly easy to craft. The easiest can be crafted with just two ingredients.

Yes, we know that crafting a tasty tipple with just a couple ingredients sounds too good to be true. But, as it turns out, two-ingredient drinks are surprisingly common.

Several great cocktail recipes have just two ingredients, not counting water, ice and garnishes of course. These seemingly simple cocktails are a great option when you’re home alone or feeling lazy. They’re also ideal when you’re having a party and don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen.

These are our favorite two-ingredient cocktails and the ones you’ll love sipping:

10 Of The Best 2-Ingredient Cocktails

Gin and Tonic Birds Eye View
Gin + Tonic
The Gin + Tonic is the most popular two-ingredient cocktail on this list. It's also a global phenomenon that can't be stopped. Learn the story behind this classic cocktail and discover a few twists that take the G+T to the next level.
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Black Russian with Liquor Bottles
Black Russian
The Black Russian cocktail is more than just a White Russian without cream. The chocolate brown cocktail provides more of a kick without any mixers to dilute its alcohol components. Plus, as a bonus, the Black Russian ticks the box for cocktail drinkers who are vegetarian and/or lactose impaired.
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Garibaldi Cocktail with Campari Bottle and Black Background
Crafting Italy's Garibaldi cocktail requires two primary ingredients – Campari and fresh orange juice. These two ingredients, one bitter and one sweet, come together to create a flavor sensation that's ideal for any pre-dinner aperitivo session involving meat, cheese or olives.
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White Port and Tonic Cocktail and Tram
Porto Tonico
The Porto Tonico is a refreshing wine cocktail crafted with twice as much tonic as white port. It's also the most popular cocktail in Portugal.
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Pouring Gin into Gibson Cocktail
Easy to make at home with just a couple ingredients, this Gibson is a classic gin cocktail that's cool, classy and tastes like a dream. In other words, it's a winner.
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Mauresque Cocktail from Above
Discover why drinking a Mauresque cocktail is one of the greatest joys of visiting Marseille. Then learn how to make the French pastis cocktail at home.
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Fuzzy Navel from Above with Fuzzy Background
Fuzzy Navel
The Fuzzy Navel is a two-ingredient cocktail made with orange juice and peach schnapps. Ice cubes complete the drink while garnishes add pizzazz.
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Bellini and Peaches
The Bellini is a two-ingredient cocktail crafted with peach purée and Prosecco. It's also bubbly, sweet and peachy. Plus, it's pleasantly pink. And who doesn't like pink cocktails?
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French Connection Cocktail from Above Close Up
French Connection
A French Connection cocktail is a two-ingredient cocktail crafted with equal parts of Amaretto and Cognac. It's also a sweet, potent and easy drink to sip after dinner, preferably next to a fireplace and with a special someone.
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Tomate Cocktail with Bottles
Don't underestimate the Tomate cocktail. It's a drink to sip thanks to its fun color and fruity flavor. But beware – this colorful, fruity cocktail packs a potent punch.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2-ingredient cocktail?

A 2-ingredient cocktail is a cocktail that’s crafted with just two ingredients plus optional add-ons like garnishes and ice cubes. The two ingredients can be two different liquors. Alternatively, one of the ingredients can be a non-alcoholic mixer like tonic or club soda.

What’s the best way craft a 2-ingredient cocktail

Most 2-ingredient cocktails are easy to craft. Some are stirred while others are shaken.

Which cocktail is the most iconic 2-ingredient cocktail?

The Gin + Tonic is the most iconic 2-ingredient cocktail. After two centuries, it’s as popular today as ever.

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