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Why You Need to Visit Albi France

In France by Daryl & Mindi Hirsch

Since an epic meal deserves an epic journey, we decided to visit Albi France as part of our Maison Bras getaway from Lyon.

Albi France View

We love Europe, and France in particular, for many reasons – great food, magnificent scenery, ancient cultures and some of the best public transportation on the planet.

It’s a pleasure to hop on France’s network of TGV trains and travel to and from many destinations including Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Strasbourg. Traveling on high-speed rail is easy, fast and comfortable.

However, even in France, there are times when travelers want to hit the road, rent a car and traverse the countryside. Popular French road trips include the Loire Valley, the South of France and Western France.

Road Trip to Albi France

We rented a sporty silver Citron for our France road trip.

As for us, we chose to take a road trip from Lyon to Albi and Laguiole. Our end goal was eating a meal at Maison Bras.

Located in the picturesque central French region of Aubrac, Maison Bras presents a formidable journey for food lovers. Getting to the restaurant isn’t easy though. Trains don’t travel to nearby Laguiole. Rodez, the closest city to Bras, is five hours by rail from Paris. Buses to Laguiole only leave once a day from Rodez.

We decided to extend our trip and soak up some ancient French scenery in Albi before rolling into the French hill country. As an added bonus, our drive skirted a number of French towns that we never considered visiting.

Puy en Velay Scenery

Traveling through France by car lets you see towns that are under the radar for American tourists. Puy en Velay and its red Virgin Mary statue atop the Rocher Corneille drew our eyes and made us wonder: “How come we didn’t know about this place?” Outside the city, a statue of a lentil on its throne provided us with merriment on the long drive through the French countryside to Albi.

We were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of towns like Puy en Velay. Puy, the french lentil epicenter, astounded us with its striking red Virgin Mary statue atop Rocher Corneille rock.

The wonderment of these sites, along with breathtaking natural scenery, fill the Gallic nation from end to end. It’s no wonder why many French people never want to leave France, even for the occasional vacation.

Why Visit Albi France?

Albi Cathedral in Albi France

The Albi Cathedral is the cornerstone building in Albi. Originally constructed in the 13th century as a fortress, the cathedral is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We didn’t totally know what to expect when we decided to visit Albi. While featured in some American travel guides, Albi is not a key destination for many American travelers.

So, as we strolled along the majestic Tarn river, moving past the city’s ancient buildings and arching stone spans, we couldn’t help but think of the Burt Bacharach/Hal David song (and Michael Caine film) Alfie, singing (and joking):

“What’s it all about, Albi?”?

All jokes aside, Albi is located in the region of Tarn, about an hour outside of Toulouse. It’s a small but bustling city with loads of shops and eateries.

A quick word of advice: Don’t visit Albi for fine dining. The town, while possessing a decent central public market (the Albi Market) and some excellent wine shops with bottles from nearby Gaillac and Languedoc, is filled with touristy restaurants.

We looked for solid local food while we there, thinking we would score some awesome cassoulet and duck confit, but instead ended up with gristly steak and inedible banana crème brûlée. We did enjoy a fresh, seasonal lunch at Croc’citan as well as a delightful breakfast at our Airbnb apartment.

Breakfast in Albi France

The continental breakfasts at our Airbnb were a highlight of our stay in Albi. Not only did our gracious hosts serve breakfast on their heirloom Limoges china, but they also served it with a front row view of the cathedral.

However, what Albi lacks in food it makes up for in amazing scenery. Roman bridges span the Tarn river bowing before the fortress-like, rustic brown brick Saint Cecile cathedral. The cathedral is impressive on its own, with an ornately painted ceiling and gardens that overlook the flowing river.

Albi prides itself as the home of noted impressionist artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and its quality museum of the same name. This museum warrants a visit on its own.

The Musée Toulouse-Lautrec not only houses many of the artist’s iconic illustrations from Paris’ Belle Epoch – think classic Moulin Rouge posters. The museum also provides a unique history of an artist both cursed and blessed by physical deformities that shaped his unique creative vision.

Albi France – A Photo Essay

Albi is best enjoyed at sunrise and is worthy of a photo display. So, as a part one of our amazing road trip through Central France, we present the ancient city of Albi in photos. Enjoy!

Albi France Sunrise

Painting at the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec in Albi France

Albi Cathedral Ceiling in Albi France

Scenery in Albi France

Stone Walkway in Albi France

Sky View in Albi France

Colorful Sky in Albi France

If you’re inspired by our French road trip, get tips on planning your own two-week itinerary here.

Hungry for more? Check out our dinner at the world-famous Maison Bras restaurant in nearby Laguiole.

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