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Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg Photo Essay

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This Strasbourg photo essay highlights the picturesque Alsatian French city and includes some of our favorite photos of the fabulous French city’s architecture, scenery and food.

View from Notre Dame Cathedral - Strasbourg Photo Essay

We’ve taken enough photos to fill the world many times over – 15,000 at last count. We’ve photographed so many people, scenes and foods that, in many cases, we haven’t had the time to catch our breath, take it all in and enjoy some of the best footage that we’ve shot. Such was the case when we recently enjoyed an eleven-day stint in Strasbourg France – the center of the Alsace region and one of the capitals of the European Union.

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Introduction to Strasbourg

We first noticed the Alsatian city and its affiliation with some of the great pastry traditions of France while viewing the film Kings of Pastry a few years back. We then got a small taste when our Viking River Cruise stopped in Strasbourg for the day, but living like locals for eleven days gave us a real chance to explore and experience Strasbourg fully.

Alsace is located in a valley between the Vosges Mountains and the German Black Forest, combining the cultures of France and Germany in a wonderful melding of food, language and architecture.  This is the land that Americans associate with the Hansel & Gretel fairytale, surrounded by forests and filled with tudor architecture, castles and pain d’epice – a product similar to gingerbread in America. It’s also the home of choucroute garnie, a dish where sauerkraut is served with an assortment of charcuterie and boiled potatoes. In other words, Strasbourg is a feast for all five senses, and we were lucky to have the time to gather it all in.

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Strasbourg Photo Essay

While scanning through our archive with so many awesome photos, we decided to create this Strasbourg photo essay to show the beauty of the great city. Scroll down and enjoy the lovely canals, the spectacular cathedral and the unique Franco-German culture in pictures.

Strasbourg Canal - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg Cathedral Notre Dame - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg Pastry Chocolate - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg residents - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Kugelhopfs - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Tourists - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Baguettes - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Swan - Strasbourg Photo Essay
Strasbourg Market - Strasbourg Photo Essay

City Scene - Strasbourg Photo Essay - Rhine River

Strasbourg Building - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Pain d'epices - gingerbread - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg door - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg Bridge - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Notre Dame Cathedral at Night - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Inside Notre Dame Cathedral - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Choucroute Garnie - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Outside the Notre Dame Cathedral at Night - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Strasbourg Night Moon - Strasbourg Photo Essay

Hungry for more? Check out our Strasbourg Food Guide with the best food we ate in the city.

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Check out our Strasbourg photo essay for highlights of the picturesque Alsatian French city. We have included photos of the architecture, scenery and food.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Your photo essay makes me want to learn more about the foods you ate. I’m particularly curious about the bread with curly ends.

    1. Author

      Tune in soon! We’ll be sharing our food guide with so much great food in Strasbourg.

  2. Great photo essay! Strasbourg is a town that has captured my interest for quite some time now. But so far, I haven’t been able to fit it into our itineraries in France. Someday I hope to see it through my own eyes. But for now…so grateful for posts like this one!

  3. Beautiful illustration of a beautiful city! Love those loaves of bread…we didn’t see those on our visit but we did climb the cathedral tower, such stunning views!

  4. I’m going to Strasbourg in 2 weeks and the original plan was to just eat, but now I think I will add a boat tour to that – didnt know they had those!

  5. Beautiful photos! I love all the little details like that green gate. You can certainly see the German influence in the ham and sausage platter!

    1. Author

      Thanks a bunch. Strasbourg is one of those storybook cities that’s a great visual feast. We also enjoyed the merging of those French and German influences to create a cuisine that is so uniquely Alsatian. The wine is great too!

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