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Naples Manhole Cover in Naples Italy

Naples Italy – The City in Black and White

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Naples Italy is a city rich with colorful street scenes and vibrant characters. However, the city shines the most when you view Naples photos in Black and White.

Naples Manhole Cover in Naples Italy

As we walked around Naples Italy with its ubiquitous graffiti, awesome pizza and colorful characters, we realized that the city truly shows its soul when seen in black and white.

Unlike travelers who create wonderful souvenirs while photographing Venice and its famous canals, we didn’t recognize the true beauty of Naples until we wandered through its winding streets. Once we did, we found photo opportunities everywhere we looked.

We took numerous photos in Italy, but these are the photos that we love the most. In their simplicity, they show the true beauty of textural and luminescent Napoli – the real Italian city that stole our hearts.

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Naples Photos – The City in Black and White

Naples Italy Black & White

Three Girls in Naples Italy

Building in Naples Italy

Waitress in Naples Italy

Beach Bum in Naples Italy

Statue in Naples Italy

Pizza Line in Naples Italy

Street Scene in Naples Italy

Woman with Umbrella in Naples Italy

Church Facade in Naples Italy

Couple in Naples Italy

Motorcycle in Naples Italy

Man with Phone in Naples Italy

Night Street in Naples Italy

Sfogliatella in Naples Italy

Wine In Naples Italy

Naples Street in Black and White

Pastry Chef in Naples Italy

Naples Building

Musicians in Naples Italy

Naples Italy at Night

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  1. Great photos guys! There is something about black and white photos that I love – they are so timeless 😀

  2. Gorgeous photo essay! I never took any B&W pics while in Naples, but I love the timeless feeling yours bring to this ancient city. Inspiring!

    ~Tui, swinging by from #Mondayblogs to say hi!

  3. I love black and white photos of European cities–really makes them come alive. Great job with depicting Naples–you’ve captured the character of the city in a very evocative way.

  4. What beautiful photos! You really captured the heart of that city. People, music and food!

  5. Naples is actually pretty near the top of my favourite cities I’ve visited in Italy over the years and your pictures actually paint quite a colourful picture of the city and what makes it so special

  6. Love this! B&W photos always help me to better attain the feel of the place rather than just be mesmerized by the colors! 🙂

  7. I loved Naples, but I found it a bit “gritty” so I think B&W is the best way to photograph it! Beautiful.

  8. SOLD! you don’t need to give me any more reasons to visit Naples, you got me on your post about your first impression on Naples. Great photo essay

  9. There’s something about black & white imagery that brings forth a lot of character. I did a quite tour of Italy this summer but missed out on Naples. I’ll definitely have to go back.

  10. Great photos! I rarely see black and white anymore, it really makes the photos “pop”.

  11. Not surprised to see so many portraits in your photo essay, for it really is the people of Napoli that make the city so incredible. Nicely done!

  12. It’s amazing how even in black and white you were able to capture the life of the city and the Italian attitude. I guess they don’t need color to show off anyway 😀

  13. These are incredible, I absolutely love how you’ve captured the mood in so many of these photos, they could’ve only been conveyed in the black/white presentation, I am really impressed!

  14. I just adore black and white photography! You got some fabulous shots, I especially love the portraits. I’m trying to get more authentic photos of the people when I visit places, it’s not always easy (especially if you’re shy like myself!). Nicely done.

  15. Wow beautiful pictures! I’m from and currently live in Italy, but I’m quite ashamed to admit I’ve never been to Naples…you were able to capture the atmosphere of the city, and now I want to go as soon as possible!

  16. Looks lovely in black and white! Like a completely different city! Great photos guys!

  17. Beautiful pictures. You are right the city certainly looks better in black and white. I especially love the kissing statue.

  18. This makes me so reminiscent for Italy! Lovely pictures, I loved following along on your travels over there recently. I am teaching in Seoul at the moment, but studying Italy with my kindergarteners….man has it made me want to get back there so badly!!

  19. Wow great pictures, Naples is on my list of places. It really looks like you’ve captured the feel of the city in these pics. Nice work 🙂

  20. These images are awesome. I really love how you dedicated a post to black and white images . . . it really shows a whole different perspective of the region somehow! You’ve given me an idea here for a future post . . .!

  21. So pretty. The black and white photos adds a touch of drama and intrigue to the city. Nice work.

  22. Absolutely love these photos, especially the ones looking up The streets, such atmosphere to them. I love shooting in black and white, it simplifies it in many ways but that simplicity in colour allows us to see the details of character and expression. Naples is a great city too, full of life!

    1. Author

      There’s just something about Naples that spoke to us, especially through a black and white lens. So glad that you understand!

  23. Naples is the one city in all of Italy that I really want to visit. Been to Rome a few times but never made it to Naples where I could stay for a few days. It was always when I was passing through the city to get to somewhere else.

  24. Beautiful photos..! The people look mostly sad, I hope that’s not the common state of mind of locals!

  25. These are really some fabulous photos! I especially like the first one with the 3 girls and the man with the cross

  26. Please contact me. I would like to obtain rights to one of your images for use in a Neapolitan restaurant.

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