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Naples Italy | The City in Black and White

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Naples Italy is a city rich with colorful street scenes and vibrant characters. However, the city shines the most when you view Naples photos in Black and White.

Naples Manhole Cover in Naples Italy

As we walked around Naples, Italy with its ubiquitous graffiti, awesome food and colorful characters, we realized that the city truly shows its soul when seen in black and white.

Unlike travelers who create wonderful souvenirs while photographing Venice and its famous canals, we didn’t recognize the true beauty of Naples until we wandered through its winding streets. Once we did, we found photo opportunities everywhere we looked.

We took numerous photos in Italy, but these are the photos that we love the most. In their simplicity, they show the true beauty of textural and luminescent Napoli – the real Italian city that stole our hearts.

Naples Photos – The City in Black and White

Naples Italy Black & White
Three Girls in Naples Italy
Building in Naples Italy
Waitress in Naples Italy
Beach Bum in Naples Italy
Statue in Naples Italy
Pizza Line in Naples Italy
Street Scene in Naples Italy
Woman with Umbrella in Naples Italy
Church Facade in Naples Italy
Couple in Naples Italy
Motorcycle in Naples Italy
Man with Phone in Naples Italy
Night Street in Naples Italy
Sfogliatella in Naples Italy
Wine In Naples Italy
Naples Street in Black and White
Pastry Chef in Naples Italy
Naples Building
Musicians in Naples Italy
Naples Italy at Night

Plan Your Naples Trip

Graffiti Building in Naples Italy
Naples is more fun when you plan your trip in advance.

Planning Checklist

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Red Beach Selfie in Santorini

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