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Our Traditional Stay At Hotel Laimer Hof Munich

Hotel Laimer Hof Munich provides a charming hotel option in the Bavarian capital, especially if you like castles and beer. And who doesn’t like castles and beer?

Hotel Laimer Hof Munich Welcome Beer

During our first visit to Munich, we knew we were in for a pleasant stay at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich when friendly clerk Jago greeted us with a big smile and two German beers. After enjoying German beer and food in Weiden in der Oberpfalz, we immediately felt right at home at this cosy Bavarian hotel in Munich’s tony Neuhausen neighborhood.

The hotel’s hospitality didn’t end with the beers. Touches like bags of gummy bears on our bed and a big bowl of Nutella (our guilty European pleasure) at breakfast made us feel welcome for our entire visit. The more we travel, the more we appreciate good service at hotels.

And good service is exactly what Hotel Laimer Hof Munich provided to us.

Hotel Laimer Hof Munich Review

Hotel Laimer Hof Munich
First impressions mean a lot, and Hotel Laimer Hof Munich packs a punch with its grand exterior.

Just a tram ride away from downtown Munich, Hotel Laimer Hof Munich is located close to the Nymphenburg Palace, one of the top Munich tourist attractions, and the Hirschgarten. Yes, this hotel is right near an epic castle and Europe’s largest beer garden.

That alone would be enough, but owner Sebastian Rösch and his team make sure that each guest feels like a family member in their family home. And what a family home it is.

Originally constructed in the late 19th century and later housing a restaurant and bowling alley, the building now has 23 hotel rooms including the one where we stayed. Importantly, the hotel maintains many historic touches while still being modern with amenities like free Wi-Fi and cable TV.


Hotel Laimer Hof Munich Room
We were very comfortable in our cosy room thanks to this comfortable bed. Note the gummy bears on top.

Simple but pleasant, our room had all of the key features that we desire when we travel, most importantly a comfortable bed. We appreciated the desk and TV, though we didn’t stay in the room long enough to enjoy either. It was simply more fun to hang out in the lobby and chat with Rösch and his friendly staff.


Hotel Laimer Hof Munich Dining Room
The breakfast room at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich seeps with tradition as does the generous breakfast buffet served here each morning.

Breakfast is always a highlight at European hotels, and our morning meal at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich did not disappoint. Loaded with typical items like meat and cheese, the buffet also included several healthy items including fresh fruit and yogurt.

Who are we kidding? We indulged in the stollen, a sweet German bread served during the holiday season, and specially prepared coffee drinks.

Dinner And Beer At The Hirschgarten

Dinner at the Hirschgarten in Munich Germany
How could we not go to a beer garden with our last name? Lucky for us, the Hirschgarten is a short walk from Hotel Laimer Hof Munich.

Many people likely stay at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich for its proximity to the Nymphenburg Palace since the hotel is just a five-minute walk from this premier tourist attraction. Not us – we instead spent our limited time exploring the Hirschgarten, the largest beer garden in Germany, if not the world. And why not? Munich is one of the world’s best beer cities.

We felt a special affinity to the Hirschgarten due to the name, but our affection did not end there. We loved their pints of strong Augustiner beer as well as their traditional German fare. After indulging in schnitzel, currywurst and dampfnudel, our only regret is that the walk back to the hotel was too short.

Let’s face it, German food is as heavy as it is tasty.

The Hirschgarten is located at De-la-Paz-Straße 71, 80639 München, Germany.

Transportation And Logistics

Beer at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich
The lobby at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich is perfect for drinks, conversation and reading.

Although Hotel Laimer Hof Munich is not located downtown, it is accessible by public transportation via the Laim train station. Taxis to the airport are expensive, so the better option is to take a 45-minute train ride for €11.70.

In addition to assisting with transit advice, the hotel offers free bikes and parking for guests. The friendly staff is also available to assist in planning both local sightseeing and day trips from Munich.

Hotel Laimer Hof Munich is located at Laimer Str. 40, 80639 München, Germany.

Book A Room

Rooms at Hotel Laimer Hof Munich are a great value but are often booked in advance, especially at peak times like Oktoberfest and during the Christmas markets.

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