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Sunset Visit to Carlingford Oyster Company in Ireland

There is no better way to experience oysters that at an oyster farm like Carlingford Oyster Company in Ireland, especially when there’s a sunset.

Carlingford Oyster Farm at Twilight
Carlingford Oyster Farm at Twilight

While in Dublin, I had the unique opportunity to visit Carlingford Oyster Company’s oyster farm and sample oysters directly from the sea. It was an educational yet tasty experience that I will long remember.

The Carlingford Oyster Company is situated on the Carlingford Lough near the charming village of the same name, about 60 miles north of Dublin. I arrived at twilight, under pillowy pink clouds and the setting Irish sun.

The family-owned operation produces enough oysters to supply many top restaurants in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Greeted by owner Kian Louet-Feisser, we were shown the intriguing process of how the farm raises the luscious bivalves.

Oyster Farm Process

Baby Oysters in my Hand at Carlingford Oyster Company
Baby Oysters in my Hand

In a nutshell, or oyster shell, the farm buys seeds from Normandy, France and then spends three years growing the itty bitty seeds into plump, delicious oysters. It’s quite an involved process that includes harvesting and filtering, but it’s time well spent based on the end result.

Oyster Farmers at Carlingford Oyster Company
Oyster Farmers
Oyster Crop at Carlingford Oyster Company
Oyster Crop
Peter Louet- Feisser, King of the Oyster Farm at Carlingford Oyster Company
Peter Louet- Feisser, King of the Oyster Farm

Tasting Oysters at the Carlingford Oyster Farm

Shucked Oyster at Carlingford Oyster Company
Oyster – Shucked and Ready to Be Eaten

For me, the best part of the visit was tasting the oysters. Kian expertly shucked several oysters for us, each one gloriously full of salty ocean water.

The oysters were fresh and firm with a clean taste. I ate the first one au naturel so that I could appreciate the pure mineral taste. I ate a few more with splashes of tabasco as suggested.

Pouring Prosecco at Carlingford Oyster Company
Prosecco for the Oysters

The tabasco complemented the briny flavor, and all of my taste buds tingled. Kian’s wife Mary poured some Prosecco to go with the oysters. My taste buds soon became even happier.

The sun set as we slurped and sipped.

Last View of the Oyster Farm at Carlingford Oyster Company
Last View of the Oyster Farm at Carlingford Lough

They say that the world is your oyster. On a recent Saturday in Ireland just by the Carlingford Lough, the world was in my hand. And the world tasted good.

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About the Author

About the Author

Mindi Hirsch

Mindi Hirsch left corporate America to embark on a never-ending quest for the next great meal. The award-winning Food & Travel writer lives in Lisbon with her partner Daryl.


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I thank for Fáilte Ireland for their assistance with this tour as part of my participation at the TBEX Europe conference.

Original Publication Date: November 17, 2013


Sunday 5th of July 2015

I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of oysters! But oysters with tobacco just sounds a bit weird! ..... Think you might have a typo there! ;-)

Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 5th of July 2015

That would definitely be weird. However, eating oysters with tabasco is quite tasty.


Saturday 9th of August 2014

Mmmm...oysters and prosecco. Sounds like a great afternoon!


Thursday 7th of August 2014

Next time I am coming with you! Yum....great photos too!


Wednesday 6th of August 2014

What am I missing about oysters? I've tried them a few times over the years and just can't handle it. Looks like this was a great experience for you, though. And you ate some of the oysters with tobacco??

Mindi Hirsch

Wednesday 6th of August 2014

You haven't eaten oysters until you eat them right out of the ocean. And the tabasco gives the oysters an extra kick. So delicious!


Sunday 17th of November 2013

Gorgeous photos! What a great experience! Who would think those baby oysters would grow into something so delicious?