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Sunset over Lac d'Annecy

A Slice of Heaven in the French Alps

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We got our first taste of the French Alps in Annecy. We will never forget the stunning sunsets and delicious cheese.

Sunset over Lac d'Annecy

Sunset over Lac d’Annecy

As we were lost driving up the winding roads from Annecy to Montmin on Saturday night, we started to wonder if we were crazy. We had left a charming town full of restaurants to drive over twenty kilometers to eat dinner.

Dinner View in Annecy France

Bundled up for Dinner with a View

Then we found the restaurant, Chalet la Pricaz, and we knew that we were sane after all. The restaurant oozed of local charm, and the sunset view was extraordinary.

We plopped down at an outside table, ordered a bottle of overpriced local wine and watched the sky explode into a myriad of shades of oranges and pinks. A lilting melody of cowbells from the cows on the hill provided just the right background noise.

Montmin Cow in Annecy France Alps

Montmin Cow

Paraglider in the Sunset in the French Alps

Paraglider in the Sunset

Sky on Fire in the French Alps

Sky on Fire

Sunset in the French Alps

One More Sunset

Then the food started to arrive, and we definitely knew that we were not crazy. The simple salad had a delicious balsamic vinaigrette. The charcuterie plate was comprised of local saucisson and jambon. The ultra-rich tartiflette was filled with a melange of reblochon cheese, potatoes, cream and lardons.

Charcuterie and Wine in the French Alps

Charcuterie and Wine

Tartiflette in the French Alps


It started to cool down a bit, so we went inside to finish our meal with pain perdu, a delicious version of french toast smothered in fresh red berries. Our senses tingled with happy memories as we made the winding ride back to the hotel.

Pain Perdu in the French Alps

Pain Perdu with Red Berries

We had arrived in Annecy earlier in the day via two trains and a rental car. Our first train, the Eurostar channel train, left quite early in the morning. So early that we had to take a car service because the tube wasn’t yet operating.

The ride to France went quickly since we ate tasty cheeses procured the day before at Neal’s Yard Dairy as we traversed the English Channel. To get to the second train, we had to take the Paris metro from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.

The TGV then took us to Lyon, where we had to wait over an hour since the rental car office was closed for a two-hour lunch break.  Once we got our zippy little Peugeot, we enjoyed the scenic yet expensive auto route to Annecy.

Highway to Annecy

The Highway to Annecy

Annecy is in the French Alps right next to a crystal clear lake. The picturesque city is characterized by canals and old buildings.

Fountain in the Lake in Annecy France

Fountain in the Lake

View of the Alps from Annecy France

View of the Alps from Annecy

Lovely Annecy France

Lovely Annecy

Annecy France during the Day

Annecy during the Day

Bike on Bridge in Annecy France

Street View

This lakeside village is no secret. On Sunday morning, throngs of shoppers crowded the town, and hundreds of vendors sold all kinds of local goods including cheeses, meats, bread, pastries, fruits and vegetables, i.e, perfect picnic fixings to take to the lake. There are museums and shops, but the best thing to do is to walk or bike around the lake.

Pastries in Annecy France

Market Treats

Cheese in Annecy France


Cheese Tower in Annecy France

More Cheese

Charcuterie in Annecy France


Beaujolais Charcuterie in Annecy France

More Charcuterie

Melons in Annecy France


Jambon in Annecy France


Olives in Annecy France


Toys in Annecy France

Annecy Sunday Market Tchotchkes

Or, in our case, enjoy the sunset from above.

Sunset in the French Alps

Final Sunset

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