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50 Kalò In Naples

Discover what it’s like to celebrate the magic of lightness when you eat pizza at 50 Kalò in Naples.

Pizza with Squash Blossoms at 50 Kalo in Naples
This 50 Kalò pizza, topped with Caserta black pork salami and squash blossoms, impressed us when we ate it in 2014. Its memory continues to impress us today. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Ciro Salvo has been a leading force in defining modern pizza in Naples since he opened 50 Kalò in 2014. He has since achieved numerous accolades by serving pies made with impeccably sourced ingredients like local organic tomatoes, fior di latte from nearby Agerola and pork from Caserta.

Situated in tony Mergellina near the Bay of Naples, the location of Salvo’s acclaimed pizzeria hasn’t deterred pizza fans from leaving Centro Storico. This is despite the plethora of ‘new school’ pizza joints that have popped up all over town. Recently, Salvo has gone international with locations in London and Rome.

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50 Kalo Pie - Naples Pizza Guide
This simple pie at 50 Kalò wasn’t so simple. The pizzeria sources top quality ingredients including the tomatoes piled on this pie. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Although the name 50 Kalò (pronounced cinquanta kalò in Italian) sounds like an address, it’s actually a loose translation of good dough. As a pizza master, Salvo takes pride in crafting super hydrated dough with a special flour blend and a slow fermentation process.

The pizzeria’s website refers to Salvo’s process as the magic of lightness. We don’t disagree since Salvo’s pizzas are special from the start to end.

Eating At 50 Kalò In Naples

White Pizza at 50 Kalo in Naples Italy
We didn’t miss tomatoes on this 50 Kalò pizza topped with artichokes and capocollo. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Salvo’s team executes Neapolitan pies with world-class symphonic precision. The crusts are beautifully caramelized, just on the edge of black, and have a supple texture. That crust provides a base for artisan ingredients sourced from regional farmers and producers, allowing the elements to combine in perfect harmony.

We became fans during our first visit in 2014, the year that 50 Kalò opened in Naples. We’ve since returned a few times and always order different pies. We’ve eaten simple pies as well as pies creatively topped with squash blossoms, cured meat and artichokes.

Frittatina at 50 Kalo in Naples
The Frittatina is a popular meal starter at 50 Kalò. 50 Kalo’s version of the Neapolitan street food favorite includes bucatini and béchamel. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

As is typical in Naples, we like to start our 50 Kalo meal with fried pasta fritters called frittatinas. Although those tasty starters literally fly out of the kitchen, there’s no doubt that pizza is the star at this acclaimed pizzeria.

The 50 Kalò menu has more than two dozen pizzas including traditional Margherita and Marinara pies. Some of the pizzas are vegetarian and two are fried. All are currently value priced under ten euros. As always, prices are subject to change any time and without notice.

Pro Tips For Eating At The Original 50 Kalo

Pizza at 50 Kalo in Naples
There’s no such thing as simple pizza at 50 Kalò. Each pie is special. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Sit on the terrace if the weather complies. Scoring an outdoor table is worth the inevitable wait.

Once you’re seated, take a few minutes to choose one pizza per person. When your pizzas arrive, take note of the tiny dots of brown on the cheese. Every pizza that emerges from the pizza oven has a distinct, beautiful caramelized look.

Pair your pizza with soda or a glass of Italian wine if that’s how you roll. Better yet, order an artisan beer which is what most locals do. Craft beer options include brews from Belgium, England, Germany and Italy including three (lager, red ale and strong amber ale) produced by Birrificio Amarcord in collaboration with the pizzeria.

One last tip – Hop over to 50 Panino di Ciro Salvo for a burger or sandwich if you need a break from pizza while you’re in Naples. It’s unlikely but it could happen. We ate one of each and were not disappointed.

50 Kalò is located at Piazza Sannazaro, 201/B, 80122 Napoli, Italy.

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