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Tasty Sushi in Osaka

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As much as we loved the snack food in Osaka, we kept going back for sushi. Watch our video to see us eat tasty sushi in Osaka. 

tasty sushi in osaka japan 2foodtrippers video

There’s something about eating sushi in Japan. The fish seems fresher, and the rice is always perfect. Even the soy sauce is saucier. Though we had enjoyed some of the best sushi of our lives in Tokyo a few years ago, we weren’t sure how the sushi would compare in Osaka, a city known for its snack food scene and good ramen. Well, after eating our way through Osaka for two weeks, we are pleased to report that there is plenty of tasty sushi in Osaka.

Ironically, our two favorite Osaka sushi spots were at markets. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since market food is often fresher and more casually presented than food served in restaurants. Eating fresh, local food is always the best way to go, but this approach is especially important when it comes to raw fish.


Tuna Bowl at Maguroya Kurogin

We loved Maguroya Kurogin at the Kurogin Market located right in the heart of Osaka’s central Namba neighborhood. This shop sells one thing – tuna – in various versions and qualities. If you want a big block of toro, then this is your place. As for us, we kept going back for chirashi style bowls of bluefin tuna topped with big salmon roe eggs.

Tasting Tip:  Grab one of the four seats at Maguroya Kurogin’s counter for a front row view of a sushi master cutting some of the world’s best tuna. If you’re nice, you may even get a piece or two of otoro to taste.

Tasty Sushi in Osaka Japan 2foodtrippers eel

Eel at Maruyoshi

We also loved unassuming Maruyoshi at the Kizu-Ichiba fish market. Maruyoshi serves a selection of sushi ranging from inexpensive plates of salmon and yellowtail sushi to single pieces of drool-worthy otoro. After eating at Maruyoshi three times, we can confirm that the sushi is just as fresh as we one expect at a sushi shop located in a fish market. However, it’s the smoked eel that kept us coming back and wanting more. The smoked eel at Maruyoshi is easily the best we’ve ever eaten. The generous sized pieces literally melted and exploded in our mouths simultaneously. Two big for one bite? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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Tasty Sushi in OsakaVideo

Watch our video to see us eat tasty sushi in Osaka.

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Maguroya Kurogin is located at 2-11-1 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0073, Osaka, Japan.
Maruyoshi is located at the Kizu-Ichiba fish market in Osaka, Japan.

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As much as we loved the snack food in Japan's food capital, we kept going back for sushi. Watch our video to see us eat tasty sushi in Osaka.

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