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Why We Fell In Love During Our Stockholm Trip

We fell in love during our recent Stockholm trip. Don’t worry, there was no cheating involved. We fell in love with Stockholm.

Salmon at the Haymarket in Stockholm Sweden

Our recent Stockholm trip was a revelatory experience. Though we focused on the city’s food scene, we were struck at every corner by the city’s cool vibe.

Considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world, Stockholm is progressive with its cashless society and also quirky with a subway system that doubles as a modern art gallery. This is a city where you will not be bored whether you have 24 hours in Stockholm or a full week.

What We Loved The Most During Our Stockholm Trip

If you’re wondering whether you should visit Stockholm, the answer is yes. Not surprisingly, Sweden’s capital is hip and filled with great Swedish food. Plus, there are a ton of fun things to do in Stockholm at all hours of the day and night.

These are our (mostly edible) favorites things to do in Stockholm:


Swedish Meatballes at Restaurant Pelikan in Stockholm Sweden
Restaurant Pelikan prepares Swedish Meatballs with both beef and pork and serves them with a savory gravy and lingonberries. Not pictured is the heaping plate of mashed potatoes that came with the meatballs.

Thanks to the Swedish Chef and Ikea, we expected to find good meatballs in Stockholm. We were not disappointed.

Traditionally prepared, Swedish meatballs are pork or beef meatballs covered with brown gravy. We had hoped to try Swedish meatballs at popular Meatballs for the People, but alas, the restaurant was closed in July along with many other Stockholm eateries. Luckily, we enjoyed an excellent version at the Restaurant Pelikan, an established Swedish restaurant that was a men’s only pub in a previous life.

Not into meatballs? No worries – Restaurant Pelikan has a varied menu that includes dishes like a flavorful anchovy starter served atop pumpernickel bread and a boiled pork knuckle that was as big as Daryl’s head.

Meatballs for the People is located at Nytorgsgatan 30, 116 40 Stockholm, Sweden.
Restaurant Pelikan is located at Blekingegatan 40, 116 62 Stockholm, Sweden.


Shrimp and Salmon Salad at Lisa Elmqvist in Stockholm Sweden
Why choose between salmon and shrimp when you can order shrimp salad topped with salmon roe at historic Lisa Elmqvist?

Eating smoked salmon in Stockholm is a must for any trip to the city. Local purveyors procure much of the farm-raised, fatty fish from nearby Norway for their luxurious, cold smoked product.

We ate salmon all over Stockholm from stalls at the Hötorgshallen Market Hall to fancy Pelikan and everywhere in between.

Shrimp at Urban Deli in Stockholm Sweden
Urban Deli serves their shrimp with just aioli and lemon. This simple preparation works well with shrimp of this quality.

We would have been happy to eat smoked salmon at every meal if it weren’t for the shrimp. It turns out that the shrimp in Stockholm is just as good as the salmon!

We first realized the quality of the local shrimp during our lunch at Lisa Emqvist in the Östermalms Saluhall. We later indulged in an excellent bowl of shrimp at Urban Deli.

Pro Tip
Can’t choose between salmon and shrimp? Order them both or at least a side of salmon roe.

Hötorgshallen Market Hall is located at Hötorgshallen, 111 57 Stockholm, Sweden.
Lisa Elmqvist is located at Humlegårdsgatan 1, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden.
Urban Deli has two locations. We ate at both and preferred the location at 111 34, Sveavägen 44, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden.

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog at Brunos Korvbar in Stockholm Sweden
We visited some of Stockholm’s most famous hot dog stands, but are favorites were at tiny Brunos Korvbar. Pictured here is a merguez hot dog loaded with Mediterranean spices and toppings.

Stockholm is well known for its high-end dining scene, but any visit to Stockholm must include hot dogs or korv as they’re called in Swedish.

Taking the standard hot dog topped with mustard and sauerkraut to the next level, hot dog stands in Stockholm sell the turnnbödsrulle. They make this unique sandwich by putting a hot dog in a large flatbread (think flour tortilla) and then top the tubular meat with mayonnaise, mashed potatoes, onions and shrimp salad.

Yes, in Stockholm, you can eat your hot dogs with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad.

Discover more great hot dogs around the world.

Hot dogs are widely available in Stockholm both with and without these fixings, making for a cheap, filling and comforting dining option that is especially attractive after a night at the bars.

Though Günters and NK Kory & Glass are the most revered hot dog stands in the city, these two are just the tip of the city’s hot dog iceberg. We liked them both as well as Bruno Korvar, a German-style sausage stand in the city’s Södermalm neighborhood.

Brunos Korvbar is located at Rosenlundsgatan 20, 118 53 Stockholm, Sweden.
Günters is located at Karlbergsvägen 66, 113 35 Stockholm, Sweden.
NK Korv & Glass is located at Hamngatan 18-20, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden.


Fika in Stockholm Sweden
We fully embraced the Fika concept during our Stockholm trip. Pictured here are cappuccino and pastry bulles for three.

Most travelers like to collect things when they travel. In fact, souvenir shopping is an industry in itself.

In the past, we collected tchotchkes and magnets during our travels. Now, as full-time travelers, we’ve abandoned the practice of acquiring things and instead collect memories and ideas. The fika concept is definitely an idea that we will take with us on our travels and eventually back home to Philadelphia.

In Stockholm, Fika is similar to a coffee break but better.

Not only does Fika often include bulles (sweet, tasty, knotted pastries often spiced with cardamom), but it also involves taking a literal and mental break from the busy day. The word Fika can be used as a noun or verb.

People in Stockholm Fika at home, at coffee shops and even at work. We fully embraced Fika during our time in Stockholm at several spots. We list our two favorites cafes here.

Fabrique Stenugnsbageri is located at Rosenlundsgatan 28, 118 53 Stockholm, Sweden.
Johan & Nyström Konceptbutik is located at Swedenborgsgatan 7, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden.


 Chocolate with Salty Licorice Chips in Stockholm Sweden
Rolls of Chocolate with Salty Licorice Chips

It’s a well-known fact of life that a person either loves or hates licorice. There’s really no middle ground when it comes to this strong, anise-flavored candy.

One of the 2foodtrippers adores licorice and also loves chocolate. Imagine her delight in finding candy that combines salty licorice with milk chocolate in a convenient roll?! The other 2foodtripper was equally happy eating local favorites like Plopp chocolate bars.

Candy at Polkagris Kokeri in Stockholm Sweden
The candy flavors are immense at Gamla Stan’s Polkagris Kokeri. Luckily, the shop provides samples which simplifies the decision process.

Gamla Stan, the old town section of Stockholm, is a charming neighborhood with a mix of artisan and touristy shops. We particularly liked Polkagris Kokeri, a cute confectionery store with a colorful selection of home-made candy including signature polkagris, straight candy canes available in different colors and flavors.

Gamla Stans Polkagris Kokeri is located at Lilla Nygatan 10, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden.

Lagom And Stockholm Style

Johan Nystrom in Stockholm Sweden
The Swedish sense of style is everywhere in Stockholm – even at outdoor cafés.

Stockholm residents fully embrace the concept of Lagom. This word translates to ‘just the right amount’.

This Swedish approach to life shows up in so many ways throughout the city, perhaps most of all in the city’s sense of style which combines clean lines and comfort without neglecting the importance of aesthetics.

Fun Fact
Ironically, considering the Lagom philosophy that rejects excess, the people in Stockholm have one of the highest qualities of life.


Stockholm Sunset
Stockholm Sunset

We were excited to experience a glorious sunset from the rooftop deck at now closed Eriks Gondolen on our first night in Stockholm. Little did we realize, the city is filled with many spots to watch the sky erupt in fiery colors while the sun makes its daily descent.

We have not yet visited Stockholm in the winter, but it’s hard to imagine that the winter sunset can rival dusk at the end of long summer days. Thanks to its geographic position, Stockholm’s summer sunsets are late, long and colorful. In other words, they are magic.

Plan Your Stockholm Trip

Stockholm Fika Love - Fabrique Coffee and Bulle
Grab a coffee and plan your Stockholm trip now.

Stockholm Planning Checklist

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We thank Visit Stockholm for providing us with Stockholm Passes to explore the city’s vast array of museums and cultural sites. Since we were too busy indulging in Fika to actually visit the museums, we’ll use these cards during our next Stockholm trip.

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Original Publication Date: September 29, 2016


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

I had a great time when I went to Sweden as well. The food is amazing. Next time you go head to Rygerfjord. Great traditional Swedish food on board. And you can stay for the night if you need a nap after your meal.