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The Best Pizza Making Class In Rome

See what it’s like to take the best pizza making class in Rome. Set in a state-of-the-art kitchen facility, this fun class has excellent teachers who teach pizza enthusiasts how to make excellent pizza romana at home.

Pizza for Two at Rome Pizza Making Class

For us, pizza has always been something left to the professionals. Hungry on a Saturday night? Let’s go out for pizza! People visiting the house on short notice? Let’s get on the phone and order a pie!

Somehow, we didn’t realize that making a pizza at home could be accessible and fun at the same time. The instructors at our Devour pizza making class in Rome showed us this and more. They accomplished this feat while teaching us every step from mixing the flour all way to shaping, topping and cooking our pies.

Our pizzas weren’t perfect. (Daryl’s pizza was shaped more like an acorn than a circle. Or was it a guitar pick?) But there’s no denying that they were tasty. And the best part? We did this while interacting with fellow food-focused travelers at our own pizza party.

Rome Pizza-Making Class & Dinner in Trastevere

Slicing Pizza at Rome Pizza Making Class
We made our own pies during a Devour pizza making class but we weren’t alone. Chef Roberto Drago kept a watchful eye at every step of the process.

Devour’s Rome pizza class happens in the heart of action – literally. The state-of-the-art kitchen is situated in the historic Trastevere neighborhood. And, while its location is a bit of a secret, a look through the school’s big, bright windows quickly reveals its purpose.

Those who enter its doors encounter two large prep and teaching areas, a center-island focused kitchen and, finally, a large rectangular dining area where participants enjoy their delicious finished masterpieces while ‘living it up’ with a glass of wine (or beer – Italy’s preferred pizza beverage) in hand.

Teachers at Rome Pizza Making Class
Devour instructors, Roberto Drago and Federica Puddu, set up this grand station which enhanced our pizza making experience.

We were immediately impressed by the Devour space which seamlessly blends cooking, prep work and congeniality. Once inside the school, we met Roberto Drago, who heads Devour’s kitchen facilities in Rome, along with his vivacious assistant Federica Puddu.

Roberto has a great gig which he approaches with both passion and joy. Unlike the drudgery present in most professional kitchens, this school is a communal place where cooking is meant to be fun and food is shared among Italian food enthusiasts from around the world.

Cin Cin

Garnishing Spritzes at Rome Pizza Making Class
Federica Puddu deftly prepared Aperol Spritzes and Select Spritzes as we started our pizza making mission.

Minutes after arriving at ‘pizza school’, we rolled up our sleeves and went right to work.

Who are we kidding?!!

We kicked off our class with an aperitivo session fueled by Select and Aperol Spritzes expertly mixed by Federica.

Pizza Toppings at Rome Pizza Making Class
The chefs at Devour’s Pizza Class prepared a wonderful spread of toppings for our pizzas. Some of the ingredients doubled as pre-pizza making snacks.

The ice was broken as we sipped those drinks and nibbled on salumi, olives and freshly prepared pizza bianca topped with roasted cherry tomatoes.

Before we knew it, we were ready for the ‘work’ ahead.

Pizza 101

Learning Pizza Theory at Rome Pizza Making Class
A wellspring of knowledge, Chef Roberto Drago put his passion for pizza on display as he showed us the technicalities of making pizza romana

Once we were fed and hydrated, Chef Roberto schooled us on the many styles and types of pizza in Italy and beyond. The chef possesses a deep understanding of pizza and its many traditions. With that grounded knowledge comes a respect for modern pizza craft around the world.

In this class, we would be making pizza romana. The classic Roman pizza style is crisp and economical. Roman pies, unlike those in the puffy style of Naples pizza, can be made at high temperature in a standard home oven. To make the job a little easier and more fun, the Devour chefs assembled an array of toppings that included mozzarella di bufala, olives, proscuitto, salami, peppers and roasted tomatoes.

Time To Get Kneady

We’ve been through too many cooking classes where many things are pre-made. So, we wouldn’t have been surprised if the dough had come out of the fridge and the pizzas were shaped and baked for us.

This class was different. We started from square one – with flour, water and yeast.

We mixed the yeast with water, combined it with special type ‘0’ flour and mixed it with the best machine we know – our hands. Mindi had her doubts as she pressed and shaped the wet dough vigorously. Finally the flour and water synthesized into a cohesive ball. We marveled at our handiwork and anticipated the pizza to come.

Appreciating the Dough at Rome Pizza Making Class
We admired this newly formed pizza dough creation which would later become the base for a pizza pie.

Once our dough was shaped, we were ready to make pizza. Well, not entirely.

In a work of planning genius, since proper pizza dough requires a 24-hour rise, our dough would go to the next day’s class. Chef Roberto had yesterday’s dough ready to shape our pizzas.

All About The Grams

Pizza Chef and Dough Ball at Rome Pizza Making Class
Chef Roberto displayed a 180-gram ball which he then used to form a pizza.

Finally, after our dough-ucation, another important step was necessary before we could transform the dough into pizza. This important step was to divide the dough into 180-gram portions. Per Chef Roberto, this step is nonnegotiable since all romana pies start with 180 grams of dough.

Once our dough was separated and portioned, it was time to move to the next, and most fun, step – pizza assembly!

Toppings Galore

Dressing the Pizza at Rome Pizza Making Class
Daryl topped his pie with Mozzarella di Bufala but he didn’t stop there.

As we learned in the kitchen, shaping pizza isn’t as easy as it looks. Instead, it takes a lot of practice to achieve the correct shape and thickness. And, let’s face it, some beginning pizzaiolos are better than others. With fun and patience, the chefs guided us through this step and then it was time to top our pies.

Daryl is an artist but sometimes he’s a bit overambitious. Such was the case with his pizza toppings – a melange of mozzerella di buffala, salami, olives, roasted cherry tomatoes and basil.

Uncooked Pizza at Rome Pizza Making Class
Daryl’s pie was topped with salami, mozzarella di bufala, olives, tomato sauce and basil. It was a little overloaded but was still a beautiful, tasty pizza.

Sure enough, Daryl’s pie had so many toppings that he couldn’t liberate his pizza from the pizza peel and onto the oven surface. At least that’s what Chef Roberto thought. (Daryl attributes it to a lack of semolina flour on his peel.)

Whatever the case, Daryl’s pie, while majorly oblong, scored big flavor points. The key here is that, even with the imperfections, his pie still tasted great. It should be noted that Mindi’s pie emerged round and beautiful.

Out Of The Oven And Into Our Mouths

Mindi Appreciates Pizza in Oven at Rome Pizza Making Class
Our excitement grew as we watched our pizzas quickly bake.

So what did emerge from the pizza oven? Absolutely delicious pies that were full of flavor.

Roberto’s recipe gave us a great base with which to work. This pizza dough was a crunchy, savory platform for our toppings. Sure, the pizzas didn’t look perfect but we’d eat happily them any night of the week. In fact, we plan to recreate the pizza recipe in our home kitchen.

Sliced Pizza at Rome Pizza Making Class
Daryl’s finished pie, while not perfectly round, tasted great.

We munched on our delicious pies, wine in hand, with new friends from Europe and America. Our pies not only tasted great but they also forged excellent conversation with our fellow amateur pizza chefs.

We would have been satisfied to end the class at this point but, as is often the case when it comes to food in Rome, gelato happened.

Sweet Ending

Homemade Gelato at Rome Pizza Making Class
We completed our pizza feast with bowls of freshly made gelato. It was a fitting end to a fun culinary experience.

Gelato is a popular dessert in Italy since it tastes great and isn’t so filling. In other words, peach gelato was an ideal, sweet ending for our pizza making class in Rome.

Roberto and Federica made this happen by whipping up a batch of fresh gelato for us using seasonal fruit, sugar and water during the class. The resulting gelato tasted fresh and delicious.

Class Logistics

Eating Pizza at Rome Pizza Making Class
We couldn’t stop smiling while eating the pizzas that we topped and baked ourselves.

Booking a Rome Pizza Making Class with Devour Tours is easy to do based on the following:

Class Time and Duration

Pizza Enters the Oven at Rome Pizza Making Class
We had ample time to make and eat pizza during our Devour pizza making class.

Our class started at 8:30 pm and lasted for two hours and thirty minutes. We not only learned how to bake pizza during this time, but we also enjoyed a convivial dinner with our class participants.

We arrived at the meeting point at Piazza Trilussa 15 minutes before the class’s official start time. This gave us time to find our hosts without feeling rushed.

Class Size and Accessibility

Devour Rome Cooking Class Table in Trastevere 20230914-23
Is it just us or is eating pizza the best part about making pizza? We accomplished eating part of the class at the school’s communal table.

At the time of our pizza class, the participant limit was 15. Our class was full but didn’t feel crowded.

This class can can be modified to accommodate people with certain diets including vegetarians and pescatarians. It can also be modified for those who don’t eat dairy or drink alcohol.

You can and should address any dietary limitations prior to booking the class.

What’s Included

Making Pizza with Aperol Spritz at Rome Pizza Making Class
Drinking aperol spritzes enhanced our pizza skills.

Our class included all training, tools and ingredients necessary to create pizza from scratch. More important, it included enough food and drinks to make us full and happy.

Cost and Availability

Pizza and Basil Plant at Rome Pizza Making Class
Since we’re pizza-obsessed, learning how to make pizza romana from scratch was a priceless experience.

At the time of our Rome Pizza Making Class, the class cost 69€ for adults and 59€ for children between five and twelve years old. These prices are subject to change at any time.

Devour also offers an excellent pasta-making class if the pizza-making class doesn’t fit into your schedule. We took that class too and give it a big thumbs up.

Another option is to dig into Rome’s food culture during a food tour. We experienced the following three excellent Devour tours which you may want to check out:

Rome Pizza Making Class FAQs

Is it worth it to take a Rome pizza making class?

Yes! Taking a Rome pizza making tour will give you the skills to create Roman-style pizza in your home kitchen. Plus, pizza cooking classes are fun.

What does a Rome pizza making class cost?

Each cooking school sets its own prices. The Rome pizza making class we took cost 69€ at the time of our class. Your best bet is to check company websites for current pricing based on your dates.

How long is a typical Rome pizza making class?

Each Rome pizza making class is different. The class we took was 2.5 hours from start to finish Your best bet is to check company websites for details based on your trip dates.

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