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Smashed Potatoes at Lola in Seattle Washington

Lola – Breakfast in Seattle

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While in Seattle for the IFBC conference, we ate breakfast at Lola two of the three days that we were in Seattle. What can we say except that we loved the smashed potatoes at the Lola breakfast? 

Menu at Lola in Seattle Washington

Located in Seattle’s downtown Belltown neighborhood, Lola serves up breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, all with a Mediterranean twist.

We originally went to Lola based on our friend Adam’s recommendation that Lola serves the best breakfast in Seattle. Best is a strong word, so we had to check it out.

It’s always a dilemma when we travel. Should we always try somewhere new or return to the places that we really like? As we inhaled Lola’s doughnuts and smashed potato orbs, we knew that a repeat visit to Chef Tom Douglas’ restaurant located in downtown Seattle, just a block from our hotel, was a must.

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Lola Breakfast Number One

Lola is one of the best places to eat in Seattle. Although we were among the very first people at the popular Seattle restaurant when we arrived for our 7am reservation, the dining room was full by our meal’s end.

Our first dish was the Made to Order Doughnuts with Seasonal Jam and Vanilla Marscapone. Warm and fresh, the doughnuts arrived in a white paper bag, which the server shaked before tumbling the little golden morsels onto the plate. We cut through the crispy exterior of each doughnut so that we could better smear the tasty apricot and marscapone spreads on the soft dough inside for maximum flavor.

Donuts at Lola in Seattle Washington

Made to Order Donuts at Lola, Served with Seasonal Jam and Marscapone ($9)

Pro Tip:  If you’re jonesing for the doughnuts, you can get them across the street at Dahlia Bakery. The bakery’s atmosphere is more casual, and the doughnut price is a bit lower.

Ironically, after the sweet doughnuts, our second shared plate was savory. The Lola Breakfast plate was a pumped up version of the standard bacon and eggs breakfast plate that you might eat at a diner. Shaking the doughnuts didn’t wear out the server too much, as she split this dish in half for us.

Breakfast at Lola in Seattle Washington

Lola Breakfast – Two Eggs, Maple Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Smashed Garlic Fried Potatoes and Toast ($15)

Usually, we’re all about the pork, especially when it’s prepared with maple. However, the shining star of this dish was the smashed potatoes with their delicate crunchy fried skins and creamy garlic flavored centers. These smashed potatoes could be the greatest side of potatoes in the world. We’re not kidding. They’re that good.

Lola Breakfast Number Two

For our second visit, once seated, we immediately ordered the smashed potatoes. Hello, they’re the reason we came back in the first place.

Smashed Potatoes at Lola in Seattle Washington

Lola’s Smashed Potatoes – Crispy and Golden

Man and 2foodtrippers cannot live on potatoes alone, so we ordered another dish to share. This time, we tried the dish modestly labeled as Tom’s Favorite Breakfast. We were intrigued to try this dish after we heard that the octopus was boiled with wine corks to tenderize the tentacled octopods. A jumble of octopus and vegetables, the dish was topped with a slightly overcooked poached egg. At the server’s suggestion, we also ordered a side of egg and feta to complete the meal.

Octopus at Lola in Seattle Washington

Tom’s Favorite Breakfast with Octopus, Corn, Leeks, Bacon, a Poached Egg and Toast ($19)

Pro Tip:  It’s advisable to make a reservation at Lola, even for an early morning breakfast. Not only will you avoid a wait, you’ll also get a booth as opposed to sitting in the bar.

Though we ate at Lola twice in three days, we can’t comment on their coffee. We drank orange juice during both breakfasts so that we could save ourselves for coffee at some of Seattle’s best coffee shops. Considering the quality of the coffee in Seattle, it was a good decision.

Lola is located at 2000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121, United States.

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  1. You know, I lived in Seattle for years and never tried out Lola’s. I’ll have to remedy that in November! 😀

  2. I went to Dahlia’s bakery instead and loved those doughnuts! I’ll have to check out Lola next time I’m in town.

  3. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, I could eat whatever during the day, but my breakfast? it must be something really tasty. This breakfast looks delicious!!! those smashed potatoes and the doughnuts!! thanks for the tip about those doughnuts 🙂

  4. I love breakfast foods and this one looks DIVINE! I must add this to my list for when I return to Seattle. That Tom’s Favorite looks especially delicious 😀

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