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Flipboard For Travelers

Discover how we use Flipboard for travel inspiration both before and after our adventures.

Madrid Travel Selfie
We’re always happiest when we’re traveling.

As professional food travelers, we have various tools in our toolbox – one which will likely surprise you. It’s not luggage or a travel guide. It’s not even tangible. Instead, it’s the digital platform called Flipboard.

You’ve probably heard about Flipboard. After all, it’s been around since 2010. Millions of people use the service both to read the latest news and to follow their favorite publications. And, in case you missed the memo, Flipboard is a social platform too.

What Is Flipboard?

Flipboard Travel Exchange Screenshot
Collectives like The Travel Exchange are one of Flipboard’s more recent innovations.

Originally an iPad application, Flipboard has evolved into the world’s largest social magazine with a global audience exceeding 100 million users. But what exactly is Flipboard?

Essentially, Flipboard is the largest online discovery platform where more than 4,000 publishers share their content so that information-hungry readers can gobble it up on a daily basis. Content topics run the gamut from timely political news to lifestyle stories and tasty recipes. We’d list all of the topics but there’s more than 30,000 of them.

Flipboard is also addictive. We can easily spend hours finding and reading articles on the platform. And, in recent years, we’ve started watching videos suggested by Flipboard too. Since users spend an average time of 110 minutes on the platform, we’re not unique.

Our History With Flipboard

Flipboard Profile Screenshot
Curating Storyboards is one of our favorite aspects of being a Flipboard creator.

We joined Flipboard in 2016. While we weren’t exactly early adopters, we were relatively early to the party. Back then, we set up some magazines and randomly flipped articles from our computers. A few hundred people followed the 2foodtrippers account which provided us with a trickle of traffic for a few years.

Things changed in 2020 when travel came to a screeching halt. Cooped up at home, we had time on our hands to try new things. We added the Flipboard app to our phones and read articles when we woke up each morning and before bed at night. We also started flipping our own content every day.

Flipboard rewarded our enthusiasm by giving us access to Storyboards later that year and Publisher status the next year. We’re now approaching 27,000 followers and were selected as inaugural participants in Flipboard’s Creator Program. We even did a gig as Flipboard’s Traveler in Residence which was a great experience.

Fast forward to the present and that aforementioned trickle of traffic has turned into a steady stream. Thank you Flipboard!

How We Use Flipboard To Plan Travel

Salad and Laptop
Contrary to popular belief, planning trips is hard work.

While Flipboard is now part of our business model, we also use Flipboard when we’re planning trips. These are our favorite ways to use the platform before we travel:

Travel Magazines

Flipboard is an amazing resource for those who follow its magazines. Since we follow various travel-related magazines, travel articles show up in our Flipboard feed every day. Some of these articles give us inspiration while others provide practical information that directly impacts the way we book trips.

Fun Fact – 80% of Flipboard’s audience follow travel topics which approaches the 89% who follow food topics.

Travel Newsletters

Flipboard sends curated newsletters focused on topics that include food, climate, photography, personal finance and travel. While we subscribe to several of these newsletters, the travel newsletter is our favorite. Aptly called Wanderlust, this newsletter provides ‘travel inspiration and advice from globetrotters’ each Tuesday. Flipboard calls it a ‘virtual passport to travel the world’. We don’t disagree.

Travel Community

Flipboard has invited more than 100 travel publishers, creators and experts into a travel collective called The Travel Exchange.

While we regularly share our own articles in The Travel Exchange, we also check out articles posted in the community by others on a daily basis. The only downside to our participation is that our travel wish list keeps getting longer.

How We Use Flipboard After We Travel

Selfie at Catalan Cooking Class in Girona Spain
Taking cooking classes when we travel inspires us to cook at home. We took this cooking class in Girona, Spain.

It’s no coincidence that the word ‘food’ is in our site’s name. We’re obsessed with culinary travel.

Before we go on a food trip, we spend a lot of time researching what and where to eat in each destination. We then taste and photograph a lot of food so that we can create comprehensive food travel guides for our readers. But our obsession doesn’t end there.

Just like we started using Flipboard regularly in 2020, we also started developing recipes that same year. We’ve since published more than 100 recipes on the 2foodtrippers site!

An avid home cook and equally avid cookbook reader, Daryl helms our food recipes. After talking about tackling his own recipes for years, things got real once he set up an Asian pantry in our Lisbon apartment. Now, he transforms our travel experiences into tasty recipes. His Loco Moco and Mexican Shrimp Cocktail recipes are two prime examples.

It was a different story for Mindi who’s in charge of our cocktail program. She recently graduated from being a self-proclaimed lazy mixologist to a full-on cocktail enthusiast. She’s even created an original cocktail recipe with more to follow.

We both get loads of recipe inspiration from Flipboard magazines where we regularly discover international recipes that peak our interest. However, once we cook or shake them at home, these recipes become both local and delicious.

Pro Tip
Apply for Flipboard’s newly launched Creator Program if you publish a website or if you produce either a podcast or videos. Perks include access to Storyboards, invitations to join pertinent collectives, newsletter takeover opportunities and more. You can get full details and instructions on how to apply here.

Otherwise, simply sign up for Flipboard and follow us there.

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About The Authors

About The Authors

Daryl & Mindi Hirsch

Saveur Magazine’s BEST TRAVEL BLOG award winners Daryl and Mindi Hirsch share their culinary travel experiences and recipes on the 2foodtrippers website. Since launching the site in 2012, they’ve traveled to over 40 countries in their quest to bring readers their unique taste of the world.


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We thank Flipboard for sponsoring this article as part of our participation in its Traveler in Residence program.

Original Publication Date: July 27, 2023

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