Colorful People in Tokyo Japan

Final Thoughts on Our First Tokyo Trip

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We fell in love with Tokyo during our first Tokyo trip. It’s dense, wild, delicious, electric, friendly and just flat-out wonderful.

Favorites From Our First Tokyo Trip

There are so many reasons to visit Tokyo. These are our favorites:

Tokyo Toilets

No matter where we went, we were struck by the toilets. Yes, the toilets. They’re heated, they wash you, they’re self-cleaning and they play music. They’re pretty freaking awesome.

Toilet Technology in Tokyo Japan

Toilet Technology

Tokyo Sushi

We clearly love food when we travel. The food in Tokyo did not disappoint. Turns out there’s good sushi there.

Sushi Breakfast during Tokyo Trip in Tokyo Japan

Enjoying Sushi in Tokyo

Plus, we learned not to confuse green tea powder with wasabi. Oops!

Green Tea Powder in Tokyo Japan

Green Tea Powder is Different from Wasabi

Tokyo Department Stores

Great food abounds in Tokyo, even in train stations and department stores. Especially in department stores.

Department Store Chef in Tokyo Japan

Department Store Chef

Department Store Deserts in Tokyo Japan

Department Store Deserts

However, department store fruit is really expensive.

Expensive Fruit in Tokyo Japan

Expensive Fruit

Tokyo Izakayas

Sometimes it’s fun to just chill, have a beer and eat “regular” food at an izakaya.

Cheers to Tokyo Japan

Cheers to Tokyo

Time to Chow Down on a Tokyo Trip in Tokyo Japan

Time to Chow Down

Daryl at an Izakaya in Tokyo Japan

Daryl at an Izakaya

Tokyo Desserts

It’s always important to save room for dessert, especially in a city with so many patisseries.

Pierre Herme Macarons in Tokyo Japan

World Class Macarons

Tokyo Fruit Shakes

It’s okay to eat (or drink) healthy on occasion.

Fresh Smoothies in Tokyo Japan

Fresh Smoothies

Tokyo Vending Machines

In Tokyo, you’re never more than a block away from a refreshing beverage.

Vending Machine in Tokyo Japan

Vending Machine

Tokyo Coffee

Or a coffee.

Coffee in Tokyo Japan


Tokyo Shopping

Colorful shopping is everywhere.

Colorful Socks in Tokyo Japan


Tokyo People

The people in Tokyo are as colorful as they are gracious.

Colorful People in Tokyo Japan

Colorful Tokyo People

Tokyo Cross Walks

There are some busy crosswalks.

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo Japan

Shibuya Crossing

Tokyo Subways

Crowded subways are not a myth.

Crowded Subway Trip in Tokyo Japan

Crowded Subway

However, there are always interesting people-watching opportunities on the subways.

Subway People Watching in Tokyo Japan

Subway People Watching

Tokyo Cherry Blossoms

Sakura season is pretty.

Sokura Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo Japan


Tokyo the City

Tokyo is an enormous city. It’s like ten Manhattans!

Tokyo Japan at night

Tokyo at night

Bright Lights, Big City - Tokyo Japan

Bright Lights, Big City

This was our first trip to Tokyo, but not our last. As for now, we’re shopping for a Japanese style toilet…

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