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Coffee in Love In Thailand

We visited the popular cafe Coffee in Love in Pai, Thailand for coffee with a view. Join us as we soak up the gorgeous Southeast Asian surroundings and capture it all in video.

Coffee with a View in Pai Thailand

Pai is a hot destination for travelers backpacking in Thailand. Just a few hours from Chiang Mai, the scenic city has a lot to offer in terms of cheap accommodations, tasty Thai food and lively nightlife.

Most travelers include Pai in their travel plans whether they have a three week Thailand itinerary or an even shorter time period in the country. As for us, we mainly went to Pai to chill out and drink coffee.

Our Visit To Coffee In Love

We arrived at Coffee in Love in Pai, Thailand at 8 am, early enough, so we thought, to avoid the crush of Chinese tourists who make a pilgrimage to the picturesque cafe with its landscape of misty tree-covered mountains and rectangular water-filled rice paddies.

However, the photo-obsessed curiosity seekers had already arrived in droves. We had arrived early to shoot the latest in our series of video vignettes, but it seemed that we may have arrived too late to score a table with a view on the cafe’s balcony.

What we didn’t know was that the crowds were more interested in photographing the outside of the cafe than actually sitting down for a cup of coffee.

As it turns out, many of these tourists come to Coffee in Love just to take pictures and reenact scenes from popular movies Pai in Love and Lost in Thailand. The cafe’s coffee and internet are good (though not remarkable), but it’s the cafe’s scenery that is truly worth a visit – even if you’re not a Chinese cinephile.

Coffee in Love is located at 92, Moo 3, Chiang Mai-Pai Road, Tambon Thung Yao, Amphoe Pai, Mae Hong Son, 58130.

Pai Planning Checklist

Coffee In Love In Thailand Video

Watch our YouTube video where we drink coffee and reflect on our brief excursion to Pai.

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About The Authors

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We self-funded our trip to Pai.

Original Publication Date: August 18, 2016


Sunday 18th of June 2017

We visited Pai after watching the movie too. Chilled at Coffee In Love too. It's a great place.

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