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China Memories over Chinese Food

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We are feeling sentimental as we approach the five-year anniversary of our first trip to China. So what better way to reminisce about our China memories than with spicy Sichuan food!

Spicy Sichuan Food at Han Dynasty in Philadelphia. Cina Memories
Spicy Sichuan Food

There are so many interesting facts about China, which makes traveling in the country both rewarding and challenging. We have so many memories of the month traveling on our own in China, but these stand out the most:

Top 10 China Memories:

  1. Arriving in Beijing with the flu during the height of the H1N1 Virus scare.
  2. Eating Peking duck, noodles and lots of street food in Beijing.
  3. Being completely underwhelmed by the terracotta warriors in Xi’an.
  4. Being completely overwhelmed by the Giant Buddha of Leshan.
  5. Strolling around the West Lake in Hangzhou.
  6. Enjoying a modern, comfortable high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai.
  7. Enduring an old-school train from Xi’an to Chengdu.
  8. Breathing the massive dust cloud produced by the Shanghai World Expo construction and eating xiao long bao (soup dumplings) to wash down the dust.
  9. Sipping high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong.
  10. Eating hot pot in Chengdu.

Although hot pot is not trendy in Philadelphia, we can get pretty close to the Chengdu dining experience at Han Dynasty – a restaurant that understands the unique Sichuan combination of scorching chiles and numbing flower peppers. We count their dan dan noodles, wontons in chili oil, spicy crispy cucumber and mapo tofu among our favorite Philly dishes.

Dan Dan Noodles at Han Dynasty in Philadelphia. China Memories
Dan Dan Noodles
Won Tons in Chili Oil at Han Dynasty in Philadelphia. China Memories
Won Tons in Chili Oil
Mapo Tofu with Minced Pork at Han Dynasty in Philadelphia. China Memories
Mapo Tofu with Minced Pork

We look forward to making new Chinese memories in the future. For now, eating good Chinese food will have to do.

Han Dynasty has multiple locations in the Philadelphia area. We ate this meal at the Old City location.

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