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Patates Braves in Barcelona Spain

Experiencing Barcelona with a Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

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We ended our whirlwind Barcelona trip with a Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour – a fun and tasty evening adventure in the Catalan capital city.

Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Let’s be clear – three days in Barcelona isn’t enough. But that’s all we had between projects in Girona and Helsinki.

Visitors will find no lack of things to do in Barcelona. Not wanting to miss a thing, we packed our limited time with plenty of food and wine experiences and ended our visit with Devour Barcelona’s evening tapas and wine tasting tour.

Yes, we spent our last evening in Barcelona drinking wine and eating tapas. Please don’t hate us. Instead, read on to see what it’s like to take a tapas and wine tasting tour in Barcelona.

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Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

As repeat customers of Devour Barcelona, we knew that their tapas and wine tasting tour would be well curated, but second thoughts swirled through our heads as we traversed the city’s cobblestone streets filled with a boisterous mix of locals and tourists.

Would this tour be a good way to spend our last night in Barcelona? Would we really learn much after 24 days of drinking Catalan wine in Girona? And how good would the food be?

Fintan Kerr - Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour Guide

Tour guide Fenton Kerr led our three-hour Devour Barcelona tour.

All doubts dissipated within minutes of meeting our affable guide. A sommelier originally from England, he started plying us with tasty treats right away. He clearly knew the way to our hungry hearts!

Stop 1 – Bodega Puntual

We didn’t want to miss a bite or sip, so we arrived right at 6:30 pm at Bodega Puntual, a modern tavern in the heart of Barcelona’s trendy Born neighborhood. As soon as we joined the intimate tour group at an upturned wine barrel table, food and drinks started appearing.

The guide started the festive evening with glasses of chilled Yzaguirre vermouth (vermut in Catalan) served with toothpicks loaded with salty olives and orange wedges. Not your grandmother’s vermouth, these herbaceous and spicy aperitifs were made from fortified wine and had a pleasing bite.

Spanish Croquette on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

This little croquette packed quite a wallop with it crunchy exterior, moist interior and nutty flavor. The nuttiness comes from acorn-fed Iberico pigs.

Speaking of bites, we really enjoyed the tapas at Bodega Puntual. Their patatas bravas were both crispy and spicy, which is not always the case, and their croquettes filled with Jamon Iberico de Bellota and bechamel sauce were spot on with crunchy exteriors, oozing centers and nutty flavors.

Patatas Braves on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

When done right, patatas bravas are our favorite tapas. These patatas bravas were done right.

Mixing facts about Spain’s 72 indigenous wine regions with historical stories and entertaining anecdotes, the tour taught us more about wine than we expected. Taking us all the way back to the Romans, through the Moorish occupation and up to the present, the guide brought Spain’s rich wine history to life for us and made us thirsty for more.

Bodega La Puntual is located at Carrer de Montcada, 22, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

Stop 2 – ELDiset

Wine Glasses on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Did we mention that we tasted a lot of wine during the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour?

Although relatively quiet when we arrived, ELDiset is a popular wine bar that apparently heats up around 9 pm. Known for its selection of Catalan wines served by the glass and its tapas menu featuring creative open-faced sandwiches (torrades in Catalan), ELDiset has a casual, chic vibe thanks to its dim lighting and bearded staff.

In other words, ELDiset was a great spot to continue our wine education with an emphasis on local Catalan varietals including Cava. We compared two types of the local bubbly – a Vendrell D’Olivella Brut 2012 and a Maspujado Gran Reserva Brut Natur NV before we moved to glasses of Atrevida Blanc 2014 and Pizzicato 2015 wines.

Tapas on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

We didn’t need to eat dinner after eating tapas like this torrades with raspberry jam, blue cheese, shredded apple and crushed almonds.

No longer thirsty, we savored each glass with tapas dishes embellished with toppings like grilled eggplant, mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, basil pesto, raspberry jam, blue cheese, shredded apple and crushed almonds.

ELDiset is located at Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

Stop 3 – Bodega Maestrazgo

Bodega Maestrazgo in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona Spain

Bodega Maestrazgo, a family run wine shop and bar in the Born neighborhood, was our third stop on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour.

Mixing up our Barcelona tapas and wine experience, we took a seven-minute walk to Bodega Maestrazgo, a combination wine shop and neighborhood tapas bar. Locals spilled onto the sidewalk as we arrived, but we headed straight to a reserved a table next to an impressive row of wine barrels. Not for show, these wine barrels were filled with inexpensive local wines.

Wine Barrels on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Our Devour Barcelona guide poured wine straight from the tap. Be sure to note the low price listed on the barrel.

We proceeded to drink glasses of Vi Negre and Ribera del Duero table wine tapped straight from the nearby barrels. The wine was both inexpensive and good. Had it not been our last night in Barcelona, we would have bought some to drink later in our hotel room.

Bodega Maestrazgo is located at Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, 90, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.

Stop 4 – Tasting Room “Tast”

Wine on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

The wine flowed freely during our Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour, even during our last stop of the evening.

We could have left the tour happy and full at this point, but the tour had more tapas and wine up its sleeves. After walking us to the private tasting room connected to Bodega Maestrazgo, the tour guide opened bottles of I Tant 2015, Zauzo Gaston 2014, Vina Pomal Reserva 2012andd Lustau PX San Emilio.

We paired these last four wines with a tapas platter topped with assorted hams, cheese and olives. And, since this was Barcelona, the platter had delicacies like smoked Idiazabal cheese, Manchego cheese, Fuet (dried, cured pork), Llonganissa (similar to chorizo), Arbequina olives and anchovy stuffed olives.

Charcuterie and Cheese on the Devour Barcelona Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Nobody does charcuterie and cheese better than the Spanish. Pictured here is a selection of local meats, cheese and olives.

This would have been enough. This should have been enough. But we ended the evening with glasses of Pedro Ximenez sherry paired with chocolate covered marcona almonds (catanies in Catalan). We couldn’t say no to the sweet ending to the tour, so we didn’t.

Tast is connected to Bodega Maestrazgo. See address above.

As we stumbled back to our hotel room, full and happy from the Spanish tapas and wine tasting experience, we started planning our inevitable return trip to Barcelona. We don’t have a date yet, but we’re definitely staying in Barcelona for longer than three days next time.

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  1. I love a good patatas bravas as well! Although I agree they need to be done well as I’ve had many that look completely different.

    1. Author

      We also loved the patatas braves at König in Girona. Interestingly, their version seems to be boiled and then pan fried before topped with their special sauce. We don’t know for sure because they guard the secret recipe very closely.

  2. We love Fintan!
    We were living in Barcelona last year researching for our now recently published culinary guidebook to BCN, and met Fintan! He is a wonderful person. He was doing his own wine tastings at the time and we did a tasting with him and we became quick friends. He is a hard guy not to like!
    I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the tour with him. He knows so much about Spanish and Catalan wine! He was a vital wine source when it came to our guidebook.
    BCN is so amazing and the Tapas culture there is amazing. Also, love that BCN has helped the vermouth revolution that is going on at the moment.

  3. I really enjoyed my Devour Food & Wine Tour in Seville, Great experience. R

    1. Author

      Three times in Spain and we haven’t been to Seville yet. We’ll check out the tour when we finally get there. Thanks for the tip.

  4. This looks like a really great tour. I love Barcelona too and agree that 3 days is just not long enough! The Bodega Maestrazgo looks really great. Will have to seek it out when I return.

  5. Thanks for the article. It looks really interesting and the they (you? ;)) have done a great job on the pictures of the food.

  6. Wow! We are heading to Spain next week, we gotta get to Barcelona and try this!

    1. Author

      We especially enjoyed the tour stops to many destinations ‘hiding in plain site’ next to ultra touristic locations in some of the most popular areas of Barcelona. The tour opened up so many new possibilities.

  7. Last year, I got to do Devour Food & Wine Tour. The tour was the highlight of our trip. Not only did we learn so much about wine, but our guide Fintan took us to places in el born we never would’ve been to without going on the tour. Glad to see your great experience!

  8. The wine and the Barcelona Tapas tour are certainly two of the biggest attractions for the tourists. This place has a rich gastronomic culture. I would say you should take the Tapas route when in Barcelona if you’d like to taste a number of different types of Tapas. Not to mention the bars in the city, all you have to do is to enter and try various preparations.

  9. We are headed to Spain this September for a 12-day wine adventure. We’ll be ending in Barcelona and a tour like this would be just the thing to cap off our trip. Sounds like it was absolutely delicious!

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