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Our Stay At The Aparthotel Silver Barcelona

If you’re wondering where to stay in Barcelona Spain, we recommend that you consider the Aparthotel Silver Barcelona in the vibrant Gracia neighborhood. This apartment hotel offers comfort and convenience at an affordable price.

Aparthotel Silver Barcelona - A Great Place to Stay in Barcelona's Gracia Neighborhood

Ten years ago, when we first visited during our honeymoon, the Barcelona hotel options were of two varieties – luxury and basic. There weren’t many Barcelona hotels in the middle for the average traveler, and we had to scramble to find a cool yet affordable hotel that fit our vibe.

Fast forward to today, and Barcelona is a city swimming with hotels of every ilk. In fact, it’s hard to walk down a street without seeing at least one boutique hotel. While this development is awesome for travelers, it presents a new challenge – how to choose the best hotel in Barcelona.

We accepted this challenge during our recent whirlwind trip to Catalonia’s largest city. Our main goal was to stay in a location convenient to transportation since we would be running around eating as much Barcelona cuisine as possible.

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We also wanted to stay in a comfortable hotel with style, service and security. Luckily, we found the Aparthotel Silver Barcelona which met all of our travel needs.

Our Stay At Aparthotel Silver Barcelona

Exterior of The Aparthotel Silver Barcelona
The Aparthotel Silver Barcelona blends into a quiet street in Gracia, just a short walk to the neighborhood’s action.

We felt right at home at the Aparthotel Silver Barcelona as soon as we opened the door to the smiling faces at the front desk, a feeling that didn’t end during our three-night stay. We were happy to stay at this comfortable and convenient hotel in one of the best parts of Barcelona.

Located in the historically rich yet currently hip Gracia neighborhood, the Aparthotel Silver Barcelona is an apartment-style hotel that offers all of the amenities that experienced travelers require. Just one block from the Fontana metro station, the aparthotel is convenient to public transportation, a major plus for conserving both time and money.

The hotel also has fast Wi-Fi, an absolute must for digital nomads and normal travelers alike, as well as extras like an on-site parking lot and a piano in the lobby.

The Room

Bedroom at The Aparthotel Silver Barcelona
Simple and comfortable, our room had all the necessary features plus a few extra. We especially enjoyed the foot massager.

We stayed in a Comfort room with a double bed. At 20 square meters, the room was an ideal size for us with plenty of room for our luggage. Though simple in decor, the room featured large windows with a view of the aparthotel’s private garden and a large 32″ TV.

As an apartment-style hotel, the room also had a functioning kitchen with a kettle, microwave and small refrigerator. Other amenities included a DVD player, hairdryer, safe deposit box large enough for laptops and a foot massager.

Barcelona Aparthotel Foot Massage
Two thumbs up for the foot massager!

Yes, our room had a foot massager that we could set at different heat levels, a real treat after a day of walking many miles in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

As much as we liked the foot massager, we liked the comfortable bed and effective shower even more. At the end of the day, these are the most important features in an urban hotel room.


Breakfast Buffet at Aparthotel Silver Barcelona
This photo provides a small sampling of the Aparthotel Silver Barcelona’s buffet breakfast.

If it’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then Silver Aparthotel Barcelona has that covered both in terms of food selection and the breakfast room’s location next to a private garden.

Enjoying Breakfast at Aparthotel Silver Barcelona
Daryl starts his day off right in Barcelona.

Though we chose to eat our buffet breakfast inside due to the chilly weather, we were tempted to dine in the adjoining garden to take advantage of the urba oasis at the Barcelona hotel. Breakfast offerings were fairly typical for a European hotel – coffee, juice, cold cuts, fruit, vegetables, cheese, pastries and cereal.

However, we appreciated the extra touches including a selection of jams as well as fixings to make our new favorite Catalan treat – Pan Con Tomate. Overall, the breakfast provided a pleasant, energizing start to our busy Barcelona days.

Nearby Attractions

Mercat de l'Abaceria Central in Barcelona Spain
Mercat de l’Abaceria Central is a perfect spot to shop like a local and buy food for the room.

Gracia is a highly desirable neighborhood for travelers to Barcelona. The neighborhood has a local feeling with its architecture dating back to the 19th century before Gracia was swallowed up by Barcelona. But Gracia’s history is just part of the neighborhood’s story.

A slew of trendy shops now dot the streets next to older, family-run businesses, and restaurants abound with jovial diners spilling on to the streets at prime dinner time hours. In addition to the many local shops and restaurants, the Gracia neighborhood has two must-see attractions – Gaudi’s amazing Park Güell and the Mercat de l’Abaceria Central.

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Park Güell

An introductory visit to Barcelona would be incomplete without a trip to Park Güell in Gracia’s La Salut.

Designed by Antoni Gaudi in the early 20th century, Park Güell is arguably Barcelona’s best park, if not one of the best parks in the world. You’ll know what we mean as you enter the park and see Gaudi’s colorful mosaic work.

Then you’ll really know what we mean when you reach the park’s apex and gaze at the city with breathtaking views of the Sagrada Familia and the bay.

Park Güell is a 30-minute walk from the aparthotel.

Mercat De l’Abaceria Central

Serving the community for over 100 years, the Mercat de l’Abaceria Central is one of Barcelona’s 39 food markets and sells almost everything travelers need for the room – cheese, olives and jamon, the edible necessities of Barcelona life.

In addition to great food, this market also provides a fun photo opportunity for travelers, especially for travelers like us who are into food photography. Mercat de l’Abaceria is a 10-minute walk from the aparthotel.

Pro Tip
For the ultimate Gracia afternoon, buy all of the fixings for a picnic lunch (bread, meat, cheese, olives, etc.) at the Mercat de l’Abaceria Central and then enjoy them at the Park Güell.

Transportation And Logistics

Barcelona Aparthotel Computers
The Silver Aparthotel Barcelona provides two computers and printer for all guests – an ideal situation for printing any necessary plane tickets or maps.

For us, the best part of staying at the Silver Aparthotel Barcelona was the convenience factor.

Though the location is a walkable distance from the city’s main tourist sites, the aparthotel is just one block from the Fontana metro station. As much as we like to walk when we travel, we often found ourselves paying 2.15 € to hop on to the subway so that we could spend more time enjoying the sites and eating all the wonderful Barcelona food.

A taxi to the airport would typically cost under 40 € from the Silver Aparthotel, but there are other more cost-effective options. We saved money by walking 100 meters to the Fontana metro station and taking the subway to the airport train.

Though we had considered the Aerobus option, we were concerned about the timing of our super early morning flight to Helsinki. FYI, the airport train cost 4.10 € and the airport bus cost 6 € at the time of our visit.

Aparthotel Silver Barcelona is located at Carrer de Bretón de los Herreros, 26, 08012 Barcelona, Spain.

Selfie at Sagrad Familia
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About The Authors

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We thank Aparthotel Silver Barcelona for hosting us to facilitate this article.

Original Publication Date: February 19, 2017


Wednesday 28th of June 2017

This place seems awesome! Thanks a bunch for the suggestion!

Bella Mare

Friday 16th of June 2017

Southern Europe is the best place to spend a dream vacation. Also here the hotels are very comfortable and the food is really delicious !!!

Lara Dunning

Wednesday 1st of March 2017

I've been to Spain but didn't make it to Barcelona. This hotel sounds like it is in a real convenient spot for travelers, which is always something I look for. I've never stayed at a hotel with a foot massager, but I know after walking around all day I surely could have used one. What a fun feature! I like that it also has a small kitchenette area, a comfortable bed, and a courtyard. Thanks for sharing. Saving!

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 5th of March 2017

It sounds like you have an excuse to return to Spain, not that you need one. If you stay at Aparthotel Silver Barcelona when you return, you will surely be comfortable during your visit.