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Tapas Girona

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Eating tapas was top on our agenda when we arrived in Costa Brava. Watch out video to see us eat Tapas Girona.

Eating tapas was top on our agenda when we arrived in the Costa Brava city of Girona. Watch out video to see what it's like to eat tapas in Girona.

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We ate tapas for our first meal in Girona.

Don’t get us wrong. We arrived ready, willing and able to try all of the great food to be found in Costa Brava, but first we had to satisfy our love of tapas. We adore the concept of small plates topped with delicacies like olives, jamón ibérico and patatas bravas (fried potatoes covered in spicy sauce). For us, this type of meal is the perfect comfort food, which is what we wanted after a full day of travel.

But where to eat? Based on a recommendation by Ricard, our helpful apartment manager, we headed to König, a local Girona favorite. Founded over 40 years ago, König has seven locations in the Girona province plus two in Barcelona. Lucky for us, one of the Girona locations is located just a few blocks from our apartment.

Did we like König? Well, let’s just say that we ate at three different König locations during our first week in Girona. König has all of our favorite tapas dishes. After eating small plates of jamón ibérico, artichokes, croquettes and octopus, one plate stood out as our favorite. Surprisingly, we liked König’s deceptively simple patatas bravas the most. Starting with fresh (not frozen) potatoes and ending with an additive sauce, these fried potatoes are downright perfect.

As an extra bonus, König’s full menu includes a selection of beers fitting to the restaurant’s German name. We drank a lot of good beer in Germany, and this trend is continuing in Girona thanks to the König 1973 Black. Oh, the burgers are good too.

Watch our video to learn more about tapas in Girona.

Tapas Girona Video

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König has nine locations. See their website for the one closest to you.

We thank Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona for supporting our visit to Costa Brava.

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  1. Never eaten Tapas. However they sound and look promising. The video also tempts me to try Tapas some day soon.

    1. Author

      Tapas in Costa Brava is the best. You should come here! Until you do, we bet you can find some good tapas in your part of the world thanks to food globalization.

  2. I love Tapas, but I’ve never been to Spain to try it at the source! I’m thinking that needs to be on the itinerary for 2017.

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