Osaka Ramen at Ryukishin

Ramen Osaka

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Osaka’s ramen is arguably the best ramen in Japan and therefore the world. Watch our video to see why we love Ramen Osaka, the savory Japanese soup loaded with noodles, chashu and tasty bits.

Osaka Ramen at Ryukishin

We loved all of the food in Japan’s most food-focused city during our recent visit to Osaka, but the local ramen earned a special place in our hearts. Ramen was Daryl’s first meal in Osaka and set the tone for our culinary journey of the city’s rich food scene. We loved slurping down the soup on an almost daily basis, and we miss it more than any of the city’s other culinary delights.

Osakans take their ramen seriously and ramen shops known as ramen-ya are located all over the city, each serving its unique take on the savory soup. The city even has a museum dedicated to instant ramen, a less sophisticated soup than the bowls served at the ramen-ya.

We admit it – we ate a lot of bowls of ramen during our recent visit to Osaka. Ramen was our go-to dish for a fortnight, and we made it a point to try various versions in different neighborhoods.

We loved all of Osaka’s ramen shops, but three stood out as our favorites – 7.5 Hz, Hakata Ippudo and Ryushkin.

7.5 Hz is located at 1 Chome-2-2 Umeda, Kita-ku, Ōsaka, Japan.
Hakata Ippudo has locations around the world. We ate at the Namba location at3-1-17 Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan.
Ryukishin is located at 2-10-25 Nanbanaka, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Japan.

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Ramen Osaka Video

Watch our video to find out why we love Osaka ramen so much and why these three Osaka ramen shops are our faves. Then go out and eat a big bowl of ramen!

Ramen Osaka (ラーメン大阪)

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