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Petisco Saloio In Lisbon

See what it’s like to eat at Petisco Saloio, a modern snack bar in Lisbon’s Campo Pequeno’s neighborhood.

Ovos Rotos with Farinheira at Petisco Saloio in Lisbon

Located in the Campo Pequeno neighborhood near the city’s bullring (yes, Lisbon has a bullring and apparently the bull lives), Petisco Saloio is a typical neighborhood snack bar that serves food worthy of a special trip. Since the location is central, it’s easy to access by metro or Uber from most Lisbon hotels and neighborhoods.

Petisco which literally translates to snack is a Portuguese word for small plates. In Lisbon, the word tapas is rarely used by the Portuguese who’d prefer their own lingo over a Spanish word.

Pro Tip
Check out Lisbon’s architecturally unique bullring, Campo Pequeno, while you’re in the neighborhood. Built in the 1890s, the neo-Arabic style building was remodeled in 2006 to include an underground movie theatre and shopping complex. And, if you’re sticking around, it’s a fun venue to see touring bands like Arcade Fire.

Petisco Saloio Set Up

Chourico Assado at Petisco Saloio at Lisbon Restaurants
This plate of Chouriço Assado came to the table flambé-style during our first dinner at Petisco Saloio. It was a snack worth ordering again.

Owners Carlos Pinheiro and Diogo Meneses not only cook the food but they’ll also guide you through their menu upon request. The vibe is casual and comfortable, with an atmosphere reminiscent of eating with friends at their home.

The petisco has a handful of tables inside with more located on the sidewalk. It’s a cosy spot where wine flows and dishes fly from the kitchen to those tables.

Our Meals at Petisco Saloio

We first dined at Petisco Saloio with friends visiting from New York soon after the restaurant was featured in the New York Times. Starting with couvert and a little bag filled with bread, we shared a selection of snacks and enjoyed them all.

Our return visits lived up to our memories – not a given in Lisbon. We especially like Petisco Saloio’s ooey-gooey Queijo Gratinado (baked cheese), meaty Ovos Rotos (broken eggs), flaming Chouriço Assado (grilled chorizo) and Polvo com Batata Doce (Octopus with Sweet Potato). None of Petisco Saloio’s snacks have disappointed us yet.

Petisco Saloio is located at Avenida Barbosa Du Bocage 38, 1000-072 Lisbon Portugal.

Petisco Saloio FAQs

What’s the best way to secure a reservation at Petisco Saloio?

Calling in advance is the best way to secure a reservation. The phone number is currently +351 913171965.

How many plates should I order?

Since Petisco Saloio is a snack bar, you can order a many or as few plates as you want. Our recommendation is to start with a couple plates per person and add more based on your appetite and curiosity.

How much does a meal at Petisco Saloio cost?

Petisco Salooio’s a la carte menu is moderately priced. At the time of our most recent visit, shareable plate prices ranged from 6€ to 13€. As always, prices are subject to change.

Is tipping necessary at Petisco Saloio?

No. Tipping is optional in Portugal.

What’s the dress code at Petisco Saloio?

Petisco Saloio doesn’t have a dress code.

What’s the best way to get to Petisco Saloio?

Petisco Saloio is just a four minute walk from the Campo Pequeno metro station. Other Lisbon transit options include walking, buses, trams, taxis and car services.

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We self-funded our multiple meals at Petisco Saloio.

Original Publication Date: April 12, 2023