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5 Best Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is an American city famous for its sports teams and bridges. But what about the Pittsburgh food scene? Get the inside scoop from a local expert who shares his picks for the best places to eat in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Skyline View
Image: Jeremy Jones

Historically a meat and potato city fueled by steel and coal, Pittsburgh is transitioning to a technology hub with businesses like Google and Facebook operating satellite offices away from their Silicon Valley headquarters. Long considered Pennsylvania’s second city after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is emerging from the shadow to become a worthy city on its own merits.

No stranger to art and commerce, Pittsburgh is Andy Warhol’s home town and where Andrew Carnegie made his fortune. However, the Steel City was never known for its food scene. As we found during a recent visit, times are changing and there are now many great places to eat in Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania’s hilly city situated on the shores of the Allegheny River is on the rise when it comes to food. Famous for producing ketchup for french fries and then putting those fries inside sandwiches and on top of salads, Pittsburgh now has a farm to table culture and a burgeoning third wave coffee scene. The city is also a hub for craft beer aficionados.

But where are the best places to eat in Pittsburgh? And by best, we mean the Pittsburgh restaurants where locals eat.

A Local’s Picks For The Best Places To Eat In Pittsburgh

Charcuterie at Cure in Pittsburgh
The charcuterie plate at Cure was a cured meat masterpiece with an assortment of favorites like nduja, speck, salami, pate and finocchiona. The popular Pittsburgh restaurant is now permanently closed. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

The Pittsburgh restaurant scene is rapidly changing with new eateries opening in neighborhoods like Lawrenceville and the Strip District on a regular basis. Though exciting for both locals and tourists, these changes can make it challenging for diners in Pittsburgh to know where to eat.

We’ve asked local expert Jeremy Jones of Discover the Burgh to provide his tips for the best restaurants in Pittsburgh. Read on for the inside scoop on where to eat in Pittsburgh:

Favorite Local Pittsburgh Restaurant

Steak at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina in Pittsburgh
The steak selection at Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is extensive but its atmosphere is casual and convivial. | Image: Jeremy Jones

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite restaurant since we’ve been to nearly 200, but Gaucho Parrilla Argentina tops our list. It’s a meat-centric Argentinian grill and master of its craft.

Though not trendy, Gaucho Parrilla Argentia is one of the top restaurants in Pittsburgh. This spacious Pittsburgh BYOB serves grilled meat and vegetables with flavorful dipping sauces and a friendly, ‘unsteakhouselike’ vibe.

Gaucho Parilla Argentina is located at 146 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA.

Iconic Pittsburgh Food

Pierogies at Apteka in Pittsburgh
Thanks to Polish immigrants, it’s easy to find pierogies in Pittsburgh. The excellent pierogies at Apteka place a vegan twist on this Pittsburgh favorite. | Image: Jeremy Jones

I’m going to avoid mentioning Pittsburgh’s famous sandwich known for being topped with fries and coleslaw because it isn’t that great. Instead, my answer is pierogies.

You can find pierogies almost everywhere you look in Pittsburgh – be it as a side, a main, on top of a burger, or even on a salad at times. The best place to get these bad boys is at Apteka, a vegan Eastern European restaurant in the city’s Bloomfield neighborhood.

Apteka usually serves two flavors of pierogies that change daily including flavors like sauerkraut and mushroom or smoked cabbage and potato. I typically order a large plate with both flavors.

Note from 2foodtrippers
For the full Pittsburgh food experience, stop by Primanti Brothers and try a sandwich topped with fries and coleslaw. Love it or hate it, this sandwich is a Pittsburgh icon.

Apteka is located at 4606 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, USA.
The original Primanti Brothers is located at 46 18th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA.

Favorite Pittsburgh Cafe

Coffee at Pear and the Pickle in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh has cafes throughout the city. Pictured here is coffee at Pear and the Pickle, a cafe in the Troy Hill neighborhood. | Image: ©2foodtrippers

Pittsburgh has a number of coffee shops, but my favorite is our neighborhood cafe, Commonplace Coffee. This local chain roasts its own beans and serves excellent cups of coffee.

Pro Tip
Order a cortado or straight espresso at Commonplace Coffee. This is not a cafe where you want to mess with the good stuff.

Commonplace Coffee has multiple locations in Pittsburgh.

Special Occasion Meal

Dining Room at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Pittsburgh
Any meal at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is a special occasion thanks to the restaurant’s view. | Image: Jeremy Jones

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is a great restaurant for a special occasion since this top Pittsburgh restaurant has the best view of the city! Seafood is the thing to order here, but don’t skip dessert. The angel food grilled cheese dessert is one of the best desserts in the city.

If you can’t score a reservation, you can start or end your evening with drinks and dessert at the bar. You’ll still get to enjoy the view.

Pro Tip
If you time your meal to occur on the same evening as a Pittsburgh Pirates fireworks night, you’ll enjoy a stunning show through the restaurant’s expansive windows.

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is located at 1411 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA.

Favorite Pittsburgh Dessert

Angel Food Grilled Cheese Dessert at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto in Pittsburgh
This angel food grilled cheese dessert at Monterey Bay Fish Grotto is one of the best desserts in Pittsburgh. | Image: Jeremy Jones

La Tavola is an Italian gem on Mount Washington that serves another of one of our favorite desserts in the city – Dolce Amore. It’s hard to say no to La Tavola’s chocolate cake topped with flambée’d berries soaked in amaretto and whipped cream.

La Tavola is located at 1 Boggs Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, USA.

Hidden Pittsburgh Gem

Better Maid Donut Stand in Pittsburgh
The Better Maid Donut shop s a hidden gem in Pittsburgh. | Image: Jeremy Jones

Better Maid Donut in Pittsburgh’s Crafton Heights neighborhood is, quite literally, hiding in plain sight. This unassuming shop looks like most of the houses on the street and only looks like a donut shop when open due to the line out the door, the small sandwich board out front, and the smell of donuts in the air.

Discover more great donut shops in America.

Better Maid Donuts in Pittsburgh
It’s always a good day for donuts and donut holes at Better Maid Donut in Pittsburgh. | Image: Jeremy Jones

Better Maid Donut makes cake donuts and donut holes with thick crust and a delectably soft center that are so good (and popular) that they run out within an hour of opening most days.

The shop opens at 6 am on weekdays and 7 am on weekends, and the line starts before that. You know this local favorite is the right place to be – if you can get up early, that is!

Better Maid Donut is located at1178 Steuben Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA.

Meet The Pittsburgh Local Expert

Jeremy and Angie Jones of Discover the Burgh
Angie and Jeremy Jones run the sites Discover the Burgh and Living the Dream. | Image: Jeremy Jones

Jeremy and Angie Jones run the local Pittsburgh travel blog, Discover the Burgh. This site chronicles their quest to do everything in southwest Pennsylvania. Since founding Discover the Burgh in 2015, they have visited over 700 spots in the region with no end in sight.

You can follow Discover the Burgh on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Jeremy and Angie also run a global travel blog – Living the Dream. This site features adventures in over 70 countries around the world.

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Monday 17th of January 2022

Not impressed with the local choices, with the exception of the donut shop. An overpriced meal isn't always a good meal, and as a lifetime local, i feel this article really missed an opportunity to discuss affordable, delicious food in Pittsburgh.

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