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B. Patisserie In San Francisco

B. Patisserie is a great place in San Francisco for coffee and pastries. We especially like the signature Kouign Amann.

Kouign Amann - Signature Pastry
Kouign Amann – Signature Pastry

We almost left B. Patisserie without trying its signature item – the Kouign Amann. That would have been a shame, but it didn’t happen since we grabbed one for the road.

A Gallery of Sophisticated Desserts on Display B. Patisserie San Francisco
A Gallery of Sophisticated Desserts on Display
A Kouign Amann in the Hand... B. Patisserie San Francisco
A Kouign Amann in the Hand…

The Breton pastry features buttery puff pastry layers surrounding a surprising liquid sugar center. It’s buttery heaven on the outside with sugary pleasure inside.

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The Buttery, Sugary, Flaky Inside of a A Kouign Amann B. Patisserie San Francisco
The Buttery, Sugary, Flaky Inside of a Kouign Amann

The Kouign Amann alone more than justifies a visit to Brenda Leong’s bakery in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights. In our opinion, B. Patisserie is the closest thing we have to a Parisian patisserie on our native shores, and to that we were appreciative. Leong’s experience includes a stage at Pierre Hermé along with stints at Gary Danko and Manresa.

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B. Patisserie San Francisco
B. Patisserie

Since we were staying at the Kimpton Triton next to Chinatown, we were about two miles away. For us, that was a perfect distance for a morning walk. Far enough to get our juices going and work up an appetite, but not too far to walk for breakfast.

We needed the energy-burning walk, as there were so many delicious, calorie-laden treats to select from at the charming spot. In addition to flaky croissants, tarts and brioche-based pastries, there was a fine selection of sophisticated desserts on display – from miniature layer cakes to shimmering chocolate ganache domes, fruit verrines and Hermé inspired grand macarons.

Sugar Brioche Tart with Seasonal Berries and Vanilla Cream B. Patisserie San Francisco
Sugar Brioche Tart with Seasonal Berries and Vanilla Cream

We didn’t know what to order when we first entered the charming, 25-seat café. The choices were plentiful and tempting. We chose three treats to share. Plus, we each got a café au lait made with Four Barrel Coffee, a local coffee roaster.

Kugeloph B. Patisserie San Francisco

We then shared the three pastries – a sugar brioche tart with seasonal berries and vanilla cream, a miniature German kugeloph bundt cake and a vanilla mille feuille.

Vanilla Mille Feuile B. Patisserie San Francisco
Vanilla Mille Feuile

We enjoyed our treats and coffee in the tasteful dining room. The room is comfortable, but not too comfortable.

Since there was no WiFi, we instead focused on the conversation, not to mention the delicious pastries and coffee. From our table, we even got a front row view to a cool picture made of colored macarons.

Macaron Art B. Patisserie San Francisco
Macaron Art

In addition to the pastries and desserts, partner Michel Suas prepares baguettes and sandwiches. We abstained from the savory options since our afternoon plans included a super burrito. Yes, even 2foodtrippers have our food limits.

We left B. Patisserie and embarked on a 75-minute walk to the Mission neighborhood. Our walk was sweetened by the Kouign Amann that we bought for the road.

The Kouign Amann didn’t make it past the first block.

B. Patisserie is located at 2821 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA.

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Original Publication Date: July 2, 2013


Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

They look delicious! I love me some pastries as Europe is taking a hold on me :). Thanks for sharing, glad to connect.

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