10 Greek Food Favorites You Will Love

Wondering what to eat in Greece during your first trip to the sunny Hellenic Republic? We spent over a month eating and living like locals in Greece.

With a fascinating history and gorgeous scenery, Greece is a popular destination for both history buffs and honeymooners who flock to the country’s ancient ruins and sandy beaches.

Then there’s us. Our goal when we visited Greece for the first time was to eat the best Greek cuisine.



Visiting Greece without eating souvlaki is like visiting London and not eating fish and chips. This is a must-eat Greek food especially for those who want to sample fast food in Greece.


Named after a small two-handled frying pan, saganaki is an addictive Greek food that involves melting cheese to crispy perfection.



Typically baked with 33 layers of phyllo dough, nuts and cinnamon as well as honey or syrup flavored with rose water, Greek baklava is difficult to resist.



These rustic salads feature a bounty of local ingredients like tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, and olives finished with oregano, salt and olive oil.



Moussaka may be the most popular Greek dish served around the world and with good reason. When served hot out of the oven, moussaka is both comforting and filling.


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