Western Ireland Food Tour on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way in Western Ireland is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the world. But what about the food???

We’ve got you covered with where you should eat during your West Ireland food tour.

At the end of the day, we really just want good food in a comfortable setting. And this is exactly what we got at Kai Café + Restaurant in Galway.

Kai Café + Restaurant

With a logo like this, it’s no surprise that the local Dingle chippery fries up fresh-from-the-ocean fish like cod, hake, ray, calamari, pollock, plaice, monkfish and haddock.

Reel Dingle Fish Co.

We found The Roadside Tavern where we quenched our thirst with locally produced Burren Beer and satisfied our hunger with hearty dishes like lamb stew and fish & chips.

The Roadside Tavern

The folks at Murphy’s still use uber-fresh ingredients like Dingle sea salt and fresh rainwater to make the shop’s ice creams and sorbets.

Murphy’s Ice Cream

For over thirty years, the farm shop has been making its popular cheese with milk from local cows who graze on some of the most delectable grass in the world.

Aillwee Cave Farmshop

Smoked salmon is a luxury item in much of the world. However, in Western Ireland, smoked salmon is an accessible food item enjoyed by the masses.

Smoked Salmon

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